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I bought a Samsung SE-506CB External Slim Blu-ray Re-Writer. When connect to my surface 3 window 10, it only can read dvd but when insert a blu ray BD-R or BD-RE disk, the blu ray drive icon disappear from my computer. I check the firmware for blu ray is latest version TS02. I connect it to my old hp note book window 7, it is working fine. Samsung's Next Smartphone foray: Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones Intel Reports Profit On Data center, PC Demand Google's Ad Business Soars But Quarter's Revenue Hit By Third Party Payments.

Jan 05, 2016 My Samsung Portable Blu-ray Writer, SE-506CB/RSBD no longer mounts after I upgraded to El Capitan last week. The drive itself is only a few months old. The problem is not the USB ports as other devices work fine using all of the USB ports on my MBP. Jun 05, 2018 SAMSUNG PORTABLE BD WRITER MODEL SE-506 DRIVER FOR MAC DOWNLOAD - With both read and record functionality, this slim drive extends its usefulness even further. I have tried getting help from the tsstodd support site with. I was able to solve this problem with my Samsung Model SE-506. This burner worked fine on other PC's, but we had switched it over to a small form factor Atom x5-z8350 based system to replace a server for use as a single FTP push backup function.


1/9/16 12:34:49.000 kernel[0]: 011849.735343 AppleUSB20HubPort@fa130000: AppleUSBHostPort::resetGated: retrying enumeration in 100 ms

1/9/16 12:34:50.000 kernel[0]: 011850.924723 AppleUSB20HubPort@fa130000: AppleUSBHostPort::resetGated: retrying enumeration in 200 ms

1/9/16 12:34:51.000 kernel[0]: 011852.236095 AppleUSB20HubPort@fa130000: AppleUSBHostPort::resetGated: retrying enumeration in 400 ms

1/9/16 12:34:52.000 kernel[0]: USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): (korean characters removed) 0xe8d 0x1956 0x0, 2

1/9/16 12:35:10.000 kernel[0]: disk3: alignment error.

1/9/16 12:35:12.432 mds[74]: (Volume.Normal:2464) volume:0x7ffc330a4c00 ********** Bootstrapped Creating a default store:1 SpotLoc:(null) SpotVerLoc:(null) occlude:0 /Volumes/ENTOURAGE

Samsung Se 506 Software For Mac Windows 10

1/9/16 12:35:12.456 mds[74]: (Volume.Error:577) vsd:0x7ffc33173400 Open failed. failureCount:0 (null)


1/9/16 12:35:23.000 kernel[0]: smb_smb_ssnsetup: SOL doesn't support extended security, this server will be deprecated in the future!

1/9/16 12:35:27.471 mds[74]: (Volume.Normal:166) vsd:0x7ffc33173400 DisabledStore recycle:0 context:{

DisabledRecycleCount = 1;


1/9/16 12:35:27.502 mds[74]: (Volume.Error:577) vsd:0x7ffc338c6000 Open failed. failureCount:1 {

DisabledRecycleCount = 1;

Samsung Se 506 Software For Mac Free


1/9/16 12:35:57.502 mds[74]: (Volume.Normal:166) vsd:0x7ffc338c6000 DisabledStore recycle:2 context:{


DisabledRecycleCount = 2;


1/9/16 12:35:57.540 mds[74]: (Volume.Error:577) vsd:0x7ffc308c8400 Open failed. failureCount:2 {

DisabledRecycleCount = 2;

Samsung Se 506 Software For Mac Download


The drive works perfectly fine with this disc on 10.10.

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