Where Is The Messages App On My Mac

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Free Messaging App For Computer

  1. Feb 22, 2018  I much prefer Trillian's interface because it reminds me so much of the built-in Messages app. It is, however, slightly less feature-rich unless you go pro. You can get quite a few more business-facing features for about $2 per month. It's a seamless experience for Mac users and my personal favorite third-party client, but I don't use a lot of.
  2. To turn off badges, go to System Preferences Notifications Messages and uncheck the Badge app icon option. Uncheck the box to turn off badges on the Messages app. Mute texts or iMessages from individuals in Messages on Mac. It’s possible most of your Messages notifications are coming from a single person or a single group chat.
  3. Within Messages on the iPhone or iPad, adding in a line break is easy—you just press Return. In order to send the message, of course, you’ve gotta touch the little blue up-arrow thingie.
Hi Josh,
I understand that you're unable to locate the Messages app on your iPhone. It's certainly important to stay in touch with everyone; I'd like to help you locate this app.
Since the Messages app can't be removed from your device, it must be hidden on another Home screen or in one of your folders. You can search for the Messages app first to ensure that it can be located and it's working properly:
Use Search on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
Next, check all Home screen pages by swiping to the left on your main Home screen. Please also check all folders to see if it is hidden. If you're unable to locate the app this way, you may need to reset the Home screen layout by navigating to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout. This will move everything back to its default location and move all apps out of folders.
Take care.

Imessage Download

For iOS devices, open Settings - tap on your name - iCloud- slide the switch next to Messages to the On potion. Repeat the process on each device you want to keep in sync. On a Mac, open the Messages app and go to Messages - Preferences - select your iCloud account and check the box titled Enable Messages in iCloud.

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