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The best home design software for Mac computers has a wealth of features, design tools, and customizable objects and materials to help you create your 3D floor model. Best home design software overall Home designer architectural. A great interior design software for beginners and veterans. Easy-to-use Office Design Software. The RoomSketcher App is an easy-to-use floor plan and home design software that you can use to create your office design online. Whether you’re an office design professional or you’ve never drawn a floor plan before, RoomSketcher makes it easy and approachable.

  • Office Layout Software Edraw Max is a truly efficient and easy office layout software for creating great-looking design. Use it to easily create office layouts, building plan, floor plans, directional maps and database diagrams. With pre-drawn libraries and more than 5000 vector symbols, drawing couldn't be.
  • Since Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, the suite requires an Intel-based Mac. Prior editions ran on both PowerPC systems and Intel based systems using Rosetta. Office suites for Unix/Unix-like operating systems only Free software suites. AUIS – an office suite developed by Carnegie Mellon University and named after Andrew Carnegie.
  • Nov 04, 2019  “Following the same design principles as the Office 365 user experience updates announced last year, the ribbon was updated in the new Outlook for Mac.

When an electronic engineer is trying to design a circuit, then they might have to use the old method of drawing it on paper. But if more sophisticated tools are used to draw the circuits using tools from Circuit Design Software they will be able to do it quicker. These electronic circuit design software are easy to use and can be downloaded from the internet as electronic circuit design software online or electronic design software, free download.



This free software can be used to design circuits and electronic products and also for sharing it with a community of creative people to collaborate on the design content. It has high-quality schematics and PCBs can be designed. Reference designs can be used and users will be able to promote their designs in the community. They can also rate the design of others.

You don’t need to plug your device into a computer or even be at home to back up with iCloud.stored on your device. Ios backup software apple mac os.

NI Multisim

This premium software which was designed by National Instruments can be used as an industry-standard SPICE Circuit Simulation Software that can be used by teachers, engineers and researchers for simulating their circuit diagrams. It has many learning concepts like digital, analog and power electronics that will be useful to the students and designers can use it for analysis and designing purposes.


This free software is an analog circuit simulator that uses an algorithm to simulate the designs. Engineers can use it to evaluate the concepts and analyze the feasibility of certain designs. Students will be able to use it for simulating the same schematics that are present on the textbooks and use the library of diodes and other parts for analysis.

Eagle PCB Design for Linux

This premium Linux software is a schematic editor that can be used to create electronic designs that are easy to read and it can be done with zero complexity. The PCB layout editor can be used to place the components and do other processes like routing, validation and the procedure for manufacturing will be simple after that. Auto-router can be used to do the routing process.

Schematics Lite for Mac

This freeware is compatible with the Windows platform and can be used for creating and revising the circuit diagrams. It can be used by electronic designers to access the engineering database that will help them with retrieving the relevant information that could be used for the designing process. Engineers will be able to create complete schematic and then the tools can be used for post-processing.

JumboCAD Schematic for Windows


This premium software is compatible on the Windows platform and can be used for creating electronic designs easily. Engineers will be able to get all the relevant information like datasheets for the design which can be used for designing. PCB footprint and the SPICE model can be used to simulate the designs.

Most Popular Electronic Design Software – SEE Electrical

This premium software is a very popular Electrical CAD Software that can be used by electrical engineers. All the commands and features that are present in the SEE Electrical can be used while designing and it has an intuitive user interface. The entire project can be documented using this software.

How to install Electronic Design Software?

Many types of electronic design software are available online and the best one that suits all the requirements can be selected. The system requirements should be checked before downloading the file. The file can be downloaded by using the link on the supplier site and once it is done, the file has to be unzipped. The installation file has to be run after reading the readme text file. You will be able to install the file easily by following all the instructions that are prompted.

This software can be used to create the designs easily by using the products like an analog switch, multiplier, divider, voltage limiter, etc. that is available in the library. BOM can be generated based on the circuit designs and the PCB can be annotated. Some software will allow users to simulate the designs.

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Are you tired of the same old T-shirt designs? Do you want to design your own T-shirts effortlessly without any hassle? Here is a list of 10 T-shirt designing software that are available for downloading for free.


Use these free T-shirt Design Software for Windows 7 and Mac, and experience the simplest and most hassle free designing sessions.

1. CorelDraw X6 Graphics Suite – T-shirt Designing Software for both Professionals and Beginners.

Check out CorelDrawX6, the pinnacle of designing, especially for designing graphics for large scale banners printing, and of course, tee shirts.

  • Supports Windows 8/7/Vista/ XP S3
  • Improved Master Layer function
  • Remove unwanted areas in a photo
  • Choose from a wide array of formatting options to get the best results
  • Includes enhanced image vector illustration and templates layout
  • 100% free software, with no paid upgrades
  • Supports Page Layout option
  • Menus are customizable
  • Cons: May prove to be hard for beginners

2. Advance T-shirt Design Base – Free Design Automation Software

Advance T-shirt is another cool free software for tee shirt design, with exciting image editing effects.

Office Design Software For Mac Free

  • Free software upgrades
  • Free online video training
  • Create designs of high resolution in minutes
  • Compatible with CorelDraw X3-X6
  • Designing options are up-to-date with the modern trend
  • Text replacement and effects
  • 1000s of High Quality clip art images
  • Blank T-shirts Comps
  • Image Swapping, Outline effects etc.

3. Free T-shirt Maker – Designs logos for T-shirt Design

Free T-shirt Maker, a small sized power packed software for designing your T-shirts

  • Allows you to personalize pictures from your hard-drive
  • Number of logos and features for various occasions
  • Simple interface and can be used by anyone
  • Small size and thus it does not affect the performance of the device in which it’s installed
  • Supports mailing of the designs for a prompt feedback

4. Sonicshack Design Studio: Simple T-shirt designing software

Make a profit on the sale of your T-shirts designed with Sonicshack.

  • Add designers on your website through this software
  • Allows you to design, save, sale and purchase designs
  • Sonic Plug-in can be added to any website, blog etc.
  • Offers you a wide range of templates to chose from
  • Re-touch your images for the perfect T-shirt design

6. Graffix Pro-Studio Software – Easy to use T-shirt Designing Software

Graffix Pro- Studio Software, a powerhouse application for designing your T-shirts with ease.

  • Supports over 40 fonts and over 300 images
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Has a pre-loaded garment template library
  • Barcode scanning ability
  • Allows transforming a regular design into something fancy.
  • Free trial version
    Cons: Available for downloading in a few selected countries

7. GIMP – An open source platform to edit your image

GIMP, a versatile graphic manipulation software that will also allow you to design your T-shirts.

  • Open source platform
  • Powerful image editing tools
  • Re-touch images as per your designs
  • Filters available for applying
  • User friendly interface for a smooth experience
  • Plug-ins can be augmented in the software
  • Allows converting images from one format to the other

8. Inkscape – Open source Vector Graphics Editor

Download Inkscape to access a wide array of options to give your T-Shirt the best possible design.

  • Features similar to softwares such as CorelDraw, Xara etc.
  • Supports Creative Commons, node editing, complex path operations
  • Formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF are all supported
  • Complaint with XML, SVG, CSS standards
  • Create logos and animations (cartoons) for your T-shirts
  • Compatible on Windows, Mac and Linux

9. Scribus – Open Source Desktop Publishing Software

Scribus, an open source desktop publishing software to design your T-shirts.

Web Design Software Mac

  • Completely free, without paid upgrades
  • Supports platforms such as CMYK, ICC colour management
  • Creates PDF documents
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Offers a an array of features besides t-shirt designing
  • Cons : Formatting isn’t user friendly

10. Snaptee – A t-shirt designing software for your Smartphones

Best Design Software Mac

Download Snaptee to design your T-shirts with a few taps on your smartphone.

  • First mobile apparel designing app
  • Allows you to design, order and sell your products
  • Photo and Instagram integration
  • A wide range of fonts, colour and layouts
  • Allows you to make money off your designs – A 10% commission on sales of your design
  • ‘Remix’ button for collaborations
  • Cons: Available only for Android and Apple platforms

Home Design Software For Mac

Download these software now to materialize those awesome designs that you have had in the back of your head.

Microsoft Office Software For Mac

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