Free Digital Signature Software For Mac

Digital signatures are no doubt valuable. They save you a lot of time and resources that can then be redirected to other aspects of your business. But some of the most effective digital signature services can also be quite expensive, out of reach to the small business owner looking to cut costs.

The good news is that there are free digital signature alternatives, free ways to sign and get your clients to sign the documents. In this article, we will take a look at 6 of the best free digital signature services and how they can help.

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Part 1 6 Best Free Digital Signature Software

Easy signature is a free tool that allows electronic signing (e-signature) any type of file. It is an initiative to make the world greener and make everyday document management easier. Prior to uninstalling the software, you should save the forms to PDF. If you don't have the full Adobe software consider a PDF printer like DoPDF. Test your digital signature with the Portable Document Format - Fillable (PDF-F) link: PDF-F. At the location where. Find and compare Digital Signature Software for Mac. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors. This free tool helps you create a free downloadable electronic signature, which is the same as an online signature. Digital signatures are a type of electronic signature with encrypted information that helps verify the authenticity of messages and documents. Apr 07, 2017  They’re also sandboxed, although this is a reason why many app developers don’t use the Mac App Store. Apps from Identified Developers: Mac app developers can acquire a unique developer ID from Apple and use it to sign their applications. This digital signature ensures the application was actually created by that specific developer.

1. SignX

SignX allows users easily digitize their businesses by making legally binding digital signatures available at the click of a button. Using it is very simple; just create an account, create a signature, upload a document to sign and send it to others to sign. Security of the document being signed is of utmost importance and you get to encrypt the document even further by adding your own access code. Anyone without the access code will be unable to access the document or see what's on it.

All the signatures you create and use with this service are legally binding and enforceable in any court of law. It comes with a free trial that allows users to make full use of the service's features for free for a limited number of documents.

2. DigiSigner

Best Free Software For Mac

DigiSigner is one of the newer free digital signature platforms. It is very simple to use; all you have to do is create a free account on the service's website and you are ready to begin. Like most other free digital signature platforms, you choose and upload the document you need signed, create and apply a signature and then invite others to sign the document as well. Every signature created and used using DigiSigner is legally binding both in the United States and the European Union and will be recognized in any court of law.

3. SkySignature

SkySignature offers users a way to sign documents online and also edit PDF documents. It is a comprehensive service that will allow you to easily create a digital signature, apply it to any location on the document and share the document with others. It uses a cloud-based system that is highly advantageous since you can edit, sign and share documents from just about any platform.

It will even allow users to create PDF documents that they can then sign. It comes with a free digital signature trial that is unlimited in features but limits the number of documents you can sign.


4. Signmee

Signmee is another simple digital signature platform that can be used to create signatures and sign multiple documents. It is useful for most contractual agreements including registration forms, contracts and general agreements. It allows users to create forms using pre-designed templates or from scratch. These forms can then be signed and sent to other parties for signing.

Although it is pretty secure, Signmee lacks the complex functionality to make it anything but a simple form creation and signing service. Certain features like encrypting the document to limit access are non-existent.


5. SignRequest

SignRequest is a free digital signature service that like many of the one's we've already seen, is dedicated to making the document signing process easy. To ensure the safety of the document and information on it, SignRequest utilizes the latest in encryption technology. The service is paid but there is a free trial introductory offer you can take advantage of if you have just a few documents to sign.

6. eSign Genie

eSign Genie is another free digital signature service that provides legally binding signatures and that can be used to sign multiple documents at once. It utilizes secure channels to ensure the safety of your documents and has tracking features to help you keep track of the signers. It is accessible online through the web platform.

Part 2 How to Get Free Digital Signature

With access to free digital signature services, you still need to know how to use them. The following is a simple guide to help you get the best out of a digital signature service.

Step 1: Choose a Free Certificate Authority(CA)
The first step is to search for an appropriate free digital signature certificate authority (CA) which can help you create digital signature certificate for free.

Step 2: Apply a Digital Signature Certificate and Get Digital Signature Free
Then you can fill out your digital signature application form to create a digital signature certificate with a public key. Once your application passes, you can use the free digital signature.

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Step 3. Use Free Digital Signature
Many of the services we've listed above will allow you to create a free account. Once you've done that, you can upload your free digital signature to the platform and begin to use it.