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Step-by-Step Gantt Chart Tutorial for Making a Gantt Chart in Excel 2016 on Mac OS MacOS isn’t known for things like accounting or project management. The Mac platform has become more synonymous with video editing, graphic design, audio and other creative work.

Learn how to create Gantt Charts on Mac fast. It is extremely easy and unexpectedly fast to do it with professional and powerful diagramming software.

Looking for help to create a a Gantt chart? Here is a good and simple solution. Learn how to gain professional Gantt charts in powerful Gantt chart program for Mac.

Open a Gantt Chart Template

Firstly, open a blank drawing page and the libraries including shapes needed for creating Gantt Charts for Mac OS X.

On the File menu, point to New.-> Click Project Management. -> Double click the icon of Gantt Chart.

Add Gantt Chart Shapes

From the Gantt library, drag and drop shapes to the canvas. A dialogue box pops up. You can set Gantt chart data in this dialogue box including date format, start and finish date. (Tip: This dialogue box can be reopened though Set Date Options button under Gantt Chart tab.)

Set Gantt Chart Currency Unit and Format

You can set the currency format at the bottom right corner of the pop-up dialogue. (Note: the default currency format goes with the software default setting. It's under the Option menu on File tab.)

Edit Gantt Chart

Resize and Move Gantt Chart

Drag the green square handles to resize Gantt chart. Click on the chart and drag it to move it.

Add a Task or Sub Task in Gantt Chart

You can right click above a task to add a task or a sub task.

Another way is to use the quick buttons under the Gantt Chart tab to add a task or delete a task.

Change Column Width or RowHeight

To change the column width, place the cursor on the line between two columns and drag, just as the way excel operates.

To change the row height, place the cursor on the line between two rows and drag.

Insert Columns

You can right click to insert a new column after the selected column. Choose the title of column from the pop-up dialogue box. For example, we can add a priority column.


  • You can change the priority by clicking on the symbol.
  • To hide a column, right click on a column and choose Hide Column.

Add Gantt Chart Contents

Double click a cell to type in text such as the task name. -> Choose a different font under Home tab.

Change Task Bar in Gantt Chart

When double clicking the text editing box to input task start date and finish date, the progress bar is updated automatically according to the new date.

Also, you can rest the cursor at the end of a bar, when the cursor changes as a two-way arrow (No.1), drag the bar to change the finish date.

Hover the cursor above a bar, and when the cursor changes into a four-way arrow (No.2), you can move the whole task bar. When the bar is moved, the start and finish date will change accordingly.

Input the task completed percentage, and the green progress bar will be upgraded automatically. Alternatively, position the cursor at the beginning of the bar, when the cursor turns as a two-way arrow and a percent symbol (No.3), drag the bar to change the complete percentage.

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Add Relationship Between Two Tasks

To add a relationship between two tasks, put the mouse curser on one task and drag to another task. Then the two tasks will be connected by an arrow.

Create Mind Map or Timeline from Gantt Chart

Edraw can convert a Gantt chart into a mind map or timeline with 1 click. Go to Gantt Chat tab, click Create Mind Map or Create Timeline button.

Save or Export Gantt Chart

Click Save on File tab to save your Gantt chart as the default format. Choose Saveas on File tab to save as other formats. You can choose to upload your chart to Cloud so that you and your friends can access it anytime anywhere.

Hit Export & Send under File to export the Gantt chart as images, presentation slides or other format you want.

Print Gantt Chart

Best Free Gantt Chart Software

Click File tab; choose Print and then the print setting and preview window show. You can choose which pages and how many copies to print here.

If the drawing page is larger than the print paper, the drawing will be printed on more than 1 paper. To print it on only 1 paper,
click More Print Setup.. and then choose Fit to.

Download Gantt Chart Software

We have elaborately prepared some Gantt Chart examples for you to get started quickly.

More Gantt Chart Resources:

Gantt charts are essential project management tools, and the migration to digital platforms has only increased their ease-of-use and dynamism. A lot of programs and platforms offer Gantt charts within their feature sets.

Unfortunately, a common project management software on PC, Microsoft Project, just doesn’t work on Mac. If you’re transitioning to a Mac from a PC, or have stakeholders who work on different systems, this can limit your functionality.

There’s a free Gantt chart template for Excel that we offer, and a Google search will pull up dozens more. Mac users are welcome to try them out, as they can serve as a nice introduction to the tool, but the scope of these templates is limited. Project managers working on a Mac will have to go beyond Excel templates for a powerful Gantt solution.

Fortunately, is a project management software that works on whatever operating system you prefer. If you have creatives on Mac and admins on PCs, no problem. serves both audiences with equally robust features. Follow this guide to learn how to make a Gantt chart on a Mac in just a few easy steps.

How to Quickly Make a Gantt Chart on Mac

The first thing to do is sign up for, which offers a no-strings-attached free 30-day trial period. Once you sign up for the trial, you have access to the Gantt chart maker and the full suite of project management features that work hand-in-glove with one another.

Gantt Chart software, free download Mac Software

You’ll have to visit the pricing page. There you’ll have various options, so choose the one that works for you. All plans are free for 30 days, and each is compatible with either your Mac or PC.

1. Import Your Task List

Now that you have an account with, you can either use one of its many project templates to get started or import a task list to start a new project.

Gantt Chart software, free download Mac Free

If you have been using MS Project, you can import MPP files. will convert it into something easier to work with and share.

2. View & Edit

If you choose to import a spreadsheet of tasks into, it will open as a new project in a Gantt chart, which is but one of the many project views available to users. All the data from your spreadsheet is now visible in the Gantt.

The column headings, tasks and whatever other resource data you added is there and can be edited as needed. You can add costs for your tasks and other details, and you can even make custom columns if you need to add more information.

Mac Gantt Chart Free

3. Add Task Duration

The next thing to do is add a start and end date for each of the tasks on the Gantt chart. You’ll notice that the left side of the Gantt looks like a spreadsheet. As you add durations to the tasks, they will populate timelines on the right side of the page. If you have to change the dates, you can adjust them by dragging either side of the duration bar.

Don’t worry if some tasks are executed at the same time. We’ll get to that later. As you make these time estimates, you are starting to schedule your project.

4. Add Milestones

A project can quickly get messy, so breaking it down into more digestible tasks is important.

The milestone feature is a great way to break a project down into more manageable parts. A milestone marks a major phase in the project and are represented on the Gantt by a diamond (♦) symbol. Crossing a milestone is a great morale-booster for project teams because it means you’re one step closer to completing the project.

If you don’t have any concrete milestones, you should at least break your Gantt chart down into phases for easier tracking.

5. Identify Task Dependencies

Remember when we noted that tasks can be executed at the same time? Sometimes this isn’t an issue, but other times it can be a problem. If you have one task that cannot start until another has been finished, you need to make note of that or risk a bottleneck in your production. That is what is called a task dependency, and they can be linked on your Gantt chart. Now you’re able to better manage the project.

6. Assign Tasks

Gantt Chart software, free download Mac

You can assign tasks right from the Gantt chart with No need to jump from one screen to another or, worse, to another program. It’s all here in one place to make managing your project a breeze.

Once a team member is assigned a task, they’re responsible for executing and completing it. But that’s only the beginning. is more than a handy tool for creating dynamic Gantt charts for Mac users (and PC users, too, of course). for All Your Project Management Needs

Gantt charts alone are great, but is even better. It takes that Gantt chart and makes it part of a larger project management software that supports everything you need to plan, monitor and report on your project.

Once you have your Gantt and the project is moving forward, how do you know the actual progress is matching what you planned? has a dashboard that charts your project in real time. crunches the numbers and delivers your project data in clear and easy-to-read charts, which show task progress, project health, workload and more.

That overview is great for stakeholders, but managing a project means getting into the nitty-gritty. How about reports that dive deep into your data? has one-click reporting for the performance of your project and team. There are status reports, task reports, workload reports and much more. You can filter these reports to show the data you want to make better decisions.

Can a Gantt chart be more than just a plan and project schedule? Yes, with It allows teams to work better together. Teams can share documents and images added to the task. They can also comment at the task level, which keeps the discussion linked to the task and avoids having to filter through endless emails. Plus if team members don’t want to use the Gantt chart, they can switch to either the kanban board or task list view to manage their work.

Super-sized Gantt charts are only the beginning. With that Gantt chart is part of a larger project management software. There are streamlined timesheets and resource management features too. Now your Gantt is part of a digital system working to control your project. is a cloud-based project management software for Mac and PC users that makes building Gantt charts fast and easy. Plus, it helps project managers plan, monitor and report on projects and gives project teams a collaborative platform to work more productively. See how it can help you build a dynamic Gantt chart and steer your next project to a successful end by taking this free 30-day trial.

Gantt Chart software, free download Mac Pdf

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