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Oct 15, 2019  Highlight PDF Files with The Best PDF Highlighter App for Mac and Windows PDFelement Pro for Mac — The Best Way to Highlight PDF Files PDFelement Pro PDFelement Pro is loaded with features that make it possible for you to edit a PDF as easily as you can edit a Word or Docs document. The PDF highlighter app (Mac) comes complete with hefty editing tools that allow you to mark up the PDF.

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With the popularity of PDF documents comes the need to manipulate the text for instance highlighting. You may need to highlight PDF documents with PDF highlighter for several reasons:

  • Highlight important information in long documents for your reference for example when you read.
  • Sharing of information which you need the other reader to see first.
  • Highlighting the areas of the PDF that need correction.
  • In case of annotations, highlight will show where exactly the comments and any other markup point to.

There are several programs in use today that have the highlighter for PDF feature. Here are the top ten PDF highlighters for both the Mac and Windows platforms, including PDFelement Pro.


Part 1: Top 5 PDF Highlighter for Mac

#1: PDFelement Pro for Mac

Among the most popular software, PDFelement Pro is an all in one software for the creation, editing, conversion to other formats, annotation and most importantly highlighting of PDF documents. You access the PDF highlighter feature using the Highlight button at the top right corner. It is simple; you click the highlight button and select the text to highlight. You can change the colour of the highlight to green, red and any other custom colour you want. You can enjoy a broad range of other features with this software.

  • Easily highlight PDF files and add sticky note, text box, and free handdrawing to PDF.
  • Edit PDF texts, links, images, pages with multiple editing tools as easey as working on Word files.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, images, and convert mutiple PDF Files in Batch.
  • Easily fill out PDF form and extract data from PDF forms in 1 click.
  • OCR scanned PDF and allow you to combine, split and compress PDF files.

#2: Foxit Reader for Mac

A flagship PDF Reader for Foxit software is the second in this list of the best highlighter for PDF. It is a reliable and versatile program that enables you to view, create, convert or annotate your documents. The user interface gives users just what they need making the handling of PDF documents an effortless process. As you view your document, you can select and highlight important information. You can leave comments and use an array of other markup tools in this application.

#3: Scribus for Mac

Scribus is open source publishing software that offers a range of features besides versatile PDF creation. You will enjoy the user-friendly interface as you deal with PDF documents from creation, editing and other manipulations. The highlight feature enables you to view key points at a glance if it is a long document. There are two versions, one stable and the other more recent one under development and so you will choose according to your needs. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, Scribus is a good choice.

#4: PDF-X change for Mac

One of the reliable software is this highlighter for PDF editor that allows users to personalise the pages with sticky notes besides the addition of images and manipulation of text. Highlighting is simple on this application and therefore a good option when looking for good PDF software. The changes you make in the document are saved with the document, and thus you can open later and access the text as you highlighted it. The tool tip feature allows you to see what will happen before you do the particular action.

#5: Preview

This free pdf highlighter helps accomplish most PDF needs effortlessly. You can edit or view images besides the PDF editing feature. Users can view PDF, add simple modifications, annotate and highlight PDF documents seamlessly on this application developed by NeXT. Other features include the editing and filling of forms that is the current trend. You can view and print the PDF documents at a click of a button. It completes the list of the top 5 highlighters for Mac.

Part 2: Top 5 PDF Highlighter for Windows

#1: PDFelement Pro for Windows

The best software in this group is this PDFelement Pro for Windows that gives you control over your PDF files. With this software, you can insert, delete, extract and add watermark, change the background and other things. The highlight for PDF feature allows you to manage the information in your documents easily. Highlighting enables you to master your documents as you read, though. Another feature that goes hand in hand is annotation is an excellent way to manipulate your work.

#2: Foxit Reader

Currently, the best alternative for Adobe Reader is the Foxit reader that is available for both Windows and Mac. Just like the Mac version, the Windows version is suitable for creating, viewing, converting, annotating PDF documents and an array of other features. With this pdf reader with highlight functions, you can easily interact with your document in an easy-to-use interface. The interface is ribbon based similar to Microsoft office thus easier for you to navigate the application. It meets your expectations in dealing with PDF.

#3: Nitro PDF Reader

Among the best highlighters for PDF, Nitro pdf reader with highlighter stands out with its amazing capabilities in handling PDF. You can scan, edit and convert documents using this software. Review of documents, securing and conversion of PDF to other formats makes this software a one stop solution to all needs. The highlight feature that comes along with annotation and markup is crucial in enabling you to personalise your document the way you may want it to be.

#4: Adobe Acrobat Pro

The standard pdf reader with highlighter for windows is Adobe which delivers all you need in dealing with your documents. Ability to handle even the most complex documents that some other PDF software cannot handle, Acrobat has stood tall even with many alternatives available. Among the features users can access, is the highlight for PDF which comes in handy when reading documents. Adobe gives more flexibility and ability to customise your highlighting. The premium version is what gives you access to these features and more.

#5: Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

To complete the list of the best PDF highlighters is this innovative Xodo PDF Reader and Editor that makes handling PDF documents an enjoyable thing. Besides the powerful viewing, creation and editing, you can highlight your text in an easy way. It comes together with other exciting annotating features like underline, strikeout text, the addition of sticky notes and addition of text. You just click on the highlight button and then select the text to highlight. You can customise the colours to suit your preference. It is available for Windows 8.1 and later versions only. It is available for free download from Microsoft store.

The list of the best PDF highlighters is long, but these ten applications enable you to highlight PDF documents besides a lot more features. Both free and premium software are available and depending on your budget, you can find what is best for you. The premium versions have trial versions where you can see how best it suits you before purchasing it.

BestWindows 10 Apps to View and Edit PDFsWindows Central2020

File compression is the practice of packaging a file or files to use less disk space. The File Compression category includes software programs that will archive your files and extract archived. Mar 23, 2020  The most multifunctional archive software Mac users would love to have on their computers is WinZip.In addition to standard options for working with archives, this application contains the function of superimposing “watermarks” on some types of compressed objects, includes a built-in converter for converting office documents into PDF files, and can change the size and other. IZip is a free powerful archiving utility designed specifically for Mac. Easily manage ZIP and RAR files directly from the OS X Finder. Open and securely share ZIP, encrypted ZIP and RAR plus other compressed file formats. Free compression software mac.

PDF is a versatile file format for sharing documents online. For example, many contracts and documents are signed virtually and saved as PDFs because the format tends to be more secure. However, that means that viewing and editing PDFs can get complicated. Luckily, there are plenty of Windows 10 applications available to help you out.

Free and easy: Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Staff Favorite

Xodo is one of many free PDF viewers. It supports annotations that will also work with other PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, and the app makes it easy to mark up documents using digital inking. Best of all, Xodo can save your digital signature for use across multiple documents.

Free at Microsoft

Industry standard: Adobe Acrobat

This is the industry standard for PDFs. With it, you can create, convert, edit, mark up, and share PDFs. It's an excellent tool for basic edits, as well as more complex changes and tweaks that you need to make to documents.

From $13/monthMac

Edit and manage: Foxit PhantomPDF

This powerful PDF app allows you to annotate PDFs and organize and manipulate PDF files and pages. You can also use it to encrypt, redact, and sign PDFs, and it supports scanning and editing PDFs. It's a powerful tool that can handle all of your PDF requirements. The app itself is free, but after 14 days, you'll need to purchase a license. The cheapest license is PhantomPDF Standard for $129 per year.

$129/year at Microsoft

Lightweight: Foxit MobilePDF

Foxit MobilePDF is a lightweight PDF viewer that supports annotations, zooming, and searching text. You can also convert PDFs into Microsoft Office documents and even create PDFs yourself. It's free and will cover the needs of many people when it comes to PDFs.

Free at Microsoft

Highlighter App For Windows

Viewing PDFs only: PDF Viewer Plus

This is a PDF viewer, not a PDF editor. Its main aim is to have a clean interface that doesn't get in the way of reading and viewing documents, so if you need the most basic of programs, this is the one for you. It supports zooming in and out to aid reading and also supports encrypted files.

Free at Microsoft

Managing PDFs: PDF Manager

This app allows you to merge, split, extract, and combine PDFs. You can also use it to add or remove passwords and insert pages into documents. This is an excellent app for managing PDFs but is not a PDF reader, so you'll need to use it in conjunction with another app on this list. Also, keep an eye for sales as it is often up to 80 percent off.

$50 at Microsoft

If we're making some suggestions

PDFs are a popular format for documents that require signatures as well as books, textbooks, and documents. The PDF application that's best for you depends greatly on what you need to do with your PDFs. If you just want an app to view PDFs and make light edits, Xodo is an excellent option. Its digital inking support makes it simple to add annotations and highlights to documents. You can also use it to save digital signatures to speed up the process of signing documents. These features put together with it being free earn it the top spot on this list.

If you need a more powerful tool, you should grab Adobe Acrobat. It's the industry standard when it comes to PDFs, and allows you to view, edit mark up, convert, and share PDFs. It requires a monthly subscription but has an extensive list of features and works well.

Inking accessories

If you're going to mark up a PDF, you'll want a good stylus. These styli will help you create a clean signature and attractive annotations.

Surface Pen($40 at Amazon)

This pen works with the latest Surface devices and supports 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. It features low latency, which helps create smooth lines and curves.

Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus($100 at Microsoft)

This pen supports Wacom Active ES protocol and Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP), meaning it can work with a wide range of hardware.

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