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Subtitle editor software – Customization and Enhancing Subtitles Made Easy with Feature Filled Tools

Jul 04, 2020  The software also doesn’t require you to open a separate app, so you can access your files with a simple click in Finder. Editors' Recommendations How to transfer files from Android to your PC.

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The subtitle software allows one to create and edit subtitles with ease. They come with plenty features like adjusting subtitle display timings and also editing the font and colors of subtitle texts. They help to synchronize the subtitles with movies.

Software For Android To Mac

They come with great features like previewing the edited version easily. To know more about subtitle editor software one can search Google using “subtitle editor software, free download”, “free download subtitle edit”, “the best subtitle editor software” or “subtitle editor windows 7”.

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Subtitle Edit

This is open source subtitle editor software which allows creating and editing subtitles with ease. It allows merging and splitting subtitles. It allows adjusting time display time as well. It allows removing text for the benefit of hearing impaired. It supports many languages and allows translating subtitles. It has renumbering facility also.


This is free and cross-platform subtitle editor software which enables creating or modifying subtitles. It modifies subtitles in a quick and easy way and comes with many powerful tools for styling the subtitles. It can preview the video in real-time. It supports many subtitle formats. It allows inserting special effects.

Subtitle Editor

This extremely easy to use subtitle editor software comes with plenty of features including dragging and dropping. It allows adjusting timing and translating. It comes with plenty of editing tools like spell checking, moving, sorting and splitting or joining subtitles. It allows editing frames and scaling subtitles with great ease.

VideoPad Video Editor

This is excellent software to work with editing video subtitles. It allows modifying subtitles or text by selecting the text. It allows mentioning timing as well. It allows changing subtitles font, size, color and style as well. It allows previewing the changes in real-time and jumping to any moments of video.

Spot Subtitling System 6

This software comes with tons of subtitle editing features. It allows formatting subtitles and adding comments to subtitles. It allows changing alignment, moving words and many more. It allows providing timing and reformatting subtitles for proper synchronization with speech. It allows fine tuning cues also. It is easy to use subtitle editor software.

Jubler Subtitle Εditor

This is simple and effective subtitle editor software. It allows converting, transforming, converting and transforming existing subtitles. It allows previewing subtitles in real-time as well as design time. It comes with spell check facility and adding style to subtitle feature. It is open source software and works on multiple platforms.

Open Subtitle Editor

This is excellent subtitle editor software which allows line corrections and synch them with movies. It comes with good subtitle layout and comes with file browser to edit subtitles. It can convert frames per second, overlap checking and allows configuring preview settings. It is lightweight and occupies less computer memory

iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor

This is advanced subtitle editor software specifically useful movies. It allows performing subtitle settings like coloring and many more. It is easy to use and comprehensive editor. It allows changing bit rate and resolution ration to make the subtitle more distinct. It also allows combining subtitle and film file together.

What is Subtitle Editor Software?

Subtitle editor software allows one to modify subtitles, marking subtitles with variety of colors and allows synchronizing voices with movies as well. They also allow setting or adjusting subtitle display timings in accordance with video display. They come with user-friendly interfaces to make all the editing possible with minimum fuss. Some of them allow previewing subtitles modifications both in design time and real-time. There are online subtitle editors available and one can search Google using “subtitle editor online” and find more about them. To get much better idea about subtitle editor software one can search Google using “srt subtitle editor”, “subtitle editor portable” or “subtitle timing editor”

How To Install Subtitle Editor software?

These subtitle editor software comes with installable files and installation instruction guide. One can go through the installation instruction guide and get complete knowledge about installing them. If any prerequisite files to be installed one can check the website for information about these files and get it installed prior to the installation of the software. One should take care about platform for which they are installing since separate installation files comes for Windows, Mac Os and Android versions. One can check the software website or get help from software vendor helpline or customer care persons for performing smooth and perfect installation process.

Benefits And Best Features Of Subtitle Editor Software

These subtitle editor software comes with many capabilities and lot of features. They help to change the text of subtitles and their color, font etc. They allow adjusting timings of display of subtitles to enable perfect viewing of videos or movies. They help to position the subtitles such that they did not distract or block the viewer from enjoying watching movies. They can perform converting speech to text useful for creating offline subtitles. They come with user-friendly and easy to use interface and functions.

Since these subtitle editor software is primarily used for customizing subtitles one should look for the tools and their efficiency that they are providing for performing subtitle modifications. Some of these software come with advanced features like blocking subtitles, spell checking, changing time settings using pause and play facility and replacing text using search tool; hence one should gain good knowledge about their features before deciding on particular software.

Great Free Windows Subtitle Editor Software – Subtitle Workshop

This user-friendly and multi language supportive subtitle editor software supports many subtitle formats. It allows creating, editing and converting subtitles smoothly. It comes with complete customization to fixing timings for subtitles. It supports variety of style tags for subtitle. It has advanced undo-redo facilities. It comes with translator tool also.

Great Free Android Subtitle Editor Software – Easy Subtitles

This is easy to use and user-friendly subtitle editor software for android mobile phones. It supports many kinds of encoding and allows editing time, text, synchronization of subtitles and many more. It has very good design and supports line number function too. It supports many subtitle formats. It allows adding, editing and removing lines also.

Great Free Mac OS Subtitle Editor Software – Subler for Mac

This tremendous subtitle editor software allows one to embed subtitles into movies easily. It allows many editing functions with ease. It allows editing metadata in video files also. It allows performing many editing functions smoothly and allows adding new subtitle tracks as well. It allows quick remixing files to MP4 too.

More Subtitle Editor Software for Windows, Mac and Android Platforms

For Windows version some of the subtitle editor software is “Winsubtitler”, “AVIAddXSubs”, “EzTitles”, “Amara” and “Titlebee”. For android application “Subtitle Editor Free” and “Subtitles Time Editor” are some for the subtitle editor software. For Mac Os “Submerge for Mac”, “Subs Factory” and “FinalSub” are some of the subtitle editor software.

Most Popular Subtitle Editor Software For 2016 is – DivXLand Media Subtitler

This easy to use subtitle editor software is freeware. It supports basic text formatting with ease. It allows automatic time setting and correction for captions. It allows saving partially edited files as well. It allows embed subtitle files to videos also. It comes with plenty of keyboard shortcuts for subtitling.

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