The Best Free Ocr Software For Mac

Oct 09, 2017  Best Free OCR Software For Mac. There are some free OCR solutions that Mac users can use but they’re not very good and they’re mainly online. One of the better ones is the open source Tesseract project which is a text recognizer engine sponsored by Google. Unfortunately, there’s no official user interface as it’s designed mainly for.

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  • 1 4 Best Free OCR Software of 2020
    • 1.1 1. Readiris
    • 1.4 4. FreeOCR

In today’s world, Everything is going digital, But you may notice the paper hasn’t gone away. We still have stacks of paper copies, books, bills, invoices and much more that we have to deal with on a daily basis. So, How to keep up the paper with current technological changes? This is where the OCR Software comes in. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition Which makes it possible to digitize the handwritten or printed documents.

4 Best Free OCR Software of 2020

In simple words, OCR Software is a tool to convert your handwritten text, images into a digitalized form. Sometimes, We have a book or bill which was typed or printed many years ago and now you want it in a digital form without retyping it. Then, OCR Software can be very useful in that case. So, Without Further discussion, Let’s move to the point directly. Here are the best free OCR Softwares of 2020 to covert your printed papers into a digitalized form:-

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1. Readiris

Readiris is the best OCR software of 2020 with extremely powerful features and you can use this software without many efforts. It supports many file formats and comes with many attractive features that simplify the conversion process. With the help of Readiris, You can load the images from connected devices such as scanners and also it allows you to adjust processing parameters such as DPI Parameter adjustments.

So, Once the Processing is Complete, Readiris determines the text zones for you and then you can edit them easily. Readiris has a cloud saving feature that allows you to save your processed files to different storage services such as Dropbox, Google drive etc. In Short, Readiris is the best OCR Software that you must use to digitalized your hard paper prints.


  • Convert your PDFs
  • Create indexed PDF files
  • Process batches of documents
  • A simplified interface

2. Microsoft OneNote OCR

Some basic OCR needs, You can use the Microsoft OneNote OCR feature which allows you to perform some basic OCR Functions. There is a feature known as “Copy Text from Image” which allows us to copy the text of an image. The Interface is very simple and clean. The simplicity of OneNote OCR makes it unique and you just have to insert a picture, click on the copy text from image option and OneNote OCR will do the rest.

You just have to process the file and then paste it into Microsoft word or any other program. However, It doesn’t support the tables and columns. In Short, Microsoft OneNote is a free OCR Software that helps you to convert the printed text into the digital form.

Ocr Software For Mac Free

Before you begin, make sure your PC or Mac meets the system requirements.

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3. SimpleOCR

SimpleOCR is a handy tool of 2020 to convert the hard copy printed text into digital text files. If you have a lot of printed text documents and you want them to convert into editable text form, Then SimpleOCR is the best choice for you. Also, there is a free spell checker available to check any spelling mistakes in the converted text files.

You can also set up the software to read a document directly from the scanner. Just like Microsoft OneNote, SimpleOCR doesn’t support tables and columns. In Short, SimpleOCR is the best free OCR Software to convert your printed text into editable text form, But the only downside is that there are some restrictions on handwritten text extraction.

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4. FreeOCR

FreeOCR is the only OCR Software in 2020 that uses the Tesseract Engine which was created by HP and Now It is maintained by Google. Tesseract is one of the best engines used in OCR Technology and is said to be the most accurate OCR technology in the world. FreeOCR supports TWAIN devices such as scanners and digital cameras. Macintosh hd download.

Moreover, It supports all kinds of file formats and you can use the software in order to extract text from an image file. In Short, FreeOCR is another best free OCR Software and just like the other OCR Softwares, It doesn’t support tables and columns.


  • Automatic scan cleanup to improve OCR quality.
  • Scanning fixes to makes/models of the scanner.
  • Multi-page Twain Scanning.
  • Better PDF compatibility for PDF Open function.


That’s it! These are the best free OCR Softwares to convert your printed text into the digitalized form. I hope this article helped you to find the best OCR Software you are looking for. Also, If you like our post, Then feel free to share it with others. At Last, If you have any questions or doubts, then feel free to connect with us through the comment box.

Free OCR Software for Mac – OCR Software for Macintosh:

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. You need an OCR Software for Mac to convert scanned images & documents into editable text formats. Whether it is your business agreement or purchase/sale invoices, you can scan them on Mac to get in digital format. Thereafter you need to convert them to PDF, text or other format for editing purposes. An OCR Software for Mac is useful to extract text from Image & PDF and convert them to searchable PDF or text documents.


  • 1 Best Free OCR Software for Mac

Best Free OCR Software for Mac

There are many OCR Software available for Mac OS, some software are free and some are paid. It is really tough to know which OCR software for Mac you should choose. Because the accuracy of OCR software is more important than other features and design. We have conducted a research to find out some best and free OCR software for Mac, such software list is mentioned below:

  1. PDF OCR X Community Edition
  2. Microsoft OneNote OCR
  3. OCR Documents in Google Drive
  5. Evernote App
  6. Tesseract OCR
  7. OCR.Space
  8. Online OCR
  9. Convertio OCR
  10. OCRmyPDF

Let us discuss each of the above OCR Software for Mac in detail and explain their features to know which software is suitable for you.

01. PDF OCR X Community Edition

PDF OCR X Community Edition is a free OCR Software for Mac System. This app is developed by the Web Line Solutions Corporation to help the Mac users. You can convert scanned document and image files to text documents and searchable PDF formats.

PDF OCR X Community Edition has a simple drag and drop feature to quickly convert the scanned files into editable text formats. You must have the scanned file in PDF or image format to use PDF OCR X App and convert them into an editable format.

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PDF OCR X App uses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract the text from PDF even if that text is contained in an image. It supports more than 60 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and many others.

02. Microsoft OneNote OCR

OneNote is a digital notebook application developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is useful to create your own notes for personal and business purposes. In addition, Microsoft OneNote also works for converting images files to searchable documents or text files. You can easily insert the PDF, Picture or File Attachment to OneNote and copy text from picture to get your file in an editable format.

OneNote allows the user to create, edit, save and share notes through various platforms and devices. It supports picture, PDF document and attachment files for OCR procedure. You can use OneDrive or SharePoint to access your notes from iPhone, iPad and other devices.

You can instantly extract text from an image by using “Copy text from picture” option in OneNote. The converted files will be in editable formats and searchable PDF for your convenience to edit and prepare it as per your requirement.

03. OCR Documents in Google Drive

Google Drive is a web storage service provided by Google. But very few people know that Google Drive also contains OCR feature. With the help of Google Drive OCR Feature, You can convert any image or PDF file into an editable document. This service is available for free to all the users who have signed into their Google Account and have a working internet connection.

Upload multiple document, image files to Google Drive and open them with Google Docs to convert them to editable text files. It is the easiest way to OCR documents on Mac without using any OCR software.

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Google Drive automatically detects document language and it supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF formats. After conversion, it will retain the bold, italics, font size, font type and line breaks of the text.


LEADTOOLS OCR App is best free OCR Software for Mac Users. It is a free application to perform optical character recognition on images. The OCR App by LEADTOOLS is developed by LEAD Technologies, Inc. for Mac OS X 10.10 or later. It can extract text from images and convert images to various document formats. It keeps superior accuracy and speed while extracting & copying text from and image for editing & sharing.

The OCR App by LEADTOOLS can convert and export images to various document formats such as PDF, DOCX, Text, SVG and many more. It can read Images in different languages in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

LEADTOOLS OCR App offers various options to optimize text recognition, including Invert, Rotate, Image Binarization and Perspective Deskew. It provides fine tuned control over the OCR Engine Settings so that you can customize how your images are recognized.

05. Evernote App

Evernote is a multi-platform application developed by the Evernote Corporation. The Evernote App helps you to capture your ideas and projects. You can OCR images to convert them into searchable text formats. It is capable to extract text from typewritten and handwritten notes, photos of white boards, Post-It notes and to-do lists.

Evernote can identify 28 typewritten and 11 handwritten languages. You can choose which language to use from Recognition Language Setting. It can find words in handwritten notes, photos of white boards, Post-It notes and to-do lists that you scan into Evernote.

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Evernote provides Automatic Sync option that allows you to leave your work from Mac and continue the same on your iPhone or iPad. It can convert the PDF document and Image files to a text file or other document for editing purpose.

06. Tesseract OCR

Tesseract OCR is a free OCR Engine developed by Google for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. It was originally created by Ray Smith and Hewlett Packard. It is not an OCR App and therefore you cannot use it as you operate other OCR software on Mac. You have to open Command line interface on your Mac to use Tesseract OCR to convert an image file into text format.

In 2006, Tesseract OCR was declared as the most accurate OCR software available in market. It comes with more than 100 languages support including English, Afrikaans, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and many more.

Tesseract is operated from command line interface and therefore it is very easy to use OCR engine for developers. If you are a developer, you can train Tesseract to recognize other languages.

07. OCR.Space

OCR.Space is a free online OCR tool powered by the OCR API. It can convert the images and PDF files into texts. You don’t need to download any app to use OCR.Space on your Mac computer. Just connect the Mac to internet and open Ocr.Space site in a web browser. You can also use the simple drag & drop feature to quickly extract text from image and see its overlay.

OCR.Space can convert PDF Document, JPG Image and PNG Image files to Searchable PDF with visible or invisible text layer. You can select OCR document language from the list of 24 languages supported by OCR.Space Online OCR Tool.

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The OCR.Space automatically detects the orientation of image and rotate the image if required before OCR conversion is processed. When DPI is low, you should turn on Auto Enlarge Content option. Turn on Receipt Scanning to recognize table from Image.

08. Online OCR

Online OCR is a free online OCR service with various languages support. You can easily extract text from PDF and Images with help of this Online OCR Software. In order to convert PDF or Image to Text Document, you will have to upload your file to OnlineOCR.Net. After uploading the file, you need to choose language, output format and finally give convert order to proceed.

Online OCR supports recognition of 46 languages such as English, Brazilian, Chinese, Greek, Latin, Korean, Spanish, Turkish and many more. You can upload any Image with maximum file size of 15 MB which is much higher than 2 MB or 5 MB limits by other OCR software.

Free ocr for mac

The Online OCR is able to convert Image to Text for various input formats like PDF, TIF/TIFF, JPEG/JPG, BMP, PCX, PNG and GIF. You can convert your Image file into Word Document (docx), Excel Document (xlsx) and Plain Text (txt).

09. Convertio OCR

Convertio OCR is an online optical character recognition tool for Mac and other computer users. It is able to convert scanned documents and images to text and editable document formats. You can upload image or document from your Mac, Dropbox, Google Drive or paste the file link in URL option. Thereafter you need to select document language(s) and output format & settings to recognize it in Convertio OCR.

Convertio OCR supports various file formats such as PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF, JP2, JPEG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIFF and WBMP. It can recognize various languages and it can recognize multiple languages in one image to convert it to editable text format.

You should install Convertio extension to your Mac Chrome Browser for using Convertio OCR Tool without visiting its website. Convert your Image File to 11 different formats including Word Document, Excel Workbook, PowerPoint Presentation, Searchable PDF, Text Document and others.

10. OCRmyPDF

OCRmyPDF is a free online tool for optical character recognition. It recognizes PDF document in more than 100 languages. You need to install OCRmyPDF tool on your Mac to use it for converting regular PDF files to searchable PDF files. It optimizes the input PDF files and produces files smaller in size than earlier. It keeps the exact resolution of original embedded images.

OCRmyPDF places OCR text accurately below the image to make the copy and paste easier for the Mac user. It can deskew the crooked PDF files to clean them before converting to searchable PDF/A files.

The OCRmyPDF keeps the exact resolution of embedded images to maintain their original quality and appearance after conversion. It recognizes more than 100 languages and also scales properly to handle files with thousands of pages.

Final Opinion:

Best Ocr For Mac

All the information mentioned above about Free OCR Software for Mac is true and fair. All OCR Tools and Software are working great on Mac computer. You should choose the OCR Software which is suitable to use and meets all your needs.