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Use Garmin Express to update maps and software, sync with Garmin Connect™ and register your device. This desktop software notifies you when updates are available and helps you install them. DOWNLOAD FOR MAC DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS. MacENC™ is the professional solution for the mariner that wants to take the Mac aboard for real-time display of position on the vector format S-57/S-63 ENCs (Electronic Navigational Charts), Navionics Charts and HotMaps from X-Traverse AND raster format BSB and Softcharts.

Chart Plotting is used to plot a chart on a map either for tides or route maps for the road and the sea. We will evaluate the 6+ best chart plotter below for your use. The plotter software is available as open source software for download. There are CPN charts available for download. There is marine navigation software available and this runs on a PC. You can use to download the maps to your PC and then use the GPS to track the position.


Open CPN

It is an open source software and available for download free of cost. It is an electronic navigation system which supports cartography and hardware interface standards. It is available on all platforms like Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Arm. It has full compliant support for official vector charts.

Memory-Map GPS Chart Plotter

This is a GPS-based navigation system which runs on your PC. It includes the base map of the world. It has a good 3D Viewer and supports 3D up to HD graphics. There is an online database of maps available which can be downloaded based on your need.

Gps software for car navigation

Belfied Software Chart Plotter

The software is for marines. It contains a complete charting package and has the charts for UK and Ireland at a very low cost. It has AIS support and we can view the ships on the map. There is a log book available to keep a track of all our trips.

Other Platforms

We reviewed some chart plotter software which has important features. We will now focus on the software which runs on platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux or Android. If you are platform specific then we can look at the below-mentioned software for use.

MX Mariner – Marine Charts for Android

This basic mobile charting software is available on the Android operating system. It supports quilted offline raster marine charts. Raster marine charts published by the various organization are available free of cost. Priced charts like UK charts will be available at a price from the app store. Offline marine charts can be viewed.

MacENC for Mac

It is a marine software available on the Mac platform. It is used by a mariner to find the real time position of the ship in vector format S-57/S63 electronic navigational charts. It also supports navionics charts and Hot Maps from Xtraverse. You can plug your GPS to the Mac and you can view how the ship moves through the sea.

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Sea Clear for Windows

Seaclear is a chart plotter which runs on the Windows operating system. Once you connect using a GPS you can see the position and other relevant data like speed and what direction are we going. It is used for nautical navigation. Unlimited routes and waypoints can be created and used for navigation.

Most Popular Software – TZ Navigator v3

TZ Navigator is used for recreational sailing and motor boat users. It comes along with one marine chart of your choice. The price varies based on the size of the chart. It has a fantastic charting engine. You can use the free NOAA US raster and vector high-resolution charts of the entire US coast which includes Hawai and Great Lakes. You can also see Pie Chart Maker Software

What is Chart Plotter Software?

Chart plotting software is used by mariners to chart the route on the high seas. The software is used for recreational boating activities. It can also be used to map the road routes within a country. The raster and vector-based charts come free or at a cost. The charts are placed within the software for getting the route maps. You can also see Graph Software

You can plan the route based on the tides, currents and transit times. The mariner needs to plan when he needs to arrive and when can he leave the harbor. The software can be integrated with GPS to track the ships movement and it maintains a log of the route.

We have reviewed 6+ chart plotting software. You can download and review the software and buy the software you like. You can buy the chart based on which area you would like to take your ship. You can enjoy your ship traveling with the charting software available.

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GPS navigation software usually falls into one of the following two categories:

  1. Navigation with route calculation and directions from the software to the user of the route to take, based on a vector-based map, normally for motorised vehicles with some motorised forms added on as an afterthought.
  2. Navigation tracking, often with a map 'picture' in the background, but showing where you have been, and allowing 'routes' to be preprogrammed, giving a line you can follow on the screen. This type can also be used for geocaching.



A track is a trace of somewhere that you have actually been (often called a 'breadcrumb trail'). The GPS unit (external or internal) periodically sends details of the location which are recorded by the software, either by taking a reading based on a set time interval, based on a set distance, based on a change in direction by more than a certain angle, or a combination of these. Each point is stored together with its date and time. The resulting track can be displayed as a series of the recorded points or a line connecting them.

Retracing your steps is a simple matter of following the track back to the source.


A route is a preset series of points that make up a set route to follow for your destination. Most software allows the route and the track to be displayed at the same time.

Gps Marine Navigation Software For Mac Windows 10


Waypoints are used to mark particular locations, typically used as markers along the 'way' to somewhere. They are either key entered by users or downloaded from other sources, depending upon the sophistication of the device. Although not linked to tracks or routes, they can be used to simplify the construction of routes, by being able to be re-used. Frequently, waypoints serve a 'safety' purpose, enabling a route to be taken around obstacles such as shallow water (marine navigation) or streams/cliffs/other hazards which may prevent a safe passage directly from point 'A' to point 'B'.


Software can be used on a laptop computer with an attached GPS receiver. Most commercial software runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.Some software like Waze and Google Maps can also be used on mobile phone operating systems.

Software products[edit]

There are several navigation software products available. The primary distinction is whether it is designed for use on land or water.

Land-based navigation software[edit]

Commercial navigation software with embedded maps
  • DeLorme Street Atlas USA and Topo USA
  • Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009
Commercial navigation software with scanned or downloaded maps and orthophotos stored in the computer (independent, stand alone system)
Free open source navigation software (independent stand alone system)
  • OsmAnd (Android) open source, and free (in the F-Droid repository)
  • MoNav (Cross-platform) open source and free
  • Navit (Cross-platform) open source and free
Navigation software with maps downloaded from a remote server
  • Google Earth (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Google Maps (platform independent)
  • Navit (Cross-platform) open source and free

Marine navigation software[edit]

Navigation software for use on the water has many features in common with land-based GPS navigation software. It can use electronic navigation chart or raster charts, usually provides user ability to plan routes and set waypoints, and may have live GPS tracking capabilities. In addition, marine navigation software often has option to control external autopilot for automated boat navigation. It may incorporate GRIB weather overlay on the chart, Tide predictions and other related information services of additional use to mariners.

Free open source marine navigation software
  • OpenCPN (Cross-platform) open source and free

Aeronautical navigation software[edit]

This kind of software usually creates a modern glass cockpit and uses more than just a single GPS sensor to assist the navigation. Such sensors are Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors.

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