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DESCRIPTION: Folder Icon Maker is a tool to customize you Mac OS X folder icon with PNG files. Folder Icon Maker provides an effective way to import your personal and customized icons to create attractive folders. Folder Icon Maker has 4 different styles of color and 2 options to give you different customized icon. Apple provides Icon Composer as part of their free developer tools. This is the only officially sanctioned way to create icns files. Most other editors don't support all the possible features. The idea is you create a png file for each size you want, then create an icns file in. May 17, 2018  Icon Maker & Converter is a free maker or image to icon converter Mac app, which you can use as your very own icon creator to design icon generator or icon resize, whatever you may call it. The interface of this image to icon converter and maker is extremely user-friendly and straightforward.

The Internet is a collection of websites. People try hard to make their web space attractive and engaging, by posting relevant contents and images. The interior design of a website is as important as the content and presentation style. You can easily convert a normal website into an attention grabbing page, using good icons and images.


Icon maker software is the dream of every web designer. It helps them create new and refreshing icons with excellent quality.

Iconion Icon Maker Software

This software is lightweight and easy to use. They use vector images to make it scalable to any extent. You can use the customization tools to add gradient overlays or shadow effects. Lots of ready-made templates for websites are available via Iconion software.

Pic2Icon Icon Maker Software

Pic2icon is one of the best online software for web designers. You can select an icon of your choice from the list provided here. After uploading your image file or picture, simply download the resulting image. There are many customization options here, such as saturation, brightness control, glass sketches, and grayscale.

Iconcool Studio Icon Maker Software

Download icon maker software full version from Iconcool, to enjoy the wordl-class quality. Its photoshop plug-in feature will reduce the workload of web designers. No other software can bring you more than 60 versatile gradient templates. The magic wand tool of Iconcool is specially designed to reduce the effort of image selection.

Junior Icon Editor Software

This is the best icon maker software for Windows 8. You can download this software completely free, from their official website. You can easily create PNG icons compatible with different mobile phones such as Android, Apple, and Windows. Many types of advanced brush tools and pens are available in this amazing software.

Other Icons Maker Software for Different Platforms

You can easily find many icon maker software applications for different operating systems. Gone are the days of low-quality icons and buttons. Today, it is easy to make icons of 1024×1024, using a good icon maker. Different brush tools and gradient templates will reduce the workload and amplify the creative possibilities of a designer.

Best Icons Maker Software for Windows – IcoFX Icon Maker Software

The IcoFX icon maker software is out there with a challenging offer of 30 days money back guarantee. This award winning software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS. If you are looking for an icon maker software for Windows 7, IcoFX is the best option. The batch processing option will allow you to process many files at once.

Free Icon Maker Software Mac

Best Icons Maker Software for Android – Iconic

Iconic icon maker software is the best designing tool for Android users. It can be directly downloaded from Playstore. You don’t need a computer or Laptop, to use this simple application. More than 3,000 icon templates are already available here in this application. These icons are compatible with all platforms.

Best Icons Maker Software for MAC – Image2Icon

Image2Icon is specially designed for MAC users. It is very easy to download and use this software. You can select a good icon template from the extensive gallery and drag your image in to the app. Follow some simple steps, according to the guidelines, and generate high quality icons for your website.

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More Great Icons Maker Software Applications

IconMaker software, I Convert Icons software, Make App Icon software, Icons Flow, X- Icon editor software, Frico Free Icon Maker, Simply Icon, Imagicon software, etc… are some of the most popular icon maker applications. You should get one of these to create high-quality icons and cursors for your website.

Most Popular Icons Maker Software of 2016 – AWicons Pro

AWicons Pro is one of the best software applications available today. You can either download the pro version or take a free trial. However, the free version will not give you full access to its wonderful features. If you are a professional designer, you should buy the business pro version, to access the full potential of this amazing software.

What is Icons Maker Software?

If you are a professional web designer or developer, you will know the importance of icons. These simple images attract customers and help you to build a brand image. Download any Icon maker software online to generate customized icons for your website.

You can create a personal icon library in the software, as a backup option. This library will help you to edit icons quickly. Conversion of icons from Windows to Macintosh and vice versa is also possible. Before purchasing a pro version, you should check the features. The best icon maker will help you to process many files simultaneously.

How to Install Icon Maker Software

Today, it is even possible to find a 3D icon maker from online resources. After finding an authentic website, you should decide whether to try a trial version or purchase the complete version. Trial version might not give you full access to the extensive options. After purchasing a pro version, you can contact the customer service to know more about the installation process.

The Benefits of Icon Maker Software

Customization: You can customize your icon maker software any way you like. There are many different brush types and pens to enhance your creative ideas.

Editing: There are many icon templates in every software. You can make slight adjustments and edits to get a brand new icon.

Quality: Image quality will be higher on an icon maker software. Vector images are mainly used to get high-quality resolutions like 1024×1024.

Customer support: These software developers have separate customer care executives. You can resolve all issues and doubts about the software application, using their real-time assistance.

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As a web designer, it is important to keep track of the modern changes in theology. In doing so, you will be able to give your client the best design. The use of icons is one of the ways you can use to change the look of any website.


In case you are looking for inspiration on some of the icons that you can use, then you have come to the right place. Below is just some of the commonly known icon software component available nowadays.


This is a cursor and icon editor that is suitable for windows. It enables the designer to create icons, edit and extract the icon. It is also compatible with windows vista, macintosh, windows 8, windows 7 and windows 10. You can also work with a batch of files just by a few clicks.


Iconion allows you to change the font of any icon to give it a tremendous look. You can change the font to gradient, shadow; add some color, stroke and even the background. This software allows web designers to have flexibility, scalability and performance. As a website designer, you can make use of this software to create a fancy looking website for your client.


Icon cool supports frame, splitter, watermark and cropper among other modules. Brother pc fax software mac. It enables designers to create android, iphone and unix icons without using a lot of effort. Icon cool comes with an in-built mixer that allows you to create custom icon designs. Besides, the software has a high performance and 32 bit editing.

Icons Flow

You can make use of iconsflow to design personalized icons for creative projects, web and app. There are over 200,000 icons at your disposal. The good thing about using this icon creator is that you do not have to be a designer to use it. Icons flow also allows you to export icons in png, ico and svg formats.

Free Icon Editor

Free icon editor is an icon editor that is easy to use. It allows you to create buttons used in websites, sort images, text icons, roll and rotate the images, create icons in different sizes as well as copying and pasting of images. It is suitable for windows PC. Given that you can test the icons first, you are able to develop a suitable icon.

aaICO Freeware Icon Editor

In case you are on a tight budget and looking for ways to change the look of your website, then you need to choose the aalCO. It has several icons that you can create to give your site the look that you need. Besides, you can change the color of the icons for a bit of contrast.

Other Icon Marker Software

Icon Maker software is available for numerous platforms. Users of Mac, Android, and Windows can create and design icons with a lot of ease. As such website designers will not find it difficult to change how their clients’ website looks like. Here is just some of the operating system that has adopted the use of icon creation.

Image2icon for Mac

The image2icon software allows you to create icons using your pictures. It gives you the opportunity of showing your creative side. If you chose the pro version, you will be able to export windows, ico, folder, jpg, iconset and png. In addition, you can also change the background color.

Makeappicon for Android

The make app icon allows you to create icon designs for your android and iOS. It is auto enhanced and thus suitable for smaller icons. Furthermore, the software allows you to have a quick preview of the icon you have created. As a result, you will only get the best icon.

SimplyIcon for Windows

Simply icon allows you to create icons free. You can use images to create your icons. All you have to do is just drag and drop the images. The icons created will vary in size depending on the size of the image. Simply icon will create the icon in the same folder where the original image appears. The good thing about this software is that you do not have to install it.

Icon Workshop – Best Icon for 2016

Icon workshop allows you to create, edit and convert icons. This is made possible thanks to its powerful interface. It can create icons for platforms such as linux, mac, windows vista and windows XP. It provides you with options of creating icons using image packs, drag and drop, download images and even importing files from JPEG, PSD, GIF and BMP

Free Icon Creator

What is Icon Maker Software?

Icon maker software is used to create and design sites. There are several icons that are used on the websites. Nowadays, most of the icons are being customized to give sites a modern look. The icon creator software enables designers to come up with beautifully icon designs. The software is available for different needs, and there are those that offer drag and drop option. There is some such software in the market to make that enhances the look of sites.

How to Install Icon Maker Software?

Customizing icons have become very popular nowadays. It is this popularity which has lead to an increase in the number of organizations dealing with icon creation. Installing this icon software is simple. To have the software in your PC, all you have to do is just download the software you need.

Best Free Icon Maker Software For Mac

Icon maker software is for those in the website design business. However, other people can use it just to add pop and color to their PCs. It enables website designers to come up with fancy icons to give websites a different look. Icon creation software can also be used for advertising a website and draw attention to the services of a company. The software is beneficial because it enables the designers to create wonderful icon pieces. There is no doubt that icon marker makes the work of designers fun and simple. Furthermore, customizing the designs from images gives the icons a unique touch.

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