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Mar 01, 2019  Time to Take Security Seriously The malware-free times of Mac users are behind us permanently. Mac OS X Trojan, MacDefender, Mac Security, Mac Protector (and the biggest of all) Flashback (is back). Although Apple has a small segment of the computer market, its owners are a richer demographic. “If you can spend (US)$2,000 for a.

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If you have 3 or fewer employees Time Clock MTS can be used for free!

Your business could be saving time and money right now if you started using Time Clock MTS to track your employee time cards. Even better, it’s completely free of charge if you’ve got 3 or fewer employees and use it on one computer.

TimeClock MTS replaced our old punchcard system, and we find that it is a great replacement. Even our handyman, who we had to teach how to click a mouse, has no problem using this simple tool.

Save Time and Money

Our users save 3-5 minutes a week processing their payroll for each and every employee when using Time Clock MTS compared with manual time cards. That’s money you can start saving right now and time that could be spent building a better business.

Powerful Reports

You’ll be able to see at a glance who is at work, how many hours employees have worked and how much overtime you owe. Plus you’ll get job tracking reports, employee tip reports, departmental reports and other valuable business intelligence.

Don't Wait!

Don’t wait, download Time Clock MTS now and install it and start recording your employee time card information immediately. Time Clock MTS will start running in free mode when the 30 day trial period expires without you needing to do anything.
Yes, Time Clock MTS can really be used for free, forever. No need to give us your credit card number or your email address. To get started download Time Clock MTS and install it. Once the 30 day trial period expires it will start working in free mode. It gets better than that though, because you’ll be able to use other powerful features included in the software such as Fingerprint Security, Employee Job Tracking, Employee Tips and Gratuities Tracking, and Time Off Requests.

Remember that the only restrictions are that you have three or fewer employees and that you cannot use the multi computer version of Time Clock MTS. You will be restricted to using it on one computer only.

Greeting Card Software For Mac

About 3 years ago we’ve used manual print time recording machines that used up ink and paper time cards. Since switching to your system, we’ve cut down costs of ink and paper down by around $750+ a year.

Time Clock MTS

The easy to use fingerprint timeclock software with a fully functional 30 day trial. Pom qm software for mac computer.

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Time Card Software For Mac Free

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