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What software is available that will let me control a camera from a computer, so I can shoot a lime lapse sequence? The camera is a Nikon D60. I am looking for freely available software. I am aware of the Camera Control software, which I have used once. The problem with this program was that I was shooting a time lapse during. Home Products & Solutions Healthcare Products & Solutions (Microscope Solutions) Support Download Software / Firmware Imaging Software Imaging Software NIS-Elements Free Viewer Ver4.11.00 for Mac.

Update: a new version of the program got released today. Please note that this software doesn't work with RAW (NEF) files (yet).

I have been a big fan and supporter of free software for Nikon DSLRs, created based on Nikon's SDK (Software Development Kit). The latest addition is Nikontrol 3K that can be downloaded for free here. The idea is that the official Nikon's Camera Control Pro doesn't support some of the latest consumer level DSLRs, not to mention its price tag of $150. The software works by connecting a Nikon D3000, D40 or a D90 via the USB cable to a PC and can:

  • remote control the camera from a computer
  • preview the last photographs taken
  • save images from your camera, with the possibility of keeping or deleting them from your device
  • transfer images to a FTP server
  • support time-lapse shooting

The current Beta version is a bit buggy, but this could be because I was trying to connect a D300s which is not on the list of supported models (I was still able to trigger the D300s shutter from the PC). I talked to the developers and they are currently working on fixing and expanding the software with additional functionality.

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Nikon Mac Software

Make sure you read the supported documentation on how to install and use the software.


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