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Manage all partitions with Disk Utility in OS X. Apple's Disk Utility by default will only show you user-accessible drive partitions, but here is how to view all drive partitions in Apple's disk. MAC OS X Recovery Boot Disc CD System compatible all Versions Mac 0SX. The Mac OS X operating system was introduced in 2001. It runs on laptops and desktop computers manufactured by Apple, including the MacBook line and the iMac desktops. The operating system is known for pleasing aesthetics without sacrificing user-friendliness and effectiveness.

How to run Classic (pre OS X) apps on Intel Macs 34 comments Create New Account
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There is a simple solution to the mentioned SS video problem:
- startup with extension off;
- after OS9 has finished starting up, select your preferred video resolution using the Monitor control panel;
- reboot.
From now on, SS will boot the emulated Mac without video problems.

Thanks. Also, the new binary of SheepSaver (version 2.3-0.20060514.1) works 'out of the box'.

easy way to install mac os on intel or amd or asus is given at this site

I am just curious how fast this emulation is on dual core Intel Macs--- I imagine it could be wicked fast, running old PPC apps faster than G4s ever did. Yes? No? Maybe?

No, unfortunately. Unlike the transition from 68k to PowerPC, the new architecture is not Wicked Fast™. Most of the performance increases seen in the new machines have little to do with the main processor, but rather with the FSB, DDR2 RAM, PCI Express, SATA, &c.
Perhaps when Conroe, Morem, &c. come out the difference will be more significant.

Is there a way to use 9.2.2 with Sheepsaver? That's the only install disc I have (that came with my PowerMac).

Sorry for the busted links to ROM-grabber and TomeView. Here are a couple that work:

I'm curious what essential Classic apps folks are still running.

Essential apps:
Oxford English Dictionary (set up to run from a CD image instead of the original CD)
Lexis-Nexis (much faster than the web interface)
WordPerfect (sometimes)
And most important and productivity-ruining of all -
The old AfterDark Stained Glass module, using the MacDim AD launcher (see my hint about this somewhere else on the site).
It's the last one that I'm really going to miss on an Intel Mac..

Lots of custom software is needed to configure or operate older hardware. The devices may still be in use but the control computer has failed. In my case, I don't want to carry around an old laptop to occasionally configure an older device.
Does anyone know if a classic app running in these emulators can use a USB-serial adaptor?

Lots of old Ambrosia software games!
Maelstrom, Escape Velocity, Mars Rising, Apeiron
I can't cope with all this Doom stuff!


Indeed. I'm still occasionally playing Fool's Errand and the original Myst. Except for that, I can't remember the last time I used Classic to actually accomplish anything.

There are Mac OS X versions of a few of those games I think - Maelstrom certainly, and Apeiron too I think.

Yeah, games are about all I ever run in Classic, too!

I still run Civilization 2 (sue me, that's the version I like!), and I just get a hankerin' to run Future Cop sometimes, which was a kick-butt game that never got the marketing it deserved. It even came out for the Mac before the PC (in 1998!).

Neither of these games, AFAIK, will ever be updated to OS X. As long as I can play these games, I will, 'cause they're great games, so why all the hate about those of us who still keep a copy of Classic around?

SimTower. :-D

quarkxpress 4.0 along with a ton of custom developed software for it. the expense and time to re-develop the code for use with the current version of quark would be out of proportion with the benefit gained. xpress 4.0 runs perfectly for what i use it for.
i'll be following and researching how to run classic apps on the intel chips very closely before i can purchase any for the shop.
if it aint broke, break it!

Virtual TimeClock 2.5. I know that there are dozens of Time-recording applications available for OS X, but they all require entry of clients, projects, tasks, or other endless information for which I have no need. Virtual TimeClock does one thing, simply--it works like a regular punchclock, allowing me to clock-in/clock-out for the day and for breaks, and totals my time entries and overtime. There is a Pro version for OS X, but it costs $129--the one I have cost me $29 years ago. Until someone comes up with a replacement, I'll keep using this one.

Oops! That's $195 for Virtual TimeClock Pro.

Those are some interesting replies. I'm just confused how someone can have the money to buy an intel machine, but no money to upgrade software. How about you upgrade that software first?
I do understand about needing old software to control even older hardware. But again, how about some hardware upgrades?
OS 9 has been dead for 4 years, lets all let it go.

It is quite possible for software upgrades to total MORE than the cost of new hardware. Software can be VERY expensive. I got a font editor for less than a hundred bucks 20 years ago. Now it's several hundred, and doesn't even have all the features of the old software. I am planning to use vMac to run FONTastic Plus 2.0.2 and other System 6 software which to this day still have no OS X equivalent. Apple's killing of OS 9 does not magically make new and affordable software appear. Hey, I wish it did.

Over the last 20 years I have written literally hundreds of HyperCard apps that are indispensable to my research. Most of them use specialized externals that will not work with the various HC replacements that have come out since Apple dropped HC. I also need to use a genetic mapping program called ACeDB. There is a OS X version but it would require that I redo much of my data AND modify the HC scripts I use to generate the data file in the first place.

This is probably verboten, but how does one get a copy of 9.0.4? I have a CD of 9.2.2, but tossed any version of 9 before that ('Ha! Won't need THOSE anymore!'). It's frustrating since I have a valid license to use OS 9 (several, actually); I just want to use an older version.


If you have valid licenses, then LimeWire might be your friend. Be careful not to download anything you don't have a license for! ;-)

Lew, I could afford a new machine every year, the cost is trivial compared to the number of hours invested in writing software. It is a matter of the number of hours invested in writing software. I have spent 20 years programming hypercard stacks for various psychology research projects. The time involved learning new programming languages and compilers then redoing much of this work would take me about 5 - 6 years if I worked on it non stop. I have more important things to do with my time. It is sad, I have gone from teaching in a university department buying about 30 macs a year to surrendering to use microsh**t platform for all but my individual research simply because the lack of backwards compatability and steves hubris in junking hypercard. The Gee wizz look what new macs can do focus has completely stuffed many in education and research. We do not have the time resources to cope with new platforms and are faced with a choice of hours wasted rewriting software or abandoning macs for windows because of the central support that is offered.

That is why those of you in the academic departments should push for Intel mac development because the systems themselves can be put together for around 500$ a piece keyboard, mouse, and monitor plus a p4 with HT, 1gb of DDR ram, 80gb HD, and DVD/RW- at that price that is the best deal there is. I am sorry to say also all of the enthusiasm for this new operating system has made it one of the most well documented ones in my opinion of fixing computers for the last 12 years. Unix outperforms Linux and Windows as a server OS- it always has and the mach kernel is a testament to that. The real problem is the government is forcing the university system to adopt 'active directory' as its networking standard. That alone has forced you into the situation that you are in. If there was some way for you to make agreements with the univeristy to allow you to use offsite computers in your research than the sky would be the limit as you would not be constrained to those requirements (or you can lie and say that you are following them). Who knows..I just think that in the future windows will be something that only children will use.

I've built a complete SheepShaver install, including _everything_ needed to run, as well as the last version of WordPerfect and several utilities. To download this 243mb image, go to, to the Links section, to the 'SheepShaver and Basilisk' folder, and click 'SheepShaver-WordPerfect Install'. It's about 20 minutes on a fast connection.

your downloadable disk image + installer guide are terrific.
it díd take less than 20 minutes to get a classic environment running on my intel MacBook. Very well done. Thank you.

In the name field you can enter a name that fits the smart mailbox. Mac mail app check if read. For example, since you are creating a mailbox that will only have unread emails, you can enter the name “Only Unread Emails.”In the drop-down menu below you need to select the option that says “Message is unread.” What this will do is only add your unread emails to the smart mailbox leaving all other emails aside.Click on the “OK” button to create a new smart mailbox.4.

Thank you.
I have downloaded and installed your wonderful little present. now..
how do I get it to use classic apps - where do I put them to install them etc.. PLEASE help me, I'm almost there. after months of struggling.
I also get a message that says 'The result of a numeric operation was too large' should I worry about that?
and, thanks again.

Apps Manage Disks Mac Os X

your downloadable disk image + installer guide are terrific.
it díd take less than 20 minutes to get a classic environment running on my intel MacBook. Very well done. Thank you.

I can run SimCity 200 & Pinballthrillride again, not to mention the software from the macintosh gardens? Yipee!

I'm going through all this trauma just to be able to run Claris Homepage and a wonderful little game called War of Flowers.

Unfortunately SheepSaver just doesn't work. You can't write to any drive, you can't read any of your drives, you can't read firewire drives. It's just.. bad.

Let me just highlight the circular logic every single Sheep Saver instruction page seems more than happy to gloss over:
1) To install OS9 start up your already installed OS9 and extract your ROM.
2) FTW?

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Mac Os Install Disk

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Mac Os X Disk Utility

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Mac Os X Disk Cleanup

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Mac Os X Disk Image

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