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Download Spyder4PRO here: http://goto.datacolor.com/download/mac/Spyder4Pro

Spyder4Pro 4.5.9 MacOS

What's Fixed in 4.5.9

NOW 73 deliciously delightful solitaire games for your Mac and daily challenges! The new games and daily challenges are available as an In-App-Purchase on Mac OS X 10.9 or later. Designed by a Mac and Solitaire loving Mom and Daughter, Full Deck Solitaire is a.

  • Updated the software activation code to use TLSv1 instead of SSLv3. This should be the fix that prevents warning bells from going off in various antivirus software during software activation (the SSLv3 issue).
  • (OSX): Fixed an issue where the SpyderProof screen was being displayed with reduced saturation. This was noticeable on wide gamut displays, but could also have a slight effect on other displays.
  • Assorted translation and cosmetic fixes.

What's Fixed in 4.5.8

  • fixed an issue under OS X 10.9

What's Fixed in 4.5.6

  • issue on OS X 10.8 with multiple monitors of differing gamuts
    • particularly with wide-gamut monitors this may result in improper plot of monitor gamut

What's Fixed in 4.5.4

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Spyder 4 Pro Software Download Mac Pro

  • color cast after calibration on some systems
  • incorrect primary values stored in profiles on some systems
  • invalid gamut plots in Spyder4 and/or Advanced Analysis on some systems
  • inconsistency between gamut plot in Spyder4 and gamut plot in Advanced Analysis on some systems

Spyder 5 Pro Download

What's Fixed in 4.5.2

  • all installers require authentication (i.e. user must enter username and password to install software). This fixes permission errors during installation that occur on some systems.
  • gamut for wrong monitor being displayed in Profile Overview screen sometimes on some systems
  • all references to suction cup removed
  • fixed problems with Utility and Application communicating about what the length of the Recalibration Reminder should be

Advanced Analysis/Monitor Quality Analysis/MQA

Datacolor Spyder X Pro Software Download

  • magnifying glass mouse pointers now work correctly
  • when the report window was refreshed, the checkboxes and zoom buttons above the report display area were drawn incorrectly
  • Gamut Plot - if the main monitor was Normal Gamut and the secondary monitor was Wide Gamut then the Gamut Plot of the secondary (wide gamut) monitor would appear to be the plot of a normal gamut monitor

Minimum System RequirementsEmulate ios app on mac pc.

Spyder Software Download

  • USB port
  • 24-bit video card
  • Spyder4 sensor
  • Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12
  • Color monitor with at least 1024x768 resolution