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Jun 29, 2019  How to download and run Extra Volume Booster – loud sound speaker on your PC and Mac. Extra Volume Booster – loud sound speaker For PC can be easily installed and used on a desktop computer or laptop running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and a Macbook, iMac running Mac OS X. This will be done using an Android. Jun 26, 2017  Generally, most of the people use some best free media players like VLC Media Player, GOM Player, RealPlayer, and KMPlayer, etc. To increase max volume on their system while watching movies or playing music but these media players won’t work if you are watching movies online or streaming anything off the internet. Boom: Boost Your Volume / Make Your Macbook Speakers Louder! Boom raises the maximum volume of your Macbook by a very noticeable difference. Since it’s an app that works in conjunction with your existing audio, it has separate audio controls, so you can.

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A common complaint amongst MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro owners is the seemingly low “maximum” volume level of the built-in speakers. It’s frustrating, but there are a few ways to get around it.

Although some may blame Apple’s hardware for the quiet speakers, it’s actually Mac OS X’s fault. Folks running Windows in Boot Camp might notice audio played from there is much louder at full blast than on the Mac side. So the speakers themselves are fine – it’s merely Apple being too conservative with their software. I’m sure they have their reasons (such as power management & damage prevention), but it sure is annoying, isn’t it?

Depending on the type of audio you would like to amplify, there are a few ways to get louder sound out of your quiet Mac laptop speakers. Especially for those times when external speakers are not an option, these are invaluable tips.

iTunes Equalizer

Trying to listen to something in iTunes from across the room or with a bunch of people around? A simple solution is to venture into the iTunes equalizer (Window > Equalizer) and drag the Preamp slider all the way up. Make sure the “On” box is checked too. That should put some more power behind those speakers!

VLC instead of QuickTime & DVD Player

Watching a video in QuickTime or DVD Player is a common task for Mac users. If the sound is too low, try the free VLC player instead. Using the playback controller you can pump up the volume a bunch more – apparently up to 400%!

Audio Hijack Pro

This is the real system-wide solution. Rogue Amoeba Software’s Audio Hijack Pro is a multi-purpose program that does a heck of a lot more than just make your Mac’s speakers louder. But for the purposes of this article, that’s all that matters. Whether it’s a YouTube video in Safari, a video chat in iChat, or an original composition in GarageBand, this program does the trick. You can download Audio Hijack Pro for free and use it in trial mode for 10 minutes at a time. To unlock full functionality, you must pay $32 – a fair price if you’re going to take advantage of the software often. In any event, this is how you can get the job done in Audio Hijack Pro:

  1. In the lower left corner, click the + button to add a new preset.
  2. Click the Input tab. You can choose a specific application to work with, but I recommend selecting “System Audio” from the Source Type drop-down.
  3. Install the Soundflower add-on for free within Audio Hijack Pro. This gives the software access to the entire system’s sound.
  4. Set your computer’s regular system volume all the way up in Mac OS X.
  5. Click the Effects tab in Audio Hijack Pro and then drag the Gain slider all the way to the right (238%).
  6. Click the Hijack button and your volume should get a nice boost! You’ll have to leave Audio Hijack Pro open in order for the louder sound to stay in effect. When you want it to stop, just quit the program.

While nothing will ever beat a good pair of headphones or external speakers, these three methods will definitely make your MacBook’s built-in speakers sound significantly louder than before. Be aware that long periods of unreasonably loud audio can damage tiny speakers. But this is more of a disclaimer to be safe rather than a warning of things to come… you shouldn’t experience any such problems. Have fun!

How to increase the volume of an MP4 file? I get a video downloaded from YouTube, but the volume on it is too quite even on my computer is on full blast. Any easy way to increase video volume?

For various reasons, you will have the need to make a video louder. Actually, there are still several approaches for how to increase video volume. Whether you are going to increase volume on MP4 video or other types of videos, you can find suitable methods to do that in this post. This post shows 4 simple ways to help you make audio louder.

Part 1. How to Make a Video Louder on PC/Mac (Best Way)


First, we will show you the best way to increase video volume. Here we sincerely recommend the powerful Vidmore Video Converter to help you make a video louder without losing the video quality.

It is an all-featured video converter and editor which carries many basic and advanced editing functions. This video volume increaser is one best choice for both beginners and professionals. Now you can free download it and take the following guide to increase your video volume.

  • Upscale resolution up to 4K, H.265/HEVC, etc.
  • Remove video noise, and reduce video shaking.
  • Adjust video effects automatically.
  • Enhance MP4, MOV, MKV, 3GP, FLV, SWF, MTS/M2TS, VOB, DVD, etc.
  • Edit video effects like rotate, mirror, crop, clip, merge, watermark, etc.

Step 1. Free download the volume booster

Double-click the download button above to free download, install and run this video volume increaser software on your computer. It offers both Windows and Mac versions.

Step 2. Add video(s)

Click the “Add File” button to load the video that you want to increase volume. Here you can add and edit one or more videos at a time.

Step 3. Increase video volume

Click “Edit” to enter the video editing window. Here you can see many editing options like Trim, Rotate, Crop, Enhance, Effect and Watermark. Here at this step, “Effect” is the option you should use.

After clicking the “Effect”, you are allowed to adjust volume based on your need. You can drag the volume slider to the right to increase the volume. Similarly, you can decrease the video volume by dragging the volume slider to the left. Click “Apply” to confirm the operation.

Step 4. Export video

This video volume increaser highly supports any popular video and audio formats. You don’t need to worry about the unsupported format issue. What’s more, it offers you almost all video and audio formats to choose from.

Click “Profile” to select suitable output format for your video from the drop-down list. Any popular video format is provided, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV and so on. Click “Convert” button to export the edited video to your computer.

Part 2. How to Free Increase Video Volume Online

Many free online video volume booster tools offered on the internet can also help you make a videos louder. This method is mainly for some small-size video files. If you want to increase a large long movie, you should not use it.

Here we introduce you with a popular video volume increaser, VideoLouder. It is a free maximum volume booster that allows you to increase the sound volume of your video. It supports many frequently-used video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MPG and more. Now you can take the following guide to increase your MP4 video volume online.

Step 1. Navigate to this online video volume booster site on your browser.

Step 2. Click “Browser” to load the video you want to increase its volume. One thing you should know is that, the video size is limited to 500MB.

Step 3. Click “Increase volume” option and then choose the suitable decibels you want to increase. Here you can also make the video sound volume lower.

Step 4. Click “Upload File” button to start uploading your video for real. The whole uploading process will take you some time.

Step 5. When the loading process is finished, click “Download File” to save the volume-increased video to your computer.

Part 3. How to Increase Volume of MP4 Video with VLC

If you get VLC Media Player installed on your computer, you can rely on it to increase video volume while playback. It is a popular and open-source cross-platform media player. It carries some basic editing features. Moreover, it has the capability to increase the audio volume to maximum 300%. The following steps will show you how to make a video louder with VLC.

Step 1. Open VLC on your computer and click “Tools” on menu bar when you enter the main interface. Click “Preferences” to open “Simple Preference” window.

Step 2. Click “Show Settings” in the lower left corner and choose “All”. Click “maximum volume displayed” on the top left side. Click on “Qt” and then you will see the “Maximum Volume displayed” option on the right.

Make volume louder

Step 3. Type “300” in the box and re-launch VLC. Now the audio volume will be up to 300% of the original volume.

Part 4. How to Increase Video Volume with Windows Movie Maker

Make Volume Louder App

Windows Movie Maker is the default video editing software for Windows users. It offers many basic editing functions. And it can work as a good video volume booster to help you make a video louder.

How To Make Volume Louder

Step 1. Launch Windows Movie Maker on your computer and load your video to it.

Step 2. Click the “Video Tools” tab on the menu bar. Here you can get many editing features.

Make Volume Louder On Laptop

Step 3. Click the “Video volume” button and then drag the slider to the right to increase the video volume. After that, you can export the edited video to your computer.

Make Volume Louder Iphone


If you have experienced the trouble that failed to increase video volume online with some online video volume booster, honestly, which happens frequently, and if you’re hesitating to choose the best one to increase volume of video, I recommend the powerful Vidmore Video Converter for you. It has no file size limited. More importantly, it can keep the original video quality after the video volume increasing.

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