Leap Motion Software Not Working Mac

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Peel off sticker

Remove the sticker from the top of the controller.

Leap motion software not working mac computer

Jul 24, 2013  See how to set up your new Leap Motion Controller on your Mac, download the software, and browse the Airspace Store. Leap Motion Controller. World-class hand tracking for anyone, anywhere. Ultraleap’s optical hand tracking module captures the movements of your hands with unparalleled accuracy and near-zero latency. Our software is too. Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking captures all the subtlety and complexity of natural. The Leap Motion app is the software part that works with the hardware team to complete the whole hand-controller-Mac motion interaction process. Note that, Leap Motion comes with two additional apps such as Leap Motion App Home that provides you with easy access to all Leap Motion. Requires: Windows/Mac, Leap Motion V2. App Store Desktop Experience OSX V2 Windows. Share: NOTE: This app uses features which may not work properly with the Orion beta software. If you encounter issues, you may wish to use our older V2 software. Shortcuts for Mac and Windows.

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Plug into your computer

Use the USB cable included in the box. The shiny side of the controller faces up and the green light faces towards you.

Install software


Download the core software below. For virtual reality, follow our VR Setup Guide to attach the controller to your headset: VR Setup Guide

Choose V2 if you:
  • are a Windows user who wants to use older desktop apps
  • need legacy support for OSX or Linux
  • need legacy support for languages like Python or JavaScript
  • need tool tracking for your project

Leap Motion Software Not Working Mac Pro

Choose V4 (Orion) if you:

Leap Motion Software Not Working Mac Computer

  • want to use the latest Unity or Unreal integrations for VR and desktop apps
  • want to build on software that will continue to be updated and supported
  • want to implement custom wrappers to support newer language libraries

Leap Motion Software Not Working Mac Os

All downloads licensed subject to Leap Motion SDK Agreement. Other past versions can be found in our Developer Archive.

Leap Motion Software Not Working Machine

WINDOWS 10 USERS: Changes introduced in the 2017 Fall Creator's Update requires a manual fix. (Note that this is not required for earlier versions of Windows.) Learn how to apply the fix on our forums.