Mac Mail App Keeps Launching

The first step is to hold down the Shift key when launching Mail. This forces Mail to open without displaying the crash-inducing message—or any message at all. Next, drag the horizontal divider in.

Mail may quit when you attempt to view an email message that is malformed or damaged, and it may continue to quit as long as the message remains selected. Resolve the issue by following these steps to delete the message:

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Delete Mac Mail App

  1. Press and hold the Shift key while opening Mail. This causes Mail to open without any message or mailbox selected.
  2. If Mail opens with no windows visible, choose File > New Viewer Window.
  3. Hide the message viewer portion of the window by carefully dragging the thin separator bar between it and your list of messages. Keep dragging until Mail shows only the list of messages, not the message viewer. In this view, you can see messages only by double-clicking to open the message.
  4. Click the affected message once to select it without opening it. Then press Delete.

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Mac Mail App Keeps Launching Date

If Mail continues to quit when it opens, please contact Apple Support.