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Jan 30, 2019  Top 10 Best Free Messaging Apps for iOS and MAC: iPhone devices have iMessage as their default messaging app. If you want to use some other free messaging apps for a change then this list will provide you with best free iMessage Alternative Apps. WhatsApp: This is the one of the best free messaging apps that became quite famous for its ease. Here is an array of apps and services that offer free screen-sharing capabilities, organized by the main focus of the tool (remote access, web conferencing, or screen sharing alone). ‎People on the go can’t be tied down to one place or one device. Use Verizon Messages to seamlessly send and receive messages on your Smartphone, iOS device, tablet and desktop (MAC, PC and Web). Your conversations are organized in one place and saved on.

In this world of social media, we've got a lot of chat channels to keep track of. Whether you're checking your Twitter DMs, GChats (Google Talk), Facebook Messenger messages, or iMessages, you can have most of them in one place with a dedicated chat client. These are the best chat apps for Mac.


Apple's built-in chat client, Messages, makes it seamless for you to chat with anyone that has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac without any effort. You can add SMS and texts messaging from Android or Windows phones to Messages if you have Text Message Forwarding enabled. It gets better, though. Thanks to a little help from Jabber, you can use Messages for dozens of chat channels that use XMPP instant messaging. It's lost some of its universal appeal over the last few macOS updates, however. Messages no longer works with Facebook, AOL Instant Messenger, or Yahoo. It's also very difficult to get Messages to work with GChat (though not impossible).

  • Free - It's already on your Mac!


Adium is probably the most popular third-party chat client. You can connect it to AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Twitter, MobileMe, IRC, Bonjour, Jabber, plus a few more. It's a great way to keep most (if not all) of your various chat clients in order. I personally don't like the interface of Adium, but sometimes function is more important than looks. Adium has a lot of little features that are really awesome, like initiating encrypted ORT chats, and file transfers. You can't get it in the Mac App Store, but it's free and open source and it's highly rated among Mac users.

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Trillian is another popular chat client that brings together many of your messaging apps into one place, including AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, Olark, and Twitter. I much prefer Trillian's interface because it reminds me so much of the built-in Messages app. It is, however, slightly less feature-rich unless you go pro. You can get quite a few more business-facing features for about $2 per month. It's a seamless experience for Mac users and my personal favorite third-party client, but I don't use a lot of different chat channels in my daily life. I stick with Google Talk, Facebook, and Twitter. It's perfect for me.

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I haven't personally used YakYak, but it's a big hit with Mac users that only want a Google Talk client. You may have noticed that GTalk compatibility with Messages in macOS High Sierra is difficult, to say the least. If you just want to be able to chat with your Google peeps with a dedicated window on your Mac, YakYak looks like the perfect option. You can upload images, group chat, and more. You have to install it from GitHub, but there are some fairly clear instructions on how to do so if you're saavy with your Mac. It's not a Chrome extension and doesn't rely on Chrome to work. So, if you're anti-Chrome, this apps is for you.

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How do you chat on Mac?

What is your preferred chat client for bringing together all of your various chat channels? Put your recommendations in the comments and I'll check them out.

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Viber, the company that offers the popular free messaging and VoIP apps of the same name for iOS and Android, today announced the release of native desktop apps for both Mac and PC computers.


Not only do the new desktop apps sync and integrate seamlessly with the existing mobile apps, they are also Viber’s first apps to allow video calls. As part of the rollout of the new desktop apps, Viber officially moves into version 3.0 and with it brings new features to the iOS and Android apps including video messages, a revamped photo experience, and a new voice engine with support for eight new languages.

The updated mobile apps will also allow you to transfer live calls between your iPhone and your Mac or PC.

New features include:

Have trouble finding the Mac OS X mouse cursor? With the freeware application Mouse Locator, it's easy! So easy, in fact, that this Apple accessibility guide can present a complete walkthrough of the process in just over a minute and a half. For details, as well as to get started making it easier to find your own mouse cursor, watch this helpful how-to. If you an experienced Mac user, you will be aware that App Store offers many applications for virtually any situation (including invisible cursor). There are a number of mouse locating apps that claim to swiftly locate the cursor. Just type mouse locator via App Store. Like many people, reader S. Can’t find the cursor on a Mac with multiple displays. The initialed-one writes: I do a lot of multimedia document creation and have a 24” iMac with a 20. Free mac cursors. Mac OS X's built-in option is restricted to increasing the mouse cursor size. System Preferences - Accessibility - Display - Cursor Size While this will help with your issue by making the mouse easier to find, it doesn't highlight the mouse, and you get side effects such as a larger mouse text selection tool which makes it harder to work with text.

  • Seamlessly transfer calls between Viber Desktop and the Viber app with one click or tap
  • Received and Sent messages are shown on all devices, but will only “beep” on the device you are currently using
  • Messages and conversations you delete from one device will be removed from all devices

The company also announced today it has now reached over 200 million users in 193 countries.

The Mac version of Viber is available FREE from the Viber website. [DIRECT LINK]

The iOS version of Viber is available FREE in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]


The PC version of Viber is available FREE from the Viber website. [DIRECT LINK]

The Android version of Viber is available FREE from the Viber website. [DIRECT LINK]