Gopro Camera App For Mac

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The GoPro App is the heart and soul of the GoPro operation. Download, set up, and explore the app. Here are some of the things it lets you do:

  • Yes it is compatible with macbook air13, you just have to download the GoPro app from the app store Yes it is compatible with macbook air13, you just have to download the GoPro app from the app store and enjoy the live view from the camera thru the go pro app. More (Read full answer).
  • The essential GoPro app is available on Mobile, iPhone, Desktop and Mac. You can install the PC version if you prefer. Now have a look at the instruction to download the GoPro app for pc. First of all download the free software from the link below on your PC.
  • Operate the camera from 50 feet away.

  • Monitor the scene on your smartphone’s screen.

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    Don’t expect monitoring to be perfect. There’s a bit of lag time between the camera and your smartphone — as much as a few seconds. To judge the delay, put your hand in front of the camera’s lens and then take it away, and see how long it takes for the change to appear on your smartphone.

  • Control one camera or multiple cameras, with all the technical settings at your disposal.

  • Select the mode you want to capture.

  • Start and stop video recording, take still photos, and do time-lapse photography.

  • Erase a full memory card or delete just the last item captured.

May 04, 2018  GoPro App on PC: GoPro App is a Free App, developed by the GoPro for Android devices, but it can be used on PC or Laptops as well. We will look into the process of How to Download and install GoPro App on PC running Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS X. With the GoPro free app you can control your GoPro camera comfortably with your Android smartphone. Jul 09, 2020  Today GoPro has launched a beta feature for the Hero 8 Black that allows you to use it as a tethered USB webcam for apps like Zoom, Teams, Twitch, and basically any other app that can use a USB webcam (which, is basically any video conferencing app).

One caveat: The app doesn’t work when the camera is underwater. You can still record — by tapping the app’s Shutter/Select button before submerging the camera — but you won’t be able to monitor the scene.

The GoPro App is a free download away. Just go to Apple’s App Store, the Windows Store, or Google Play. You can find more information at on the Software and App page.

Set up the app

Camera Remote For Gopro Hero App For Macos

Here’s how you set up the GoPro app:

  1. Activate Wi-Fi on the camera by pressing the Wi-Fi button on the side.

    The blue light blinks to show that Wi-Fi is activated.

  2. Open the GoPro App on your smartphone and then tap the Connect & Control button, shown here.

  3. If you see a No Cameras Connected warning, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and make sure that the GoPro is selected.

    Often, your home Wi-Fi network is selected by default on your phone, and you need to select the camera.

  4. Control the camera.

    Monitor the scene and make changes without ever touching the camera. You can change camera modes, adjust resolution settings, and access Protune settings on the Black Edition.


Give the app a test drive

Although using the GoPro App is pretty intuitive, giving it a test drive doesn’t hurt. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the GoPro App.

  2. Tap the Command & Control button.

  3. Tap the video icon.

    By default, the video icon should be selected, but if it’s not, tap the icon that looks like a movie camera.

  4. Point the camera at something, and check the scene on the monitor.

  5. Make camera adjustments, if necessary.

  6. Tap the red button to start recording video.

  7. Tap the red button again to stop recording.

GoPro has joined the growing number of camera makers allowing their hardware to be used as webcams. With a new version of the GoPro Webcam desktop utility, GoPro Hero 8 users can now use their device as a 1080p wide-angle Mac webcam.

You can connect the Hero 8 Black to your Mac using the Webcam desktop utility app and a USB-C cable. Here’s how GoPro explains the process:

  1. Install the beta camera firmware onto your HERO8 Black.
  2. Install the new GoPro Webcam desktop utility onto your computer.
  3. Plug your HERO8 Black into your computer with any USB-C cable (the one that came with your GoPro, for example).
  4. Once logged into a compatible video conference application, simply choose GoPro from the list of available camera sources and you’re good to go!

Once you have the GoPro app set up, you can then access your Hero 8 Black through all of your favorite video chat services, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Discord, and Bluejeans. GoPro also notes that it works with Webex, Skype, Facebook Rooms, Messenger, and Slack, but you have to access those through Chrome.

Gopro Camera App

Finally, the Hero 8 Black can also be used for live streaming to YouTube and to start a new movie recording with QuickTime.

Gopro Camera App For Mac

The image quality of the GoPro Hero 8 as a Mac webcam won’t be as good as something like a Fuijifilm or Canon DSLR. Nonetheless, it will be a major and notable upgrade compared to your Mac’s built-in FaceTime camera, plus you get the traditional GoPro wide-angle field of view.

If you’re a GoPro Hero 8 owner, you can get started with the GoPro Webcam desktop utility by downloading it from here. If this is the excuse you need to order a GoPro Hero 8, they are currently in stock on Amazon.

Gopro App For Mac

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