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Welcome back for the third installment of our series on Open Broadcaster Software, an open-source and free Mac, Windows and Linux app that can be used for live or recorded video production. In the first installment, we discussed what OBS is all about and why it’s a good alternative to commercial apps. Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open-source software OBS Studio is software designed for capturing, compositing, encoding, recording, and streaming live video content, efficiently. Written in C and C and Qt, OBS provides a real-time source and device capture, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting.

Open Broadcaster Software is open source software and free help and stream video directly with an intuitive interface and workspace is easy.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is open source software and free , are designed to help direct stream digital content over the Internet or video files. With OBS, you can take video or audio content from your computer and directly, by using popular streaming services like YouTube, DailyMotion, Twitch . Open Broadcaster Software multiplatform been rewritten from the original Open Broadcaster Software for the main purpose is to support multi-platform, more detailed features and more powerful API.

The software features a video stream Open Broadcaster Software

  • Encrypted using H264 (x264) and AAC.
  • Supports synchronous video faster Intel (QSV) and NVENC.
  • Unlimited number of views and sources.
  • Stream Direct to Twithch, YouTube, DailyMotion, and much more hitbox.
  • Video output MP4 or FLV format.
  • Go game based on the GPU enables high performance stream game.
  • Supports DirectShow capture device (webcam, capture card ..).
  • Support high-speed rotation with Windows 8.
  • Adjust the size with bilinear or Lancos3 applications.

The interface of Open Broadcaster Software on Mac

Arrange the window when shooting video

The user interface is designed with an OBS single window, this is also where you sort, organize source (scene) its management of audio sources, video and preview certain areas on the screen you will return. OBS allows users to use different sources for each scene so you can quickly switch between windows during the live stream. In addition tofilming the entire screen computer, you can also choose to dial a certain number of areas.The software will automatically detect all the windows are open, including the window has no name and the user can select the window you want to go through a list.

Management of input sources and add new features by the plugin

With OBS, you can integrate the specific image to go audio input or output, capture gameplay instantly or add text labels. OBS has an API that allows developers to self-produce plug for his own, gives users the ability to control the overall experience of their direct stream when using OBS. The plugin adds can also be easily downloaded on the homepage of the issuer, which allows you to spin the contents of the browser or switch video sources. Notably, OBS can record video in a simple way and storing FLV file format in your PC and also allows you to broadcast live content. OBS support for online streaming services such as YouTube, Twitch,, DailyMotion and many other services.


Instructions for installing and using the software to stream video stream Open Broadcaster Software

After the download link down OBS for Mac on the home page, open the file you just downloaded, and an application called OBS Studio.mpkg appears. Double click it and follow the wizard to install.

Open Broadcaster Software Download page

After installing the software open and start your first video stream with OBS. To add webcam , click on the plus icon green box below Sources and select Video Capture Device .

Select Video Capture Device to add webcams in OBS

To set the settings for your video, select the cell Settings on the tab bar and select Stream.

Select Settings to set the settings for your stream

This means YouTube videos and or SoundCloud songs can get the EQ treatment best suited for your speakers or headphones.The final feature of Sound Control worth mentioning is audio routing. This is a bit of a power user feature, but a nice addition nonetheless.Sound Control is a very robust application, and offers a feature set on par with utilities more than 5x the price. While this may not be useful to everyone, it can be helpful in adjusting levels where EQ adjustments aren’t traditionally available – like in Safari. Another unique feature of Sound Control is the ability to adjust the equalizer for each application. This works similarly to once popular SoundFlower utility, and can be useful when more than one output device is connected to your Mac. Control volume of each app mac.

In the Stream Type , select Custom Streaming Server . At the URL below, copy the starting line with RTMP URL FMS: // that you are offering and fill in key Stream formStream Name / Channel Name / Play Path just below RTMP / FMS your URL. Remember to pay attention to capitalization errors.

Customize item in the Open Broadcasater Stream Software

Then select to position the Output and select Video Bitrate to 600.

Select the Output Video Bitrate items

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At Section Audio if you want to use a microphone, you can select items Mic / Auxiliary Audio Device is Built-in Microphone .

Select the Audio item to use microphone with OBS

Following the video stream, you choose to item Video and select the resolution you want.

Select the resolution and begin the process of your video stream

Now just click OK and Start Streaming is that you can start the process stream video experience with OBS.

Free Software For Mac

Guide to Open Broadcaster Software to stream game

Open Broadcaster Software is preferred because it is open source application, to be released completely free, allowing video, live video stream. A good use of Open Broadcaster Software as gamers can use to stream games. When opening the Open Broadcaster Software, the software will use the scene (the scene) and source (source) to stream. Default software will use a scene, but because of a scene can have one or multiple sources, so you can set to a scene showing the content of a game window, or display content and a game window a webcam. With each game you want to stream, set up a separate scenes and then switch back and forth between scenes. Next add the game to make the source window to the scene. After opening the game and let the game run underground, you right click in the box Sources , select Add and select Game Capture .Then use mode Capture Monitor , conducted OBS connection to stream channels (You can also change some settings on the stream encoding to ensure optimal place) and clickStart streaming to start. OBS also allows you to preview the stream on the tableDashboard.

Stream game with Open Broadcaster Software Easy

Overall, the Open Broadcaster Software is an effective solution for video recording and streaming activities on the computer, which gives users the ability to record video and streaming instructions. In addition, OBS also supports stream games , work with content both audio input and output. Open Broadcaster Software support for Mac OS X 10.8 or higher (Intel only).

Free Download Open Broadcaster Software 2020 For Windows pc, Mac OS And Linux are thoroughly free just as open asset software to stream live media web substance to the net or to video information. Just as in this way, I did just as Open up Broadcaster Software formed into to some degree a beast of a venture.

Free Download Open Broadcaster Software 2020 application offers you with an open-source application made arrangements for web-based chronicle just as media spilling. With its assistance, you could move sight and sound papers on the web, notwithstanding composing just as the spare video cuts locally.

Free Download Open Broadcaster Software 2020 is altogether complimentary, alongside open asset software applications for the motivations behind spilling, live media items to the web or to video cut information. Along these lines, I did, and Open Broadcaster Software application continued directly into rather of a mammoth of an errand.

I want people could utilize Open Broadcaster or discover something from it. I comprehend I’m having some good times creating Open Broadcaster just as am learning much simultaneously. As a rule, it’s been a wonderful encounter.

The application materials help for different spilling administrations, for example, Twitch, iNSTAGIB.Tv, DailyMotion, CashPlay, YouTube, CyberGame just as Hitbox. It may assist you with taping record video cuts from various assets; you can join picture slide programs, writings, computer game records alongside cam streams in the result, alongside paper a running application on your work station.

You can helpfully rifle of the sources, modify their setting in plain view (focus, adjust left or perfect and that’s just the beginning), wipe out or relabel an asset. The sneak looks credit empowers you to investigate the made video cut before ceaselessly, truth be told, transferring it on the web.

The application features video clasp and sound encoding options, permitting you to set the great parity, the most extreme bitrate just as customizes the cushion measurement. Additionally, you could change the gushing goals alongside picking the screen to stream from, adjust the FPS rate and alter the spilling hold-up.

Different determinations have a place with setting up the receiver settings (quiet/unmute, comparing support, the time dropped, push-to-talk and much more), changing the sound video decisions (customizing the keyframe interim, utilizing customized x264 encoder designs, altering the overall sound time reacted to, utilizing amplifier QPC timestamp).

Open Broadcaster Software 2020 Features

Open Broadcaster software, free download For Mac
  • Encoding utilizing H264 (x264) just as AAC.
  • Help for Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) alongside NVENC.
  • A free assortment of scenes notwithstanding assets.
  • Live RTMP gushing to Shiver, YouTube, DailyMotion, Hitbox and furthermore a ton significantly more.
  • Submit results in MP4 or FLV.
  • GPU-based computer game catch for high-effectiveness PC game gushing.
  • DirectShow catch contraption help (webcams, catch cards, etc).
  • Windows 8 speedy showcase catch help.
  • Bilinear or lanczos3 resampling.

Download and introduce Open Broadcaster Software program application is sans altogether and furthermore open asset software program to stream ongoing media items to the web or to video papers. Consequently, I did alongside the Open Broadcaster Software program continued directly into rather of a beast of a vocation. That is essentially the Open Broadcaster Software program story.

I recognize I’m having some good times forming Open Broadcaster and am finding a mess in the treatment.

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