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To see the size of a specific file or folder, click it once and then press Command-I. To see storage information about your Mac, click the Apple menu in the top-left of your screen. Choose About This Mac and click the Storage tab. For Time Machine backups, it's good to use a drive that has at least twice the storage capacity of your Mac. How to clone your Mac. Plug in your external storage. You may need to format, or reformat, the drive, before you can use it. In that case, open Disk Utility and with the external drive selected, click. Open your cloning software. It’s likely that the software will give you an option to ‘Copy’. How to Sync Mac Desktop, Document with OneDrive OR OneDrive Business. Like most of you reading this article, you are probably using OneDrive as your cloud document storage but can’t force the desktop, document or other folders on your MAC to sync with it. Apr 23, 2020  This software should be able to automatically sync files to OneDrive as a backup and with no user interaction after the first configuration. It is better for free. AOMEI Backupper Standard is professional backup utility that is free for popular Windows personal operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

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Q: How to backup the computer to OneDrive?

'Hello friends, now I am planning to buy a new computer. However, I want to back up my old computer before I switch to a new one. Is there any easy, less time consuming, and straightforward method to back up my computer to any cloud storage, preferably OneDrive?'

Gone are those old days when computer users had to backup their data on external storage as they now do it on the cloud. It shows that how people backup and transfer content keep evolving. To make access to content seamlessly from different platforms, users prefer to backup pc to OneDrive. It is not only handy yet convenient for them, but it also makes working easier.

With OneDrive, which is a cloud-based file-sharing platform, you can store different kinds of files, such as videos, photos, and documents. The advantage of using this platform is that one can access the data from mobile devices and Windows PCs. It is also easy to locate your file as they are arranged by type.

Part 1: Overview of OneDrive

It is always vital that you learn more about OneDrive before you can use OneDrive to backup pc. It helps when you are well-informed, and there is a lot to learn. One thing to keep in mind is that with a Microsoft account, you get OneDrive with 5 GB free storage space. It comes at no extra cost and is accessible on Windows 8/8.1/10. There is no limit to the kind of files that you can store in this online space.

Owned by Microsoft, OneDrive works just like Office and Windows giving you access to your files from anywhere. The other advantage of this cloud-based platform is that you can use it on its own. Alternatively, you can use other Office programs such as Excel, OneNote, Word, and PowerPoint without loss of files. It should not be a problem even when you use different platforms.

To represent files that were stored in OneDrive, Microsoft would use placeholders on user's computers. It was a Windows earlier version that has been so far advanced. With the PC available offline, files kept in this manner were not safe in file explorer. It is when Microsoft added Selective Sync to Windows 10 so that users would be comfortable using it.

With Selective Sync, you can sync folders, part, or all your files on OneDrive to your local PC. Offline operations of a file are also easier because using the latest technology, OneDrive develops Windows and Mac computer applications.

Part 2: Why Do You Choose OneDrive?

Why should I opt to backup my computer to OneDrive? Well, it is a common question with many computer users considering there are many devices in the cloud storage market. Well, there can be plenty of reasons why one should do this.

1. It Only Needs a Single Microsoft Account.

It is convenient as long as you have a Microsoft account. It means that it will not be necessary to download it, and you get it at no extra cost. You can access OneDrive on Windows 8/8.1/10. Thus, all you will need is a computer with Windows 8/8.1/ 10.

2. OneDrive Provides a Larger Free Capacity for Users.

With hard drives, you can never be guaranteed sufficient storage space, and especially when you have a considerable workload. Work will increase with time, you will see the necessity to save more files, and capacity becomes a problem. When this happens, OneDrive will make it possible for you to backup a large number of folders and files. 5 GB is a lot of space to store data.

To deal with this problem, users prefer to back up the computer to Dropbox or backup PC to OneDrive, among other backup PC to cloud drive. Even with this, backup computer to OneDrive turns out to be an excellent option. One reason is Dropbox gives a free storage space of 2 GB while OneDrive gives 15 GB of storage.

3. OneDrive Provides Even More Space to Office 365 Subscribers

You do not have to worry about how much storage space you have on OneDrive. It is possible that you can run out of the free space which comes with the service, but you can purchase more. Besides this, you can get extra space from OneDrive by subscribing to Office 365.

4. You Can Access OneDrive From More Places

Most cloud storage options are for computers and on webpages. It gives users a hard time when they need to access their files from smartphones. Most people have their phones almost throughout, unlike carrying around a computer. If they cannot access the data whenever they want, this is a considerable inconvenience. With this option, when using OneDrive to backup computer, you know you will access the files on the phone.

If you are using iOS, Mac OS X, Xbox One, Windows phone, Xbox 360, and Android devices, all you need to access OneDrive is to install the application. Once you finish it, you can access it as you wish. One thing you will enjoy about OneDrive is its ease of access. As a new user with a Microsoft account, you get free storage of 5 GB with OneDrive. If there is a need to acquire more, for backup purposes, you can purchase.

Backing up computer to OneDrive is an excellent idea keeping in mind that OneDrive works with multiple devices. Aside from this, users who want to backup their data can opt for OneDrive app Android. The cloud-based storage space is accessible from most smartphones.

You probably want to know how to undertake a PC backup to OneDrive. There are two main ways to do so. To sync data and files from a compute to OneDrive, you can follow one of the below methods.

Part 3: How to Backup PC to OneDrive Manually?

You probably have the OneDrive desktop app on your computer, and it has not been having issues. It has been working as it should be. If this is the case, you can use the same app to backup your PC data manually to the OneDrive cloud.

Step 1: On the OneDrive app in Windows 10, connect and sign in OneDrive account.


Step 2: The next step is to browse, then choose the location to add files to OneDrive.

Step 3: In the next stage, select 'Upload.'

Step 4: Before clicking open, select the Windows 10 data and files to be updated to OneDrive. Once you complete this final step, then it will be quite easy to backup computer to onedrive windows 10.

Part 4: How to Backup PC to OneDrive With the Help of AOMEI Backupper?

OneDrive gives you the flexibility to upload local files, but you can always get a backup solution that is more convenient. It is possible when you use AOMEI Backupper, which is an excellent software for backing up computer to OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, among other cloud services. The benefit of this software is that it is multifunctional, allowing you to undertake various tasks.

Setting up the OneDrive desktop app

With an OneDrive desktop app, you can backup PC files using AOMEI Backupper software to OneDrive. With the below steps, you can set up the desktop app with ease.

  • Sign in with your OneDrive account by visiting the official site.
  • Download and install the OneDrive desktop app for computers. A folder on C:UsersOneDrive will be created by default, although there is an option to save it on another location.

Once you have set up the desktop app, you can start onedrive backup computer using AOMEI Backupper.

Step 1: Download and Install Software

The first step is to download AOMEI Backupper. After you successfully download and install it, open the software to start using it.

Step 2: Choose Backup Option

On the main page, select backup and then File Sync.

Step 3: Adding a folder

On the third step, click 'Add Folder' and then select the folders to sync. After this, click on 'Select a cloud drive.'

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Step 4: Start Sync Process

Now, to proceed to the next step, click on 'OneDrive', and select 'OK.' The final part involves clicking on 'Start Sync' and waiting for it to finish.


  1. Probably you are not sure how you will differentiate the sync from all the rest. When this is the case, you can create a unique comment by clicking on the 'Sync Options.' Here you input your preferred comment.
  2. You may see the need to sync your folders regularly. Tick 'Schedule,' and this will be easy.


Whether you have IOS, Android, or Windows handheld devices, you can store your data comfortably using OneDrive by Microsoft. If you are using OS such as Mac, Linux, or Windows, among others, you can access the OneDrive cloud on its dedicated website. When you backup computer to onedrive windows 10, you can access your data and files on the go. Using AOMEI Backupper software, you can undertake this process.

With the OneDrive 5 GB free storage that you get with a Microsoft account, you back your PC files and whole hard drive partition. It is plenty of space. When you use Selective Sync, you sync part or all your folders on OneDrive backup computer. The folders will be accessible on the go.

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There are two basic ways that you, as an admin, can deploy the OneDrive sync app to Mac users in your organization: F series ip camera software mac.

  • Have users install and set up the OneDrive sync app themselves by following the instructions in Sync files with OneDrive on Mac OS X. To install the OneDrive sync app for Mac, a user has to be administrator on the Mac or know an administrator account name and password.

  • Download the installer package file to your local network, and then use your software distribution tools to deploy the app to your users. By using a software distribution tool, you have more control over the deployment, including which users get the sync app and when. The OneDrive sync app for Mac uses the Apple Installer technology for installation. This means you can use the software distribution tools that you normally use to deploy software to Mac users. You can use Microsoft Intune. Other common tools are Jamf Pro, Munki, and AutoPkg. You can also use Apple Remote Desktop and AppleScript.

Manage OneDrive settings on macOS using property list (Plist) files

After the OneDrive sync app for Mac is installed, users can configure settings for the app. These settings are called preferences. As an admin, you might want to provide users in your organization with a standard set of preferences. Preferences for the OneDrive sync app for Mac are stored in preference files. These files are often referred to as .plist files.

StandaloneMac App Store
PList Location

How To Backup Computer To Onedrive

Configure sync app settings

Configure the settings on macOS in the typical way:

  1. Quit the OneDrive application.

  2. Define the settings you want to change by creating a Plist with the values, or use a script to set the default values.

  3. Deploy the settings onto the local computer.

  4. Refresh the preferences cache.

    On the next start of OneDrive, the new settings will be picked up.

Onedrive Mac Desktop

Overview of settings

Use the following keys to preconfigure or change settings for your users. The keys are the same whether you run the standalone or Mac App Store edition of the sync app, but the property list file name and domain name will be different. When you apply the settings, make sure to target the appropriate domain depending on the edition of the sync app.

SettingDescriptionParametersExample Plist Entry
Disable personal accounts
Blocks users from signing in and syncing files in personal OneDrive accounts. If this key is set after a user has set up sync with a personal account, the user will be signed out.
DisablePersonalSync (Bool): When set to true, this parameter prevents users from adding or syncing personal accounts.
Default folder location
Specifies the default location of the OneDrive folder for each organization
TenantID (String): TenantID determines which accounts the default folder location setting should apply to. Find your Microsoft 365 tenant ID
DefaultFolderPath (String): DefaultFolder specifies the default folder location.
Mac App Store:
The path must already exist when users set up the sync app.
The path will be created on users' computers if it doesn't already exist. Only with the Standalone sync app can you prevent users from changing the location.
Automatic upload bandwidth percentage
Enables the sync app to automatically set the amount of bandwidth used based on available bandwidth for uploading files
AutomaticUploadBandwidthPercentage (int): This parameter determines the percentage of local upload bandwidth that the sync app can use. Accepted values are from 1 through 99.
Set maximum upload throughput
Sets the maximum upload throughput rate in kilobytes (KB)/sec for computers running the OneDrive sync app
UploadBandwidthLimited (int): This parameter determines the upload throughput in KB/sec that the sync app can use. The minimum rate is 50 KB/sec and the maximum rate is 100,000 KB/sec.
<int>(Upload Throughput Rate in KB/sec)</int>
Set maximum download throughput
Sets the maximum download throughput rate in kilobytes (KB)/sec for computers running the OneDrive sync app
DownloadBandwidthLimited (int): This parameter determines the download throughput in KB/sec that the sync app can use. The minimum rate is 50 KB/sec and the maximum rate is 100,000 KB/sec.
<int>(Download Throughput Rate in KB/sec)</int>
Dock icon
Specifies whether a dock icon for OneDrive is shown
HideDockIcon (Bool): When set to true, this parameter hides the OneDrive dock icon even when the application is running.
Open at login
Specifies whether OneDrive starts automatically when the user logs in
OpenAtLogin (Bool): When set to true, OneDrive will start automatically when the user logs in on the Mac.
Enable Files On-Demand
Specifies whether Files On-Demand is enabled. If you don't set this setting, Files On-Demand will be enabled automatically as we roll out the feature, and users can turn the setting on or off
FilesOnDemandEnabled (Bool): When set to true, new users who set up the sync app will download online-only files by default. When set to false, Files On-Demand will be disabled and users won't be able to turn it on.
Disable download toasts
Prevents toasts from appearing when applications cause file contents to be downloaded
DisableHydrationToast (Bool): When set to true, toasts will not appear when applications trigger the download of file contents.
Block apps from downloading online-only files
Prevents applications from automatically downloading online-only files. You can use this setting to lock down applications that don't work correctly with your deployment of Files On-Demand.
HydrationDisallowedApps (String): Json in the following format
'AppID' can be either the BSD process name or the bundle display name. MaxBuildVersion denotes the maximum build version of the application that will be blocked. MaxBundleVersion denotes the maximum bundle version of the application that will be blocked
<key>HydrationDisallowedApps </key>
<string> [{'ApplicationId':'appId','MaxBundleVersion':'1.1','MaxBuildVersion':'1.0'}, {'ApplicationId':'appId2','MaxBundleVersion':'3.2','MaxBuildVersion':'2.0'}]</string>
SharePoint Server Front Door URL
Specifies the SharePoint Server 2019 on-premises URL that the OneDrive sync app should try to authenticate and sync against
SharePointOnPremFrontDoorUrl (string): The URL of the on-premises SharePoint Server.
SharePoint Server Tenant Name
Specifies the name of the folder created for syncing the SharePoint Server 2019 files specified in the Front Door URL.
SharePointOnPremTenantName (string): The name that will be used when creating a folder to sync the on-premises SharePoint Server files. If specified, the folder names will take the form of:
OneDrive – TenantName
If not specified, the folder names will use the first segment of the FrontDoorURL as the Tenant Name.
Example - will use Contoso as the Tenant Name
SharePoint OnPrem Prioritization
For hybrid scenarios where the email is the same for both SharePoint Server on-premises and SharePoint in Microsoft 365, determines whether or not the client should set up sync for SharePoint Server or SharePoint in Microsoft 365 first during the first-run scenario.
SharePointOnPremPrioritizationPolicy (int): This parameter determines which service to attempt to authenticate against for setting up sync.
1 indicates OneDrive should set up SharePoint Server on-premises first, followed by SharePoint in Microsoft 365.
<int>(0 or 1)</int>
BlockExternalSyncPrevents the sync app from syncing libraries and folders shared from other organizations.BlockExternalSync (Bool): Set to true to prevent syncing OneDrive and SharePoint libraries and folders from organizations other than the user's own organization. Set to false or do not include the setting to allow.
Learn about OneDrive B2B Sync.

You can also configure the OneDrive Standalone sync app to receive delayed updates.

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PList Location

Mac Backup Software To Onedrive Windows 10

SettingDescriptionParametersExample Plist Entry
Defines the update ring for the computer
UpdateRing (String): This parameter has two different values.
Production - The default update ring for OneDrive updates.
Insiders - This update ring receives updates that are 'pre-production' and will allow you to play with features before they are released. Note that builds from this ring may be less stable.
Enterprise - This update ring (now called 'Deferred') receives updates after they have rolled out through the Production ring. It also lets you control the deployment of updates. For more info about the update rings and how the sync app checks for updates, see The OneDrive sync app update process.