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How to get rid of duplicate photos on a Mac? Duplicate photos have a way of creeping into your Mac without being aware of. It could happen because of multiple downloads of the same photos, while importing from an external storageor even when syncing iPhone to your Mac computer. Regardless of how these duplicates were created in the first place, they can take up a lot of space over time. There are several ways to remove duplicates on a Mac, such as doing it manually, using command line executions or installing special software for the purpose. Here, we outline three different ways in which you can delete duplicate photos on your Mac.

Part 1. How to Manually Find and Delete Duplicate Photos on Mac

  1. 1) Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. This duplicate photo finder and remover software tool is undoubtedly the best choice present in this list. This pro tool is specially developed to detect each and every duplicate file present in the user’s PC so that memory can be freed easily.
  2. Jul 09, 2020  Remo Duplicate Photo Remover for Mac is an exclusive tool built with an advanced scan mechanism that can help you fin and delete duplicate photos of any size and number in 2 clicks only. With this premium software made available for users at the most affordable price, Remo Duplicate Photo Remover is the go to choice for both Mac and Windows users.

The manual deletion method is obviously the most time-consuming, but it will allow you to go through your photos and visually check whether or not they're actually duplicates or simply two different images of the same object taken one after the other. How do you manually check for and delete duplicate photos? Here's the process to follow:

Step 1. Open a Finder window and navigate to Users >[Username] >Pictures or Photos Library. This is your first stop because images will be stored here by default.

Step 2. Sort the files by 'Name', and select the viewing option that allows you to preview the file.

Step 3. Select all duplicate photos, and then right-click and 'Move to Trash'. You will also need to go to the 'Recently Deleted Files' section in Finder and empty everything after you've deleted the photos you need to.

Step 4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 in other folders where images may be saved, such as the Downloads folder or your Desktop.

This is obviously labor-intensive, so you may want to set aside a few hours over the weekend for this task. That's one reason most Mac users don't bother with deleting duplicates, because it can easily consume an entire day if you've got tons of images and you haven't done any housekeeping on them in a while. The second option is much faster and more user friendly.

Delete Duplicate Photos On Mac

Part 2: How to Find and Remove Duplicate Photos on Mac in a Minute

TunesBro is a highly respected app development company with several device management products to its credit. The CleanGeeker app contains powerful algorithms to help you instantly scan and identify duplicate photos as wellas other redundant copies. It even quarantines potentially harmful files, while keeping your system files intact, unlike other optimization software for Mac computers.

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True to its name, CleanGeeker comes with a clean interface and can help you clean up your computer in minutes. The built-in AI searching algorithms can quickly find duplicates no matter where in your computer they're hiding. The best part is that, once deleted, these files are no longer recoverable because they no longer reside in the memory. That means a lot of space can be freed by using this robust application.

Highlights of TunesBro CleanGeeker
  • Locate all duplicate files on Mac in a minute.
  • Save GBs of free storage by cleaning up the junks and caches.
  • Unarchive compressed files from various formats, such as ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR.
  • Destroy sensive data on Mac without zero possibility for recovery.

Step 1Prepareation

Please first d ownload TunesBro CleanGeeker DMG file and install it on your Mac. Then open the app and you will find several options on the lefe sidebar.

Step 2Scan Duplicate Photos on Mac

From the home page, click on the 'Duplicate Clean' tab on the left-side panel. Once your computer has been deeply scanned, the software will display all duplicate content, nearly organized by type. Selecting a particular folder will cause all the duplicates in that location to be automatically selected, with the original one being unchecked. If you're only deleting duplicate image files, select the appropriate folder.

Step 3Start to Delete Duplciate Photos on Mac

Once you review all the duplicates and check or uncheck the boxes as required, you may click on 'Delete', which will remove all selected files. These files are deleted for good, meaning they can't be recovered even with a powerful data recovery software.

As you can see, CleanGeeker has remove all duplicate photos and other files you need in just one click. It's the best time to start an in-depth cleanup on your Mac with ultra ease.

Part 3. How to Get Rid of Duplicate Photos on My Mac via Commands

In Mac, the command line interface is called Terminal. You can access the app by going into Applications >Utilities. This method is a little faster because the command helps make a list of potential duplicates, but you have to go into those specific locations to delete the files. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1. Open a Terminal window using the process mentioned in the previous paragraph. You can also search for it by opening Spotlight (Command + Spacebar), searching there and clicking on the appropriate result.

Step 2. In the Terminal interface, use the cd command to navigate to a specific location. For example, cd ~/Pictures will take you to the Pictures folder.

Step 3. Here, type in the command below, followed by the Enter key:
Find . -size 20 ! -type d -exec cksum {} ; sort tee /tmp/f.tmp cut -f 1,2 -d ‘ ‘ uniq -d grep -hif – /tmp/f.tmp > duplicates.txt

Step 3. The purpose of this command is to find all duplicate files (including photos) and create a .txt file containing a list of these files.

Duplicate Photos On Mac

Step 4. Now, go to Finder and search for these specific files mentioned in the .txt file, and move them to trash. You can then empty the trash once you've finished the clean-up job.

Although this removes the step of manually finding duplicate photos and other files, it doesn't automate the deletion process. In addition, it requires a double-deletion sequence to first move to trash and then empty the trash.

Wrapping up

If you want to save time and avoid the hassle of command line work, or if you are unfamiliar with using Terminal commands, then what you need is a purpose-built software such as CleanGeeker that can easily remove the duplicates for you.


The best part about CleanGeeker is the convenience that it offers the user. No fussing with complex settings or potentially risky command line work, no confusing interface, visually appealing layout and convenient selection/deselection of files to be deleted - all these features make it one of the top Mac optimization software utilities you can find.

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There is no doubt that most of the users are facing the problem of storage management probably due to the presence of junk files and duplicate files in our PC. These unwanted duplicate photos will eat up all the storage space in your PC slowly and you will end up in having the issue of improper storage management. PC’s of the majority of users are flooded with the duplicate files which are created probably by the malware and duplicate files creator viruses.

We all know that finding duplicate photos and pictures is really an annoying task which will consume your valuable time. So, if you take the help of some software tools which will automatically search for the duplicate photos will really make your job much easier for sure.

That’s why there is a definite need of getting a software tool which can help you to detect and remove all the duplicate photos present in your PC. We have prepared a list of top 10 best duplicate photos finder and remover software tools which will surely help you out to get rid out of this storage management problem. We will list all the tools which we have handpicked for you below in this article. So, here we go with the first one:

1) Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

This duplicate photo finder and remover software tool is undoubtedly the best choice present in this list. This pro tool is specially developed to detect each and every duplicate file present in the user’s PC so that memory can be freed easily. Moreover, this brilliant tool is compatible with both Android and iOS devices along with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac too in this list. The presence of intelligent and smart sensors in this duplicate photo finder and remover tool is something which will surely make you feel that this is the best choice which you can have in this list.

You can easily manage the duplicate photo reports to manually delete the photos which you don’t want in your PC. This tool is supported with almost more than 14 different languages and this is probably the main reason behind the popularity of this tool all over the world. So, a very excellent and brilliant choice for all the lovely users presents out there.

2) Duplicate Photo Cleaner

With the help of this duplicate photo finder and remover tool, any user can easily detect and remove the duplicate files from their PC in just a few clicks. The smart duplicate photo detecting sensors are based on the Artificial intelligence technology which will not spare any of the duplicate photos inside your PC. All you need to do is just launch this software tool in your PC and click on the “Run Scan” icon to start the run. You can also run the deep scan mode, which is more effective than Standard search mode in our point of view.

The presence of cool and awesome user-interface in this tool is something which will inevitably force you to install this software tool in your PC. You can also register yourself with this tool to browse some more exciting features so that no duplicate file will be left in your PC.

3) Duplicate Image Remover Free

Another very fantastic option for the users who are looking out to get the best duplicate photo finder and remover tool for their PC. There are lots of different features present in this tool which will let you clean up all the duplicate files from your PC within some clicks. After running the scanning process on your PC, this tool will create a report and will present in front of you so that you can save those files or photos which you want to. After you save the desired files, you can delete the rest of the files permanently from your PC in just one click. The presence of a simple user-interface of this software tool is also another very good feature of this tool which can bring some good results for you for sure.

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4) Duplicate Cleaner

This duplicate photo finder and remover tool is another very brilliant choice for the users because this tool will let you scan the different storage locations on your PC manually. Moreover, you can also run the full PC scan on this tool which will detect all the duplicate photos from your PC and will delete them permanently. The advanced duplicate photo finder features of this tool are very optimized which works on smart and intelligent detecting process.

Moreover, this tool will also search those photos which are having different file formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc. That’s why this tool is regarded as one of the most popular choices among the users all due to its certified features.

5) Duplicate Photo Finder

Another very fascinating choice for the users who want to get a good photo finder and remover tool for their PC. There are so many different features that are present inside this software tool that can detect all the duplicate files effectively and easily. Though the trial version of this software tool will take a bit longer to complete the scanning process, the premium version will faster the scanning process to delete all the duplicate files from your PC permanently.

You will be presented with two photos out of which, one is original and one is duplicate. You can press the delete option and can proceed further to eliminate the other duplicate files.

6) Visi Pics

Another very great option present for the users which can find and remove all the duplicate files from your PC with ease. All you need to is click on the “Run Scan” icon to start the scan process. You have to wait for a while until the scanning process gets completed. The neat and clean user-interface of this software tool is another very fascinating feature that users like the most.

There is a separate primary mode present in this software tool which will detect the duplicate files with a very slight difference between them. So, you can choose different styles manually so that you can discover all the duplicate records with ease. We have placed this tool on the 6th spot of this list, and we hope that it has justified its place.

7) Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

When you look for the best duplicate photo finder and remover tools in this list, then you will surely feel that Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is a very good choice. There are so many different features present in this tool which will let you delete all the duplicate files very easily and hassle-free. You can run the scan process specifically for a unique folder that contains all the original and duplicate photos. Just tap on the “Start Search” icon and let this software tool to detect all the duplicate files.

After the scanning process is completed, you can delete all the duplicate files manually and can free up the memory space from the hard drive of your PC. You will surely explore some more amazing features when you install this excellent duplicate photo finder and remover tool in your PC for sure.

8) Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

This software tool is yet another very great option present for the users who want to delete all the duplicate photos from their PC. The basic user-interface of this app will decrease the scanning process time which will let you delete all the duplicate files in just a few minutes. This software tool comes in both free and paid versions. You can opt out any of them to explore the great features which a user expects from an ideal duplicate photo finder tool. So,install this tool on your phone and set up all the things as soon as possible.

9) Duplicate Files Fixer

When you look for the features which this duplicate photo finder and remover tool provide, then you will find it to be a decent option. Duplicate Files Fixer tool offers many similar features to the users as provided by the means which we have listed so far. There are no new unique features present in this software tool which will make it a separate choice. You can also set up this tool on automatic scan mode, which will automatically detect all the duplicate files to delete them permanently. So, don’t wait an get this tool in your PC at the earliest.

10) Easy Duplicate Finder

This is another very decent choice present in this list which should have to be placed at the last spot of this list. When you launch this application on your PC, then you will be provided with the basic settings option where you can set up all the things hassle free. You can also select the automatic scan mode, which will automatically run the scan process in your PC. Overall, the Easy Duplicate Finder tool is a very decent choice, and we hope that you will like this suggestion for sure.

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So, these are some top 10 best duplicate photo finder and remover tool suggestions. We hope that you have liked this article and will surely pick the best software tool for your PC. Our top 3 picks from the above list are Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, Duplicate Photo Cleaner and Duplicate Photo Finder. Please share your top 3 picks from the above list with us in the comments section below along with your feedback and suggestions.

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