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Restore the original icon for an item. On your Mac, select the file or folder, then choose File Get Info. At the top of the Info window, select the custom icon, then choose Edit Cut. See also Align and resize items in icon view on Mac Sort items, group icons, and resize columns in the Finder on Mac Rename files, folders, and disks on Mac.

Icons is an incredible time saver that allows you to easily generate various sized icons while offering a brilliant set of features to further enhance your icon's appearance.
Icons is one of the first native Mac Apps for previewing and generating iOS device icons. Since then, Icons has gone through some major updates and a complete new look. Offering more features then any other Icon Preview / Generation software on the App Store. Icons is actively supported and consistently updated with feature requests and bug fixes.
Icons still does everything that it used to do but now you can do so much more. See for yourself, check out the features below:
- Preview with Rounded Corners
- Preview with Shine
- Preview with Shine & Rounded Corners
- Export with Rounded Corners
- Export with Shine
- Export with Shine & Rounded Corners
- Add OpenFeint Logo to any of the 4 corners of your icon
- Add Overlay Text ( Supports Font Selection, Color, Size, Opacity and Position )
- Overlay a Custom Glass Mask
- Overlay a Custom Image
- Adjust the corner radius
- Adjust the Shine Alpha
- Export for iPhone, iPad, iPhone & iPad Retina
- Export for Android
- Export for OS X ( ICNS support ) Supports MBP Retina
- Export for OS X ( Iconset support ) Supports MBP Retina
- Export Custom Size
- Export iTunesArtwork (512 x 512 & 1024 x 1024)
- Export FavIcons (16x16, 32x32, 48x48)
- Set a Custom Icon Name
- Live Mac Icon Dock Preview
- Central Location to Drag Images
- Choose from pre-made glass overlays
- Use your created Icons in other Apps and Folders
- Custom Profiles to save your settings
- Full Screen / Resizing Support ( Lion )
- Batch Processing edit and export multiple files at once.
- Available in English, French & Italian
- Sandboxed
Icons is simple to use. Just drag your image file into the app and Icons will immediately load all of the icon previews to instantly see how your icons will look in all available sizes. What you do from there is up to you, when you are satisfied with the outcome, export your icons for immediate use.
Supports PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG and many other file formats.
If you have any questions / comments / suggestions / issues you can visit the support site and leave a comment or email me at [email protected] before jumping directly into a negative review. I try to answer all comments on the same day I receive them.
Please rate and review my application. Icons was developed in my spare time, support Indie developers. Thank you for your support

What’s New

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the transparent border issue. Icons was exporting icons with a 1 pixel transparent border. This has been fixed.
Removed OpenFeint Support

Simply Does Not Work

This App may be very cheap, but I simply cant get it to work properly. It doesn't always generate the Icons, most time it generates empty files.
The 'Export' but to create the Icons actually brings up an 'Open' dialogue box not a 'Save' box. The short-cut for 'Save' from the 'File' menu doesn't work either.
Basically, I have wasted money and time on a completely useless App. I appreciate the App is really cheap, however if it doesn't work 'What's the Point?'
In summation - 'Don't waste you're time or money'
*** NOTE ***
With Version 2.1 updated today, 24th March 2011, the App now works well. The 'Export' button works, but shows you which folder to open for saving the icons in, this is still a little strange. However all thinks considered I have now altered my rating to 4 (four) stars as it now a fairly impressive little application. The UI could do with a little work and the Text option could do with a two line option to gain 5 (five) stars.
Thanks for a really worthwhile update.

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Useful but needs a refresh

This is a very useful app, but needs a refresh as it doesn’t support retina displays, and to generate icons for the latest iOS devices you need to mess about with custom icon sizes.
Please please please give it a bit of an update ??? Then it’ll be worth 5 stars.


I downloaded this because I wanted to export some icons with rounded corners for my portfolio. This app claims to support exporting icons with rounded corners, but it’s rounded corners are the now very outdated iOS 6 style. Some other immediate annoyances are that it’s not optimized for retina so entire interface looks blurry and dragging images into the drop area doesn’t work. I’m dissapointed.


4.5 MB

OS X 10.6 or later

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Identifying files by their icon is perhaps more important than being able to locate the programs you use, since for the most part you will likely be browsing your files when using the Finder on your Mac. However, there are some instances where the icons for your files will just appear as generic white documents, leaving you unable to distinguish them and less likely to identify them. This may happen for a number of reasons, including using incompatible third-party cleaner tools for your Mac, or problems with restoring from backups. If you are finding yourself in this situation, then there are several things you can do to restore your icons.

Mac App Icon Generator

Rebuild OS X’s Launch Services

OS X associates programs and files with the system’s launch services, which gathers a list of the programs on your system and the file types that they can handle, and then links them so when you open a file, the appropriate program is launched to handle it.

As part of this association, OS X will adopt icons within the handling program to use with these files. If this association is broken in the launch services, then the system may not know what files your programs are capable of opening, which in turn may have OS X resort to a generic icon for these files.

To fix this specific problem, you can try resetting the system’s launch services, which can be done by running the following command in the OS X Terminal. Note that the command is buried deep in the system so it is very long; however, you should be able to copy the following multi-line version of it and paste it into the Terminal to run it:

In addition to launch services, OS X contains a few system caches that handle application icons so the system does not have to constantly pull them from programs you have installed. These are buried in the system’s temporary folder structures for the system and user accounts, but can be found and removed by running the following command in the Terminal

Mac os stuck in software updater. Jun 30, 2020  Lest Mac Update Stuck, Back Up Your Mac Data Now! To prevent the unexpected Mac update problems, you're suggested to back up your Mac files with MacX MediaTrans. Backup crucial data like photo, video, music, ebook, iTunes purchases etc.; Blazing fast to make a backup, up to 8 seconds for 100 4K photos backup; Do what iTunes does and doesn't do, never erasing any existing data on your Mac. Pre-Mojave, you may be able to fix a stuck update by going to the Mac App Store, finding the software you are downloading, and pressing Option/Alt. When you do so you should see the option to. Aug 04, 2019  Pre-Mojave, you may be able to fix a stuck update by going to the Mac App Store, finding the software you are downloading, and pressing Option/Alt. When you do so you should see the option to Cancel the download. Having cancelled the download you should be able to start it again, hopefully without any problems this time. Running your Mac in Safe Mode while performing the OS update sometimes helps prevent problems with the installation. To start your Mac in Safe Mode, press the power button while you hold down the shift key. Next, go to the Mac App Store and start updating your apps. Finally, reboot your computer.

When done, reboot your Mac into Safe Mode (hold the Shift key at startup) and then restart normally. Note that after removing these caches and rebuilding the launch services, that you may have to open the programs again before the files these programs handle will regain their icons.

The info window’s Open With section contains an option to “Change All” documents of this type to open with the selected program.

Specify the handler for the files

Another quick option that may reset the file’s status in the system’s launch services is to re-associate it with its handling program, which can be done in the information window for any file of its type:

  1. Select the file and press Command-i to get information on it
  2. Expand the Open With section
  3. Choose any program from the drop-down menu other than the current one, even if the current is the desired one.
  4. Click the “Change All” button and confirm this action
  5. Re-select your initial (or desired) program, and again click “Change All.”

Uninstall duplicate applications

Conflicts for handling different files may occur if you have (or have had) multiple versions of the same program on your system. For instance, if a program was at version 1.0 and you installed a separate instance of version 2.0, then files associated with version 1.0 may not open if you remove this program, even though version 2.0 is present. Granted specifying these files to open within version 2.0 should have the system make the proper association; however, an easy way to avoid such conflicts is to remove older software versions unless you absolutely need them.

Sometimes applications may not be in expected places, two of which are the Macintosh HD > Applications folder, and the Users > username > Applications folder (not created by default); however, they can be anywhere else if you have moved them, even on external hard drives.

Reinstall the application for the affected file types

Finally, you might try reinstalling the programs you have for handling these files. If there is damage to your files’ current installations, then the system might not be able to access the icon resources for them. A quick solution to this and similar problems is to re-download the program, or otherwise reinstall it.