Twitch App Could Not Load Plugins Mac

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Twitch App Could Not Load Plugins Mac Os

Despite having both the latest plug-in for Adobe Flash ( and the latest Mozilla Firefox update (37.0.1), I seem to be unable to actually use Flash in much of anything. This is especially frustrating because even just a few hours ago I was watching a Twitch stream, closed out Mozilla, and then went to bed. I am uncertain as to what is the cause of this problem.

On Twitch, the browser will freeze for 10-20s before I see a message in the chat service 'Failed to load Flash' or something along those lines.On YouTube, I get a Script Error where I'm prompted to continue running, debug, or stop a script incoming from yt.img.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled all of Adobe Flash. I have also gone into Firefox Safe Mode in which the issues persisted. Additionally, I have tried to load either site before and after clearing my cache - with no difference between tests. Furthermore, I have already tried adding yt.img to a blacklist and, while I could load the stream page or video page without trouble, I could not actually see the video.I'm using Windows 7 (64x) and have not had any similar issues with Firefox even up until last night.

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For something that seems to have snuck up during the night, this issue is pretty frustrating to encounter. I'll edit this post and attach images in a moment.

Twitch cannot load plugins

EDIT: Attached images and confirmed that this problem is local to Firefox itself. Adobe Flash seems to work fine in my IE (which I only just now used to test it).