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  • If you're a Mac user with an Android phone, some apps on your computer aren't very useful, such as Messages, which is meant to work and sync with iOS devices. But now, thanks to MDRS, LLC, using the Messages app on your Mac with an Android phone is now possible and easily achievable. Plus, we've got 50 promo codes to give away for a free year of service!
  • Jun 26, 2018  Several apps for iPhone and iPad with some updates have made it to the Mac OS as well in the recent past. Some of these apps include Maps, Messages, Notes, Photos, and iBooks. Amongst all, the Messages app has been one of the greatest updates so far as it lets you send and receive text messages on a Mac system without even taking out your phone.
  • May 13, 2020  Chances are, you can probably figure out who the person messaging you is based on the content of the message. In Messages, you will see the phone number listed above the received message. Next to the phone number, you will see “Details”. Click on “Details”. This will show you the phone number of the message sender.

I see that your phone number isn't showing in the Messages application. You'd like to add it and I'm happy to help.

Jun 22, 2019 How to add your phone number on a Mac 1. After you've added your phone number for iMessage on your iPhone, launch Messages on your Mac, which can be found under 'Applications.'

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If you can't see or select your number in Messages or FaceTime How to close an app on mac.

  1. Make sure that you're using the latest software for your Mac or iOS device.
  2. Make sure that you correctly followed the iPhone steps to set up your phone number. You should be using the same Apple ID on all of your devices.
  3. In the “You can be reached” section of Messages and FaceTime settings, make sure that there are checkmarks beside your phone number and Apple ID:

If your phone number is unchecked and you can't select it, or you have some other issue, follow these steps:

  1. On your Mac:
    • In Messages, choose Messages > Preferences, then click Accounts and select your iMessage account. Click Sign Out.
    • In FaceTime, choose FaceTime > Preferences, then click Sign Out.
  2. On your iPhone, iPad, and iPod:
    • Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Tap your Apple ID, then tap Sign Out.
    • Go to Settings > FaceTime. Tap your Apple ID, then tap Sign Out.
  3. On your iPhone:
    • Go back to Settings > Messages and make sure that iMessage is turned on.
    • Tap Send & Receive, then choose “Use your Apple ID for iMessage” and sign in with your Apple ID.
  4. Using the same Apple ID, sign back in to Messages and FaceTime on your other devices.

Add Phone Number To Messages On Macbook

If you still need help, change your Apple ID password and repeat the setup steps. If that doesn't work, contact Apple Support.

Add A Phone Number To Messages On Mac

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