Slow Motion Interpolation Software Mac

In most video editing software, slowing down motion is already possible. However, because of the surplus of software and applications available today, you might find it hard to choose which one to use. Here is a list of some of the best slow motion software in the market today.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Pricing: $39.99


Slow Motion Interpolation Software Mac Free

Not just for slowing down or speeding up videos, the PowerDirector can also be used for a wide array of functions. The recent revamping of the user interface supports the easier use of more tools. This can be good software for those with a mid-range budget.

There is no frame interpolation in HitFilm. How much you can slow down the footage will be limited by the number of frames in the footage. Finding a perfect software that will allow you to play your videos in slow motion easily can be a task. But today we have compiled for you a list of the best and leading slow motion media players and software. These easy to download software are compatible with popular operating systems like Windows or Mac.

2. Twixtor

Pricing: Ranges from $82.49 for the upgrades to $595.00 for the full version

Continuously raising the bar for slow motion editing software, Twixtor is probably the most popular and highly praised video editing application that focuses on slow and fast motions in the market. Despite the commendations the software keeps getting, its pricing may be a little too expensive. The full version of Twixtor Pro falls at $595.00.

3. Slomovideo

Pricing: Free

Although its bare and unappealing graphical user interface might turn off some people, Slomovideo does what it was created to do, which is to slow motion in videos down, quite well. To add to that, Slomovideo is an open source program, which means that it is free. A downside, however, is that it seems slower than other software and applications. However, if you are opposed to shelling out hundreds of dollars in order to produce a crisp and smooth slow motion video with expensive software, then this freeware is for you.

4. MotionPerfect

Pricing: $49.95

This cross-platform utility allows the speed and frame rate to be set and the duration of the files to be changed. Motion compensated interpolation and morphing algorithms are used instead of repeating or blending contiguous frames.

5. Apple Motion

Pricing: Bundled with Apple Final Cut Studio

The feature Optical Flow within Apple Motion was once obscure but now many users attest to its quality. Being bundled with the Apple Final Cut Studio already, previous FCS users can use Apple Motion for free.

6. Boris Continuum Time Unit

Pricing: $199.00

Using the retiming effects of Optical Flow along with the automatic keyframe generation of the Beat Reactor, Boris Continuum Time Unit can produce high-quality slow and fast motion videos.

7. ReSpeedr

Pricing: Free

Similar to Slomovideo, Respeedr is also an open source video editing tool. It is a stand-alone application that makes use of a frame-based motion-flow analysis, which means that it uses dynamic frame-blending.It offers an array of time lapse and slow motion tools that are needed to make the transition smooth but the quality of the video crisp. Moreover, its graphical user interface is very easy to understand.

8. AviSynth

3d pool design software for mac. Pricing: Free

Slow Motion Interpolation Software Mac

As a frameserver, AviSynth allows editing and processing without the need for temporary files. Also, this tool relies on a script system instead of a graphical user interface.Operating this can seem challenging at first but it actually is very powerful.

9. TimeWarp

Pricing: $9.95

For either fast or slow motion sequences, Sony offers TimeWarp. Input can be entered in numerical form or adjusted with slider controls.

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10. Adobe After Effects

Pricing: $29.99/month when bundled in the creative cloud plan

Slow Motion Interpolation Software Mac Update

As a post-processing tool with a very broad range of tools available, Adobe After Effects can successfully create slow motion videos.