Photo Editing Software On Mac Air

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Photo Editing Software On Mac Air

Like all Macs, the MacBook Air comes with Apple's latest, greatest operating system, and on the 2011 models it's the OS X Lion. With the Lion operating system you'll get a lot of functional software, such as Mail, Address Book, Time Machine, Safari and Screen Sharing. It also has some fun software, such as Photo Booth, iChat and QuickTime.

Apr 25, 2020  In short, crap software will be crap on any machine, whether it is a PC or a Mac. As a PC user, I always made the assumption that Adobe’s software runs better on a Mac (I thought that Adobe optimized its code better for Macs). Nope, not true. It sucks resources and wastes memory on my PC and it is no different on my iMac.

As far as Mac operating systems go, OS X Lion really changed the way Mac users interact with their computers. In many ways it moved toward the familiar functionality of touch screen devices, like the iPad and iPhone. For example, through a program called LaunchPad you can access and use apps, including ones you've already purchased for your iPad or iPhone through your iTunes account. What's more, OS X Lion allows you to use the laptop's trackpad to swipe and zoom, using hand motions similar to those on a touchscreen device [source: Apple].

Updating Your Mac App Store AppsThe Mac App Store makes it easy to find, install, and maintain software on your Mac. Upgrading your operating system can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, and will result in multiple restarts while the update is applied. Can't see the process of app update mac. All apps featured in the App Store are approved by Apple and sandboxed by design, which means they are run in a secure environment that shouldn’t result in damage to your Mac.Launch the App Store by clicking the icon in your dock, by clicking the Apple icon on your menu bar and select “App Store,” or by pressing Command+Spacebar and searching for it.


In addition to Mac operating system, the MacBook Air comes equipped with iLife, which is a software package that includes iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band [source: Apple]. And don't forget about all the additional software Apple offers that you can add. From iWork -- Apple's office software package with spreadsheet, word processing and presentation programs, to Final Cut Pro -- a dynamic, professional video editing software, Apple offers several tools to help you stay organized, have fun and get the job done.

Even though Apple's standard software is great, there are lots of options to upgrade. For instance, if you love iPhoto but want more professional photo editing tools and options, you can upgrade to Aperture to edit and organize all your photos. Plus, if you already have all your photos in iPhoto, you can easily transfer them to Aperture without hassle [source: Apple].

Photo Editing Software On Mac Air Mac

A popular software for musicians is Logic Studio, which makes it easy to create, mix, manage and perform your music using professional recording and editing tools. You can also transfer your music projects from Garage Band if you decide to upgrade to Logic Studio [source: Apple].

Photo Editing Software On Mac Air Free

Want more? There are all kinds of software that's usable on Macs beyond just what Apple offers, including games, creative software and business tools.