Free Trial Payroll Software For Mac

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  1. Desktop Payroll Software Programs

If you are an HR manager and want to manage the performance records and payroll details in the company, then it could be a tedious task. For this reason, you will be able to use certain Payroll Management Software. These Payroll Software or Recruiting Software will make managing aspect very easy as everything will be automated. Some Work Scheduling Software can be used for scheduling work to the employees automatically and these are free to use.


Payroll Software

This premium software created by Orange Technolab group of Companies is a payroll and HRM software that can be used to design and develop HR policies and improve the overall effectiveness by restructuring.


This software created by sumHR is a web-based payroll and HR management solution that can be used by growing companies to aggregate employee data, track leaves, monitor attendance and much more effectively.


This free software created by STPL Global can be used to process employee salary easily and has many features like biometric integration, mail alerts, call duty and overtime calculations and much more.

This handy Text Animation Software has over 200 object templates and can be customized in order to get the desired result. Best 3d text software for mac. It also has more than 80 object styles and provides options for exporting animated files of various formats.Text Animation Software for Other PlatformsText Animation Software tools support different platforms and are being developed on a larger scale.

Marg Compusoft





Saral PayPack


HR 2 Payroll

Pocket HCM




Other File Transfer Software for Different Platforms

When you are using an operating system like Mac, Windows, Linux or Android, then you will want a file transfer software that will be able to work only on that particular operating system. There are much such software available online that can be used for this purpose.

Xero for Mac

This premium software can be used on the Mac platform to access certain areas of the payroll process easily. It has many time-saving tools for calculating taxes electronically and maintaining time sheets.

Free Trial Payroll Software For Mac

Desktop Payroll Software Programs

ExcelPayroll for Windows

This freeware can be used on the Windows platform to do any of the payroll processes. It is an Excel-based platform and can be used to generate accounting entries.

Online Payroll for Android

This free Android app created by Intuit Inc can be used to create paychecks and e-pay taxes. The workers will be paid by direct deposits and timely reminders for upcoming paydays can be set.

QuickBooks – Most Popular Software

This premium software by Intuit Inc is very popular and can be used to manage accounting and payroll information easily. Salary can be calculated and pay slips can be generated along with bank statements.

How to Install Payroll software?

Most of the Payroll Software that are available online will be premium versions. It is best to contact the manufacturer to get a demo of the software so that you will be able to understand all the features of it and use it properly. A trial version can be downloaded to make sure that it will be able to run on the system that is being used and then the premium version can be downloaded. The link can be used to download the file and the readme text can be read to check the system requirements. Then the software can be installed.

This software can be used for maintaining information like statutory compliances, bonus and arrear calculations. It is possible to print pay slips and arrears straight from the software and final settlement for the employees who quit can be done from all the data that is available in the software.

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