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Superstring is a Mac & Windows lyric video maker program that lets you create stunning lyric videos in minutes. It's never been easier to create a great lyric video.

Get started quickly in a few simple steps

  • Select a song that you want to create a lyric video
  • Automatically find lyrics from ID3 tags
  • Align the timing of lyrics by dragging
  • Customize styles, colors, and more
  • Enjoy and share your own lyric video

Advantages of Superstring Pro

  • You can use effects
  • You can edit or remove the watermark
  • You can import Superstring data
  • You can export your lyric video to HD 720p, HD 1080p and custom size
Randomizer Video Software For Mac


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  • Innovative interface that lets you launch and start editing in seconds
  • Just drag the lyric to change the timing
  • Easily add your own watermark from text or images

Randomizer Video Software For Mac Windows 10


  • Export your lyric video as an FLV file that you can upload to YouTube
  • Export your Superstring data that you can share with other users
  • Note: Only MP3 files are supported.

Randomizer Video Software For Mac Windows 7

Randomizer Video Software For Mac Free

Download: Superstring 1.1.2 11.2 MB (Shareware)
Download: Superstring 1.1.2 for Mac
View: Superstring Home page Get Started