Best Free Mac Screen Capture Software

Taking the screenshot on Android is not rocket science, you can make by holding Volume down and power button. Nowadays we can also makescrolling screenshotby using some Best Screen Capture software. But still, there are not straight option totake the screenshot in windows 10 and older version. Although you can capture the whole computer screen by pressing, Windows + Print screen.

Mar 13, 2019  Apowersoft is another great screen recording software for Mac. On top of screen recording, it also incorporates some great tools to manage the captured data. It features three different modes to suit your recording needs. Region mode allows you to select the part of the screen you want to record while Full-Screen mode records the whole screen. We have covered top 10 best free and paid screen recording software for Mac OS X in the article below. And to make the differences more remarkable, we have also made a comparison form of these top 10 best screen recorders for Mac to present the key features. Hope you guys could find something valuable. Part 1: Best free screen recorders for Mac.

There could be the much possible reason why you want to screen capture windows. Maybe you’re making some tutorial for your student or want to share some specific windows area snapshot to friends. Like Android, In windows, there are also dozens of screen capture tools available.

If you’re also searching for Best Screen Capture tool, then Check it out this list to find out.


  • 1 Best Screen Capture Software.

Best Screen Capture Software.

Snipping tool. (FREE)

Snipping tool is the official Microsoft best Screen capture software to take snapshots of any windows area. If you don’t want to install any third-party tool, then it is the best option to work done.

To open Snipping tool on your Windows PC, Click on Windows icon > search for Snipping tool using windows search. If you’re using Linux and other OS, then move to the next option Microsoft doesn’t offer a download link.

Take Screenshot using the Snipping tool.

After opening snipping tool small tool window will open > click on scissor icon (new) > you’ll able to see + sign, and the screen will go blur> select the specific area using that + sign and holding left click.

If you want to highlight any point in taking the screenshot, then you can do that by using the pen/highlighter option. Else go to file menu click on save as and save the screenshot.

Lightshot. (FREE)

If you want something more advanced and useful, rather than snipping tool. Then Lightshot is the best screen capture software because it provides some advanced option to perform on the screenshot. It’s available for Windows and Mac operating the system and works the same in both OS.

Sometimes we want to capture some specific width and height screen; then it comes in handy. Because Lightshot shows width X height while selecting any area of windows / Mac. Also, it allows you to add arrow or rectangle after taking the screenshot, which is helpful in making tutorial.

Take Screenshot using Lightshot.

Lightshot also works same like snipping tool, all you need to run the Lightshot software. And screen will go blur after that hold left mouse click and select area. And when you are done selecting it will show you some options.

You can directly save screenshot if you want or you can draw arrow rectangle or highlight on the screenshot. Also, you can write text on it; overall it is the best tool to take the screenshot on Mac OS.

Snagit. (Paid, Free Trial Available)

If you’re searching for a perfect tool that not only allows you to capture screen only also allows to capture videos. Then Snagit comes in handy because it allows you to do both things. It comes with inbuilt Photo editor, which provides features to add basic effects on Images and Videos.

It is paid screen capture software, although it comes with 14 days free trial which is the right thing. And after using it if you like you can get this tool for the lifetime at 49.95 USD. If you want to keep the backup of your screenshot, then you can create Snagit profile. And screenshot will automatically get the upload to Snagit server; you can access anytime using profile. It also can capture images from objects that are larger than the screen.

15 Apr 2020 For that matter, many good screen recorder software for Windows 10 to capture a screen video alongside system audio or microphone voice 26 May 2020 Audacity is a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. Mac recording software free. Audacity is a free open source digital audio editor and recording computer software application available for Windows OS X Linux and other operating systems Audacity was started in the fall of 1999 by Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg at Carnegie Mellon University and was released on May 28 2000 as version 0 8 Mar 11, 2019 8 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows (2019) Note: I tried these screen recording software on my HP laptop running Windows 10 Pro and they all worked as you’d expect them to. Windows should come forward and empower users, with more useful tools which users need and around which a huge market of twisted market has floated around.

Skitch. (FREE)

Skitch is also best screen capture software for Mac OS; It is developed by Evernote (Best Note-taking Apps) developer. It is somehow similar to snipping tools because it provides the same features and functionality. But it shows width and height which is the lack of snipping tool.
If you don’t want an extra feature and want to install a simple tool, then Skitch is the best option. The user – interface of skitching is very fresh, and all editing functions are laid out in a ring around your screen capture.

Jing. (Free)

Jing is somehow similar to Snagit, and it developed by the same software company TechSmith. It allows to share your screen quickly; you’ll able to see sun icon on top of the screen. By using it you can instantly capture screen and also can share quickly to screencast .com or you can share Flickr / YouTube.
The best part you’ll like about Jing is you can record video of the selected area. But like Snagit, you’ll not be able to find out the editor. Although essential features like draw arrow, rectangle and text options available. You can use Jing for free unless you don’t want to remove the Jing branding from images and videos. It records videos in MPEG format, but you can later convert using Video compression software.


As I said, there are dozens of best screen capture software available on the Internet. And it’s not worth to mention every tool. That’s why after trying many tools I found these quite useful. If you want a simple screenshot tool with some basic edit feature, then choose Lightshot. Or if you can pay for some premium services and also want to capture video then Snagit is for you. If you know any other better Screen capture Free tool with some advanced options feel free to comment.

There are no shortage of free screen recording programs for Windows, but when it comes to macOS, most screen recording apps are paid. Yes, you can use the in-built QuickTime to record your screen (which is what I was using so far) but if you do a lot of screen recording than QuickTime is not the most efficient way to go about it. Why? Well, to start with, there is no keyboard shortcut, no video editor, and no auto saved. Sometimes QuickTime just doesn’t work unless you restart it.

In short, if you do a lot of screen recording on your macOS, you need a third-party screen recording software. So, here are some alternatives to QuickTime to record a screencast on Mac for free.

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Best Screen Recorder For Mac

1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is one of the popular free screen recording tools on any platform. Once installed on your mac, select a region and start recording. In the screen recording frame, you can click on the drop-down option to pick up a resolution like 720p, 1080p, iPhone, iPad etc. This free app allows unlimited screen recording with no watermark, however, the paid version has a Video Converter and Video Editor. You can set the recording quality from 15-60 fps, depending on whether you want to use on the web or make a professional video.

Apowersoft also offers a web-based screencast software which means you can record your screen without downloading any software, you need to install a launcher though if it’s the first time.


Apowersoft screen recorder is a free app for unlimited screen recording, no watermark or time restriction. However, once you stop the recording, it asked where you want to save it (just like QuickTime), so depending on the situation it might be a bit time-consuming. However, the app does not support taking or editing screenshot neither can it automatically upload to cloud. In my opinion, it’s a decent screen recorder but, there are better options available.

2. Screen Recorder Robot Lite

Screen recorder robot lite is a bit more powerful than Apowersoft screen recorder.

The unique thing about this screen recorder is, once you stop your recording it opens that clip in the built-in video editor, where you can trim, crop, rotate, change the playback speed etc. From here you can either edit your video in the video editor or just close the window and the recording will be saved in your Pictures folder on your Mac.

The only issue with this video recorder is – every time you stop the recording, it shows a pop saying the lite version only records for 600s (or 5 mins), and to get rid of it, you need to click cancel each time.

The apps support keyboard shortcut for – start, stop, pause the recording and can also capture screenshots.


Screen recorder robot lite is definitely one of the best feature-rich screencasting apps out there. If you need a build in video editor with your screen recorder then look no further. However, the only limitation to the app is – 5 mins of free recording, if you want more than that, its $7.99 for the full version.

3. Recordit: Instant Screencasts & GIFs

This app is not for everyone. Unlike all the other screen recording app in the list, which saves the recording to the local drive of your computer, Recordit uploads the video to the cloud storage. It’s meant for sharing videos quickly with remote co-workers.

Best Free Mac Screen Capture Software Reviews

So, here is how it works, once installed, you’ll see a tiny Recordit icon on the top menu bar of your macOS, click on that to record any area of your screen and when once done, click the stop button, seconds after that, you’ll get a link to share your screencast.

Once the video is uploaded it automatically copy the link of that video to your clipboard, and store it on the server for the unknown amount of time. so you can always go back and find the link by right-clicking on the app. however, there is no naming, so you’ll have to rely on time date stamp.

One thing to keep in mind is – you need to have a good upload speed if you are planning to use this. I recorded a 3 min full-screen video on my 5k iMac and it took the app 4 minutes to upload it to the server. I’ve 8 Mb/s upload speed. And the final size of the video was 35 MB, so it’s safe to assume they are compressing the video footage.

Recordit also has a video to gif option on their website. So, if you want to quickly share a small screencast on Reddit, this will make it a lot easier.


Recordit is for people who want to quickly share their screencast with other people. The recordings are limited to 5 mins only in the free version. And there is no paid version of this app.

However, there is one major problem with the app – it doesn’t keep a local copy of your recording, which means if the internet goes down for some reason, the video’ won’t be uploaded and you have to start all over.

Overall it’s perfect for sharing an image or video quickly. But not if you want to use the screen recording in some other video.

4. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

It’s hard to figure out how to install and use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) at first. But after bit Google search, I was able to figure out how it works.

Once installed, the app gives you auto configuration pop-up, asking you whether you want to configure it, go for 1080p, etc. It’s basically meant for streaming, but if you want to use it not for streaming then you can configure it in the start pop page.


OBS is a popular screen recording software among YouTuber gaming channel. It’s free, open source and highly customizable. However, it’s difficult to setup and use. If you are not a geek, you might have a difficult time to set it up and the given that better version is available, I guess you should skip this one.

5. Monosnap

This is one of the best screen recording software available out there for free. Just after using this software for 5 minutes, I know my search for best screen recording app for Mac has ended.

Like every other software in this list, it lets you capture full screen or just part of the screen. But on top of that, it also lets you capture a particular window with a webcam in Picture-in-Picture mode.

Although, there is no video editor for screen recording. Monosnap does provide an image editor for your screenshot where you can add arrows, annotation, text etc. and once you are done you can either save your video in the local storage or upload it cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote. However, these services are paid for $8 in-app purchases. You can upload it for free on Amazon s3 or R0emote FTP server though.

Best free mac screen capture software free

But the feature that really blown my mind is – the built-in image editor (mini photoshop) i.e. say, you have screenshot that you want to quickly edit or a picture that you find on the Internet, then you can just copy that picture to your clipboard and then right-click on Monosnap in toolbar and select open in the clipboard, this will open the image directly in Monosnap editor.

There is also an option to convert your video to gif.


Screen Capture Video For Mac

Overall, if you are looking for an advanced screen recorder for Mac, then look no further. Monosnap is best you can get for free. It can do everything a paid screen recorder does. The only limitation is – you can not edit your video.

Comparison table

Best Screen Recording Software For macOS

Apowersoft Screen RecorderScreen Recorder Robot LiteRecordit:MonosnapOpen Broadcaster Software
RecordRegion, Full Screen or Web CameraRegion, Fullscreen Region,


Region, Full Screen with PIP Face CamRegion, Fullscreen
Record Audio From External SourceYesYesNoYesYes, with audio mixer
Keyboard ShortcutsYesYesNoYesYes
Recording QualityLow to High

(15-60 fps)

Low to High

(1-30 fps)

Decent video quality for web uploadLow to High

(1-30 fps)

Low to High

(1-30 fps)

Edit VideoNoYesNoNoNo
Capture Screenshot NoYesNoYes

(support basic image editing)

Cloud BackupNoNoYes, upload video to Recordit serverYesYes
PriceFree – no watermark or time limitFreemium,

Free for 5 mins,

Free for 5 mins only, no paid versionMostly free, except Cloud Backup Free and Open source