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Jun 26, 2020  FUN3D is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) suite of tools actively developed at NASA that benefits Aeronautics, Space Technology, and Exploration by modeling fluid flow. Site Contents Software Overview and References. SLFCFD stands for San Le's Free Computational Fluid Dynamics. It is a packageof scientific software and graphical user interfaces for use in computationalfluid dynamics. It is written in ANSI C and distributed under the termsof the GNU.

  • May 16, 2020  Tecplot 360 EX + Chorus for Mac Free Download is the latest version DMG offline setup file of your Macintosh. Also, Tecplot 360 for Mac Applications of this software include computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and numerical simulation and analysis of current solution data processing and calculation of network and normal data values.
  • Autodesk CFD software provides computational fluid dynamics software features and thermal simulation tools with improved reliability and performance. Compare design alternatives and better understand the implications of your choices before manufacturing.
  • Plasma Pong is a variant of the popular PONG game, with a high tech twist-it uses computational fluid dynamics to drive the environment. As the game starts you will have to duke it out against.

The following is a list of notable computer simulationsoftware.

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Free or open-source[edit]

  • Advanced Simulation Library - open-source hardware accelerated multiphysics simulation software.
  • Algodoo - 2D physics simulator focused on the education market that is popular with younger users.
  • ASCEND - open-source equation-based modelling environment.
  • Cantera - chemical kinetics package.
  • Celestia - a 3D astronomy program.
  • CP2K - Open-source ab-initio molecular dynamics program.
  • DWSIM - an open-source CAPE-OPEN compliant chemical process simulator.
  • Elmer - an open-source multiphysical simulation software for Windows/Mac/Linux.
  • Facsimile - a free, open-source discrete-event simulation library.
  • FreeFem++ - Free, open-source, multiphysics Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software.
  • Freemat - a free environment for rapid engineering, scientific prototyping and data processing using the same language as MATLAB and GNU Octave.
  • Galatea - a multi-agent, multi-programming language, simulation platform.
  • Gekko - simulation software in Python with machine learning and optimization
  • GNU Octave - an open-source mathematical modeling and simulation software very similar to using the same language as MATLAB and Freemat.
  • is a free and open source software platform based on the Modelica modeling language.
  • Mobility Testbed - an open-source multi-agent simulation testbed for transport coordination algorithms.
  • NetLogo - an open-source multi-agent simulation software.
  • ns-3 - an open-source network simulator.
  • OpenFOAM - open-source software used for computational fluid dynamics (or CFD).
  • OpenEaagles - multi-platform simulation framework to prototype and build simulation applications.
  • OpenModelica - an open source modeling environment based on Modelica the open standard for modeling software.
  • Open Source Physics - an open-source Java software project for teaching and studying physics.
  • OpenSim - an open-source software system for biomechanical modeling.
  • Physics Abstraction Layer - an open-source physics simulation package.
  • Project Chrono - an open-source multi-physics simulation framework.
  • Repast - agent-based modeling and simulation platform with versions for individual workstations and high performance computer clusters.
  • SageMath - a system for algebra and geometry experimentation via Python.
  • Scilab - free open-source software for numerical computation and simulation similar to MATLAB/Simulink.
  • Simantics System Dynamics – used for modelling and simulating large hierarchical models with multidimensional variables created in a traditional way with stock and flow diagrams and causal loop diagrams.
  • SimPy - an open-source discrete-event simulation package based on Python.
  • Simulation of Urban MObility - an open-source traffic simulation package.
  • SOFA - an open-source framework for multi-physics simulation with an emphasis on medical simulation.
  • SU2 code - an open-source framework for computational fluid dynamics simulation and optimal shape design.
  • Step - an open-source two-dimensional physics simulation engine (KDE).
  • Tortuga - an open-source software framework for discrete-event simulation in Java.
  • UrbanSim – an open-source software to simulate land use, transportation and environmental planning.


Free Computational Fluid Dynamics Software For Mac
  • Adaptive Simulations - cloud based and fully automated CFD simulations.
  • AGX Dynamics - realtime oriented multibody and multiphysics simulation engine.
  • 20-sim - bond graph-based multi-domain simulation software.
  • Actran - finite element-based simulation software to analyze the acoustic behavior of mechanical systems and parts.
  • ADINA - engineering simulation software for structural, fluid, heat transfer, and multiphysics problems.
  • ACSL and acslX - an advanced continuous simulation language.
  • Simcenter Amesim - a platform to analyze multi-domain, intelligent systems and predict and optimize multi-disciplinary performance. Developed by Siemens PLM Software.
  • ANSYS - engineering simulation.
  • AnyLogic - a multi-method simulation modeling tool for business and science. Developed by The AnyLogic Company.
  • APMonitor - a tool for dynamic simulation, validation, and optimization of multi-domain systems with interfaces to Python and MATLAB.
  • Arena - a flowchart-based discrete event simulation software developed by Rockwell Automation
  • Automation Studio - a fluid power, electrical and control systems design and simulation software developed by Famic Technologies Inc.
  • Chemical WorkBench - a chemical kinetics simulation software tool developed by Kintech Lab.
  • CircuitLogix - an electronics simulation software developed by Logic Design Inc.
  • COMSOL Multiphysics - a predominantly finite element analysis, solver and simulation software package for various physics and engineering applications, especially coupled phenomena, or multi-physics.
  • CONSELF - browser based CFD and FEA simulation platform.
  • DX Studio - a suite of tools for simulation and visualization.
  • Dymola - modeling and simulation software based on the Modelica language.
  • Ecolego - a simulation software tool for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic and probabilistic simulations.
  • EcosimPro - continuous and discrete modelling and simulation software.
  • Enterprise Architect - a tool for simulation of UML behavioral modeling, coupled with Win32 user interface interaction.
  • Enterprise Dynamics - a simulation software platform developed by INCONTROL Simulation Solutions.
  • ExtendSim - simulation software for discrete event, continuous, discrete rate and agent-based simulation.
  • FEATool Multiphysics - finite element physics and PDE simulation toolbox for MATLAB.
  • Flexsim - discrete event simulation software.
  • Fluent, Inc. - simulation software for fluid flow, turbulence, heat transfer, and reactions for industrial applications.
  • GoldSim - simulation software for system dynamics and discrete event simulation, embedded in a Monte Carlo framework.
  • HyperWorks - multi-discipline simulation software
  • IDA ICE - equation-based (DAE) software for building performance simulation
  • IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) - holistic building performance analysis and simulation software
  • Isaac dynamics - dynamic process simulation software for conventional and renewable power plants.
  • iThink - system dynamics and discrete event modeling software for business strategy, public policy, and education. Developed by isee systems.
  • JMAG - simulation software for electric device design and development.
  • Khimera - a chemical kinetics simulation software tool developed by Kintech Lab.
  • Lanner WITNESS - a discrete event simulation platform for modelling processes and experimentation.
  • Lanner L-SIM Server - Java-based simulation engine for simulating BPMN2.0 based process models.
  • MADYMO – automotive and transport safety software developed by Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research
  • Maple - a general-purpose computer algebra system developed and sold commercially by Waterloo Maple Inc.
  • MapleSim - a multi-domain modeling and simulation tool developed by Waterloo Maple Inc.
  • MATLAB - a programming, modeling and simulation tool developed by MathWorks.
  • Mathematica - a computational software program based on symbolic mathematics, developed by Wolfram Research.
  • Micro Saint Sharp - a general purpose discrete event software tool using a graphical flowchart approach and on the C# language, developed by Alion Science and Technology.
  • ModelCenter - a framework for integration of third-party modeling and simulation tools/scripts, workflow automation, and multidisciplinary design analysis and optimization from Phoenix Integration.
  • NEi Nastran - software for engineering simulation of stress, dynamics, and heat transfer in structures.
  • NI Multisim - an electronic schematic capture and simulation program.
  • Plant Simulation - plant, line and process simulation and optimization software, developed by Siemens PLM Software.
  • PLECS - a tool for system-level simulations of electrical circuits. Developed by Plexim.
  • PRO/II - software for steady state chemical process simulation and extensively used by oil and gas refineries.
  • Project Team Builder - a project management simulator used for training and education.
  • ProLB - a computational fluid dynamics simulation software based on the Lattice Boltzmann method.
  • PSF Lab - calculates the point spread function of an optical microscope under various imaging conditions based on a rigorous vectorial model.
  • RoboLogix - robotics simulation software developed by Logic Design Inc.
  • Ship Simulator - a vehicle simulation computer game by VSTEP which simulates maneuvering various ships in different environments.
  • Simcad Pro - Process simulation software with On-The-Fly model changes while the simulation is running. Lean analysis, VR, and physics. Developed by CreateASoft, Inc. Chicago USA
  • SimEvents - a part of MathWorks which adds discrete event simulation to the MATLAB/Simulink environment.
  • SimScale - a web-based simulation platform, with CFD, FEA, and thermodynamics capabilities.
  • SIMUL8 - software for discrete event or process based simulation.
  • Simulations Plus - modeling and simulation software for pharmaceutical research
  • SimulationX - modeling and simulation software based on the Modelica language.
  • Simulink - a tool for block diagrams, electrical mechanical systems and machines from MathWorks.
  • SRM Engine Suite - engineering tool used for simulating fuels, combustion and exhaust gas emissions in IC engine applications.
  • STELLA - system dynamics and discrete event modeling software for business strategy, public policy, and education. Developed by isee systems.
  • TRNSYS - software for dynamic simulation of renewable energy systems, HVAC systems, building energy use and both passive and active solar systems.
  • Vensim - system dynamics and continuous simulation software for business and public policy applications.
  • VisSim - system simulation and optional C-code generation of electrical, process, control, bio-medical, mechanical and UML State chart systems.
  • Vortex (software) - a complete simulation platform featuring a realtime physics engine for rigid body dynamics, an image generator, desktop tools (Editor and Player) and more. Also available as Vortex Studio Essentials, a limited free version.
  • Wolfram SystemModeler – modeling and simulation software based on the Modelica language.
  • Working Model – a 2D dynamic simulator with connections to SolidWorks.(a demo, with SAVE disabled, is free)
  • VisualSim Architect – an electronic system-level software for modeling and simulation of electronic systems, embedded software and semiconductors.
  • VSim - a multiphysics simulation software tool designed to run computationally intensive electromagnetic, electrostatic, and plasma simulations.
  • zSpace – creates physical science applications

Free Cfd Software Mac

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