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Stop motion software enables creating stop motion animation by adding physical images that are captured from any device. They allow adding pictures of popular formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, etc. They allow resizing images, setting frame rate and save them in animated video formats.

When I said last week that, some Windows-addled IT folks said I was secretly suggesting that enterprises replace their PCs with Macs. What is the percentage of software for macs.

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Site Title: Dragonframe Stop Motion Software for Mac and Windows. Site Description: dragonframe is the stop motion animation software that captured laika's paranorman and disney's frankenweenie. For mac osx and windows. Site Keywords: stop motion, animation, time-lapse, software.


Dragon software for mac download

To know more about these software one can search Google using “stop motion software free”, “best stop motion software”, “free stop motion software for windows” or “stop motion software download”.

Dragon Frame

Dragon Frame is professional stop motion software. It allows digital still cameras and video cameras. It comes with various animation tools which can be used with keypad controls. It allows setting timeline for frames using timeline editor. It allows synching lip movement and audio easily. It allows customizing x-sheet with ease.

Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro comes with well-designed interface for creating stop motion animation easily. It comes with best frame editor tool. It allows adjusting pictures and adding frame painting, markers, frame counter, cross hair, etc. It allows exporting output images to many file formats and allows uploading to YouTube as well.


AnimatorHD is useful software for creating stop motion animation. It comes with advance frames feature and allow adding plenty of variants for each sequence. Onyx software for mac. It has “overlay” and “markers” features. It comes with latest audio scope and lip synching features. It allows controlling animation with great flexibility and previewing test shots.

Stop Motion Animator

Stop Motion Animator helps to create stop motion animation easily and quickly by capturing images taken from the webcam. It allows resizing and setting frame rate for animations. It allows saving animation images in AVI file format. It allows working fast and is simple to install as well as easy-to-use software.

Other Stop Motion Software for Different Platforms

With plenty of stop motion software available for various versions like Windows, Mac Os and Android, one can go through the below mentioned software details including their features illustrated for each version individually. They are purely dependent on platform that they use and hence should be checked for platform compatibility as well.

Free Stop Motion Software for Windows – MonkeyJam


MonkeyJam helps to create stop motion pictures from digital and webcam cameras by creating any number of frames. It allows previewing frames and allows making necessary adjustments. It allows adjusting FPS rate and edit layer names as well as colors. It allows saving and re-loading x-sheets. It supports multi-languages also.

Free Stop Motion Software for Mac Os – FrameByFrame

FrameByFrame enables stop motion movie creation with ease and quickly. It allows importing pictures from any camera for creating stop motion animation. It allows exporting completed stop motion animations. It is simple to install and very easy-to-use software and allows removing unwanted frames. It comes with timeline feature to display different takes.

Free Stop Motion Software for Android – Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio allows creating stunning stop motion animations with great ease. It comes with grid mode to place objects easily. It comes with movie editor which allows previewing each frame at various speeds. It comes with timeline zoom in and out feature to handle thousands for frames too without losing any frame.

More Great Stop Motion Software for Windows, Android and Mac Os

For windows version some of the stop motion software is “qStopMotion”, “IKITMovie”, “SharpAnimator”, and “Purple Elephant”. For Mac Os some of the stop motion software is “JellyCam”, “Smoovie”, “Dragonframe”, “Time Lapse Assembler” and “zonMotion”. “Stop-Motion”, “Clayframes”, “Stop Motion Maker” and “PicPac” are some of the stop motion software for android application.

Most Popular Stop Motion Software for 2016 is iStopMotion

iStopMotion comes with most advanced features which makes it popular stop motion software. It allows previewing the animation even before capturing the frame thus helps to make changes. It allows setting time-lapse and printing animations to desired format. It allows screen capturing and turns them into animation easily. It supports images taken from wide range of cameras and devices.

Stop Motion Software Mac Dragon

What is Stop Motion Software?

Stop motion software captures images from various devices like cameras and webcams to create stop motion animations. They allow creating frames for each sequence quickly and allow setting time lapse easily. It allows adding sounds or music to the animation. They support many image file formats to create stop motion animations. It allows uploading completed animations to popular websites like YouTube directly.

To know more about their varieties and get more information about them one can search Google using “stop motion software mac”, “stop motion software, free download”, “free stop motion software for windows 7” or “free stop motion software for mac”.

How to install Stop Motion Software?

Installation instructions are supplied by the vendor along with the stop motion software installation file download. One can go through these easy-to-understand instructions which are provided with screenshots for each step of the installation and complete the software installation. One should check for system requirements that are described in the software website.

Benefits of Stop Motion Software

Stop motion software are the best tools to create stop motion animations or movies quickly in professional way. They allow adding multiple layers for each frame and adding images in the animation frames. They allow previewing each frame and adjust the frame rate accordingly. They are built in such way that they can process any number of frames easily without missing a single frame.

They allow capturing images from webcam by plugging it to the system. They help creating animation movies with great sophistication and they are very flexible to make various adjustments to pictures using simple techniques understandable even for novice users.

Dragon Software For Mac Download

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