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Jun 01, 2020  Open QuickTime Player from your Applications folder, then choose File New Screen Recording from the menu bar. You will then see either the onscreen controls described above or the Screen Recording window described in the following steps.; Before starting your recording, you can click the arrow next to to change the recording settings. To record your voice or other audio with the screen.

jgmegiel wrote:

I a new mac used and have to do a powerpoint presentation, how? Is there a compatable program ?

Do you need to do a presentation, or do you need to do a PowerPoint presentation?

PowerPoint is presentation software by Microsoft, part of Microsoft Office. If you want to use it, you need to buy it from Microsoft.

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Apple has its own presentation software, called Keynote, and it's quite well regarded. However, it is not bundled with Mac OS X, and you have to buy it from Apple, either by itself, or as part of a suite called iWork, which is a sort of counterpart to Microsoft Office.


If you need compatibility with PowerPoint, but can't afford to buy it, you can try OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Both are free; they are based on the same software and they are designed for a high degree of compatibility with MS Office. There is also NeoOffice, based on the same software as the other two; it is supposed to be more Mac-like than the others, but, although theoretically free, it requires a (relatively) small fee to download, which means it's not really free. None of the three is as well polished or well supported as MS Office or iWork, but they do work quite well.

Video editing software for mac. Gimp (Free) Gimp is a free open-source photo editing app that has been on the market for over 22 years and is available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Unlike many free apps, Gimp doesn’t have any ads or in-app purchases. Its grey interface might seem a little old-fashioned and it may be a bit sluggish when it comes to complex effects, though. Dec 18, 2019  Affinity Photo is a past Apple Mac App of the Year Winner and the professional tool has everything you’d expect in a premium photo-editing product. Use it to edit and retouch images as well as create multi-layer pieces. The professional corrections and adjustments tools rival any other app out there and it has a great noise-reduction filter. PhotoScape X is a relative newcomer when compared to photo-editing veterans like Photoshop Elements, but this free app has proved popular with many users on both Macs. Mar 07, 2020  Free Photoshop Alternatives (Windows, macOS and Linux) 1. Krita is a free tool like Photoshop that is almost as feature rich in the options it offers as Photoshop is. It also happens to be one of the tools that are highly recommended by people in online forums about photo editing and creative editing.