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Use gallery view to see all your notes as thumbnails, allowing your images to lead you to the exact one you want. If you still can’t find the right note, use powerful search features like searching for images or text inside your scanned documents and more.

However, GIMP isn’t my top choice for a Photoshop alternative because it has a bunch of issues as well, most annoying of which is the fact that multiple preset brushes share the same settings, which gets annoying if you’re constantly switching between brushes. GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a very feature rich photo editing and creative tool that can do almost everything that Photoshop can, and brings in everything from the popular Adobe software to a free and open-source software. That saidm many of its problems can be solved using. Best free photo edit software for mac

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Milanote is a tool for planning creative projects. Download the free desktop app. Launch from your dock, get team notifications and enjoy the cleanest Milanote interface available.

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Can i use epic software on a mac pro. When you add your internet accounts to Notes, you can keep your notes with you no matter which device you’re using—so you can save that dream destination on your Mac, then have it handy on your iPad when you’re with your friends.

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Drag and drop pictures, movies, links, and other files into your notes. You can also add content to notes right from Safari, Photos, Maps, and many other apps.

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Invite others to view or make changes to a note or to an entire shared folder of notes.

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