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Wake On LAN X was designed to be simple and intuitive. No installation necessary– just launch the EXE and you’re ready to go! You start by loading a list of computer names, IP addresses or MAC addresses (MACs are required for Wake on LAN). Then highlight one, some, or all rows in the grid to perform actions on just the selected hosts. Sep 09, 2011  Mac OS X Lion (10.7) MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. Feb 14, 2013  Support Communities / Mac OS & System Software / Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard. The trick with sending Wake-on-LAN messages from an external network is to send the message to the broadcast address of your local network. That is to say, there should be an IP address that your router will recognize as special and any message sent to that IP will. Jun 11, 2013  WakeOnLan discovers all other computers in your LAN, and enables you to wake them up by clicking a button. If your remote computer is a Mac you can put it asleep too. Scheduled Wake Up Calls In addition to timer based wake up calls, each computer can be scheduled to be woken up frequently at a day of the week (or, weekdays or weekends only) and time of your choice.

Anyone know of a Mac app that can send the WOL 'Magic Packet' to a WOL enabled computer?

The target machine is a FreeNAS server built on old Dell PC hardware

WOL is enabled on BIOS and the NIC is alive even when the PC is off, so WOL should work

Eye one software for mac.

Need to be able to send the WOL command over the netwrok to get the NAS box to wake from OFF occcasionally when I want to performanc maintenance etc.

Wake On Lan Utility Mac

I currently have it set to wake via BIOS every night for the nightly backups, then shut down again.

I also have the BIOS set to 'Power On' after power failure/outage.so I can turn it on via a remote control mains switch, but this does mean shutting down other PC (via their respective WebGUI's) on the same power strip before doing this. These machines are locted in the attic, so it is a pain to manually climb up to them to power them on manually

To get a WOL command sent from the main house computer to wake the NAS server when needed outside of th ebackup hours would be a great addition

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Greedo's tip is the key to getting wake-on-LAN to work across the internet. I have recently set up Wake On LAN on a neighbour's PC so that I can wake up his PC from my powerbook. Both our computers are connected via routers to ADSL connections. The steps are as follows.

1. Ensure, as in the original hint, that the PC will aknowledge and act on the 'Magic Packet' that is sent to wake it up.

2. Manually assign the PC an IP address. Note down the MAC address of the PC's Ethernet card at the same time.

3. Choose a port number, any one will do as long as it is not used by another network service. If the PC is running a firewall open this port on the firewall. Ensure that traffic is set to UDP not TCP.

4. Find out what your external IP address is. You can get this by going to WhatIsMyIP.com


5. Set up port forwarding on your router so that any traffic arriving on the port that you just opened is directed to the PC. Again make sure the port traffic is specified as UDP.

6. Use a WakeOnLAN program to send a wake-up packet to the PC as described above.

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This becomes really useful if you have Microsoft's excellent Remote Desktop. (Requires Windows XP to be installed on the PC.) Working on a real PC, even over a 512K ADSL connection, is much faster than using Virtual PC and with Remote Desktop any discs inserted into your mac or any volumes mounted become available to the PC.

When you have finished working you can shutdown the PC by opening a DOS prompt and typing 'shutdown' without the quotes. Most modern PCs will shutdown completely within 15secs. This doesn't work on all computers. For further info read this.