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Audio Frequency Generator Software are software which uses the sound card of the PC to generate audio frequencies. These frequencies range from 100 to 15000 Hz. The frequency can be inputted through input devices like the mouse and keyboard.and levels can be controlled as well. There are usually either audio frequency generator online versions which are available as well as audio frequency generator software download versions.


Audio Frequency Signal Generator

This audio frequency generator software download version is easy to install and use. It is fully functional and you can use it without a time limit. Using this you can turn the sound on or off. This software is very light and it requires a simple NSIS installer. This can be accessed by the Accessories program group.

Online Tone Generator

This audio frequency generator online is free or cost and it is easy to use. You need to enter the frequency and click “Play”. The pure waveforms are generated at 44.1 KHz. It plays sine, sawtooth, square and triangle waveforms. This is also compatible with Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Chrome.


This audio frequency generator software download is available free of cost and it turns the soundcard of your PC to a frequency tone generator. It generates various low-frequency signals and you can then choose the frequency, amplitude as well as the waveforms for both the right as well as left channels. You can even adjust the volume real-time.

Test Tone Generator Software for Windows

This Audio Frequency Generator Software is available for download and you can use it to test or to tune your audio devices, loudspeakers, and sound systems. You can also use it for creating Sound Effects. The output is also used to check tinnitus and as a mosquito repellent device. It is usable on Windows OS.

Best Audio Frequency Generator Software for Android – Pro Audio Tone Generator

Signal Generator Software Free For Mac

Android devices when they are installed with these Audio Frequency Generator Software, can be used to provide reference tones for audio tests and sound frequency projects. This software has oscillators for bopper, square and sine waveforms and can be adjustable for white noise.

Best Audio Frequency Generator for Mac – ToneGen Audio

This audio frequency generator software download is available for use as a wave generator for sine waves or as a generator for sound frequency or even for generation of linear sweep tone. It can even be used to send tone files through FTP or email.

Most Popular Audio Frequency Generator – Tone Generator Software

This Audio Frequency Generator Software is available for downloading and it can be used to play tones generated or even to save the tones as .wav files. It can be used for separate stereo operation or mono stereo operation for beats and dual tones. It supports up to 22 KHz frequencies.

How to install Audio Frequency Generator Software?

The downloadable Audio Frequency Generator Software requires just a click of the “download” button and in order to install the software, the software has to be downloaded and needs to be run. However, the Tone Generator online options do not even require the software to be downloaded. The details of the frequency, the type of wave–sine, triangular, sawtooth or square needs to be chosen, the volume etc needs to be selected or slide and it can then be either played or saved in a wav file.

These software are used as test tones and are used for testing of audio level alignment. It can be used to demonstrate audio principles or to create harmonics. It also has a sound equalizer and to generate white noise or even it is used for hearing tests or for audio band signaling. Thus it can be put to various uses.

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Online Signal Generator

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    • 54.2 Mb
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Signal Generator Software Free For Mac Free

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