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  • Important The Mac version works on Mac OS X 10.6.8 to macOS 10.14 Mojave. It does not and will not work on macOS 10.15 Catalina. Upgrade Fontographer 5 to FontLab 7 ($229), our future-proof professional font creation app that carries the spirit (and a lot of features) of Fontographer!
  • FontLab 7 The pro font editor, evolved new. FontLab 7 for macOS and Windows is a modern, professional font editor, crafted for type designers and font geeks. It lets you create, open, modify, draw, space, kern, hint and export desktop, web, color and variable OpenType fonts for any Unicode writing system, from Latin, Cyrillic and Greek, to Arabic, Hebrew and Indic, all the way to Chinese.

Nov 17, 2011  gdbfed is a free font-creation software that you can use to edit or create your own fonts. It has native support for BDF fonts and other lesser-known font file types, but - with a little trickery.

There are plenty of high-quality fonts available online, both free and paid, that can be used in any design project. However, there are times when you need a custom font to really make the design stand out.

If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering if there are any tools available that will help you create your own font. Or maybe, you’d just like to try your hand at designing a custom font as a fun side project.

No matter what your situation is, the good news is that there are quite a few tools geared towards helping you create a custom font. We’ve rounded up the best of them in this post so without further ado, let’s jump in and check them out.

FontLab Studio

The first tool on the list, FontLab Studio is a premium font creation software aimed at professionals that want to create and edit their own typefaces. It works on both Mac and Windows and supports all major font outline formats.


FontForge is an open-source application that can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. With this program, you can create and edit PostScript, TrueType, OpenType, SVG, and bitmap fonts as well as convert fonts from one format to another.


FontCreator is a Windows-only font editor. It has an advanced set of features that make it suitable for professional font designers and an easy to use interface that’s beginner-friendly. You can create and edit high-quality TrueType and OpenType fonts as well as convert scanned vector graphics into glyphs.


Fontographer lets you create new fonts from scratch or customize the existing ones. You can modify and design Type 1, TrueType, OpenType, Type 3 fonts. Special features include the ability to fine-tune spacing and kerning Fontographer is available for Windows and Mac systems.


FontStruct is a free online tool for designing your own fonts. This tool let you easily create your own fonts by using geometric shapes. When you’re done, FontStruct then generates TrueType fonts, ready to download and use in any application.


If you ever wanted to make a font out of your own handwriting, Fontifier is the tool you need. It’s an online app that lets you upload a scanned image of your handwriting and turns it into a TrueType handwritten font that you can use in your word processor or graphics program.

Free professional font


BirdFont is another free tool for designing your own fonts and it has advanced features that will satisfy even the hard-core font designers. The tool has detailed documentation and allows you to create fonts by drawing on a grid or importing images from other programs. It’s available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


If you rely on your iPad as your primary design tool, iFontMaker will come in handy. It’s an iPad app that lets you design your “handmade” typeface in less than 5 minutes using just your fingers. You can then install the font on your computers and also on your iPad & iPhone.

Pentacom’s Bit Font Maker

Love pixel-style fonts? Then check out Pentacom’s BitFont Maker. This tool lets you create your own pixel fonts, which are reminiscent of old video games. The tool has a neat gallery where you can other fonts created with the app or you can immediately dive into the editor and start creating your font.


Professional Font Creation Software Machine

A TrueType font editor, this tool lets you edit and modify existing TTF fonts or create new ones from templates. TTFEdit is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and is free to download.

Professional Font Creation Software Mac


Glyphr is a web-based font design tool that touts itself as being free and easy to use for font design enthusiasts. You can easily design your own font, ligatures, and adjust kerning and tracking.


Designing your own font is a great way to add a custom touch to your design project. It’s also a nice way to earn extra income if you discover you have a knack for creating fonts and enjoy doing it. With these tools, you’ll be able to create your own font quickly so be sure to check them out and give them a try.

Create branded banners online for social channels, websites, and banner ads. Or, design printed branded banners to hang at company events, conferences or conventions, or as signage ads. Since Adobe Spark saves your projects, it’s easy to go back to an old design and resize it for a new project to create consistency with your visual branding. Making

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Download FontLab 7 for Mac full version program setup free. FontLab for macOS is a modern and professional font editor that helps you create fonts from start to finish in a highly professional way.

FontLab 7 for Mac Review

FontLab 7 is a professional font editor developed for creating high quality and beautiful fonts. Users from various categories can use it for creating and modifying their desired fonts. It sports a truly intuitive interface, with plenty of tools at hand and lots of features that you could use. It lets you create, open, modify, draw, space, kern, hint and export desktop, web, color and variable OpenType fonts for any Unicode writing system, from Latin, Cyrillic and Greek, to Arabic, Hebrew and Indic, all the way to Chinese, Japanese, emoji, symbols and icons. You may also like FontLab Studio 6.0 for Mac Free Download

Its smart tools boost your design productivity and helps you to draw smooth, consistent glyphs, autotrace bitmaps, create overlaps, simplify paths, equalize stems, scale outlines while keeping stroke thickness. For creating beautiful drawing font, it offers Brush & Power Brush that you can apply to a “skeleton” contour for live, adjustable calligraphic strokes. Moreover, you can draw in fractional or integer coordinates, see view numeric and visual measurements, find & fix contour imperfections. To sum it all up, FontLab 7 is the pro font editor that has excellent ability to fulfill your needs related to font creation and modifying.

Features of FontLab 7 for Mac

  • A modern and professional font editor for creating next-generation font designs
  • Comes with latest tools and drawings for creating mind-blowing fonts
  • Dynamically Suggest snap locations for nodes, angles and stem distance
  • Creates and adjusts live rounded corners and ink traps with Smart Corners
  • Finds & automatically equalizes irregular stems that are uneven within a glyph
  • Empowers the artists to draw multi-color contours, bring in color outlines
  • Provides variations panel to preview and control the interpolation and extrapolation results

Technical Details of FontLab 7 for Mac

  • Software Name: FontLab 7
  • Software File Name: FontLab-7-
  • File Size: 76 MB
  • Developers: FontLab

System Requirements for FontLab 7 for Mac

  • macOS 10.10 or later
  • 200 MB free HDD
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or higher

Download FontLab 7 for Mac Free

Click on the button given below to download FontLab 7 for macOS setup free. It is a complete offline setup of FontLab 7 for macOS X with a single click download link.