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Using 'Copy to Music', TouchCopy copies tracks to the new Music app on macOS Catalina. Using 'Copy to Mac' instead let's you copy tracks to a different location on your Mac. TouchCopy is available as a free download, so you can try it and copy up to 100 tracks completely free of charge. PodTrans - Your #1 Free iPod Music Transfer. PodTrans is your reliable iPod music transfer. You’re totally free to transfer music from iPod to PC & Mac computer seamlessly. However, PodTrans has not been updated and will not be updated in the future. As an alternative, AnyTrans not only covers all features of PodTrans, but also brings you an.

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Transfer iPhone music to the new Music App

To copy music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to Mac, follow these steps..

  1. Download and install TouchCopy on your Mac.
  2. Launch TouchCopy and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  3. Open the Music section.
  4. Select the songs and playlists you wish to copy. You can select multiple tracks and playlists by shift-clicking or CMD-Clicking them in TouchCopy.
  5. Click 'Copy to Music' in TouchCopy.
  6. TouchCopy will open the Music app and start populating it with music from your device.

Using 'Copy to Music', TouchCopy copies tracks to the new Music app on macOS Catalina. Using 'Copy to Mac' instead let's you copy tracks to a different location on your Mac.

TouchCopy is available as a free download, so you can try it and copy up to 100 tracks completely free of charge.

You can also transfer other data types using TouchCopy, so look no further if you need to print text messages, transfer contacts, export photos and more!

Free Download For PCFree Download For Mac

Backing up your iPhone, iPod or iPad is always a good idea - the more frequent the backup, the better. But remember, you can't get at files in a general iPhone backup on your Mac.

If you need to transfer your music from your Apple device to the new Music App on Mac, you'll need TouchCopy. TouchCopy has been updated so that it is compatible with macOS Catalina, so you can try it straight away.

With TouchCopy, you can transfer Music from your Apple device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) into the new Music App with a click of a button. The screenshot below shows how you can browse, play and copy music from your Apple device to your Mac. Hitting 'Copy to Music' will copy your selected music directly into your new Music App.

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Aug 08,2019 • Filed to: iPhone Music Transfer • Proven solutions

Looking for a good music transfer app to transfer music from iPhone to PC? Well, then you’re in luck! Down below, we’re going to be introducing you to 10 of the best programs available in the market this year 2019. For this, we’re going to be focusing on apps that can initiate a dual transfer between both an iOS device and your iTunes library. However, some of the programs listed might also be known for other features or benefits. Either way, continue reading in order to be introduced to the best music transfer application for both Windows and Mac PCs!

Part 1. Top 5 Best Music transfer App to Transfer Music from iPhone6/7/8/SE/X/XR/XS/XS Max to Windows

The first group of transfer software that we’re going to be introducing are known Windows transfer programs — although a lot of them also have versions available for Mac OS computers. These first five are definitely the best of the best. With basic intuitive interfacing and premium transfer features. This compilation will include everything you need to know about each of the programs. Including the price of the program, where you can download it from, how it works, and the pros and cons of using each program.

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1. iMusic


Price: [FREE Trial Available] $39.95 per year or $59.95 for the lifetime license .

The very first program on our list is the iMusic transfer app (which is available on both Windows/Mac OS.) This is, without a doubt, the best of the best. A testament proved by its sleek and yet intuitive interface, which makes it perfect for beginners and experienced users alike. With iMusic, there’s nothing you ever really need to worry about. Everything that you need for transferring Music between device and PC is made available to you in a way that is easy to use and understand.

iMusic - The Best Music Transfer App to Transfer Music from iPhone6/7/8/SE/X/XR/XS/XS Max to Windows

  • Equipped with the best music transfer app feature to transfer music /video from iPhone6/7/8/SE/X/XR/XS/XS Max/android to Windows.
  • Copy Files to iOS/Android Devices. Put music, playlists, videos, audiobooks and more from Mac/PC to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
  • Download Music from 3000+ Sites. Download music from YouTube, Dailymotion, Spotify, etc 3000 music sites for free.
  • Record Music from Radio Stations. Record any song that you can play on your PC/Mac with ID3 tags attached.
  • Create your music library from thousands of online music sites or music playlists to enjoy anywhere.
  • Remove music DRM protection and convert downloaded M4P music files to MP3 format.
  • Ability to burn downloaded songs and playlists to CDs with iMusic.

Key Features of iMusic

  • NO LIMIT Transfer of Music/Playlist from Device to iTunes.
  • Quick and Efficient transfer of Music/Playlist from iTunes to Device.
  • Convenient Music/Playlist transfer between two devices.
  • Full Media backup for future restoration purposes.
  • Duplication Detection System in order to prevent the waste of storage space.

How to Use iMusic-Best Music Transfer App to Transfer Music from iPhone6/7/8/SE/X/XR/XS/XS Max to Windows

Step 1 — Launch iMusic to Device

You can download the iMusic transfer software from the official website, a FREE trial is available for you to be able to try out its features! Now, upon launching the program, you’ll find four stationary tabs at the top-center of the screen. Select the DEVICE tab (marked with a red circle in the image below) and proceed.

Free Software To Transfer Music From Ipod To Mac

Step 2 — Move Music from iPhone to iTunes

Once you are on the DEVICE page, you should be able to see the options available for you. Of course, for our purpose of moving data from iOS to our PC, we’re going to select the Transfer Music to iTunes option!

Step 3 — Start Scan

Almost done! iMusic will need your approval for it to be able to access the files on your device and your iTunes. This is to confirm that there would be no duplication of data when it is passed to and from the phone and your PC. Click Start in order to allow iMusic to scan both of your devices.

Step 4 — Select and Copy

The only thing left for you to do is to select the files on your device that you want to transfer to your iTunes library. Once you’ve chosen, finish it up by clicking the Copy to iTunes button, and you’re good to go!

2. dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)


Price: $39.95 per year (up to $79.95 per year for business license).

The second transfer app on this list is dr.fone. In reality, it’s pretty much on par with what iMusic offers. At least, in terms of available features and amazing design. However, it’s a much bigger program too, and because of that, is much more expensive (you’ll have to pay the subscription price in order to be able to use it.) If you’re looking for a program for all your transfer needs, then you might be interested in dr.fone. Just know that it costs just the slightest bit more than the rest because you’ll be paying for the full premium package.


  • Feature-packed software with premium and advanced transfer/restoration tools.
  • Transfer data efficiently and intuitively with media transfer .
  • Repair, Restore, Erase, etc. with premium data management tools.


  • Subscription-based (Full/Permanent License is unavailable).
  • FREE trial available but limited in features.
  • Expensive yearly payments required — $39.95 per year minimum.

3. Syncios


Price: $29.95

Although a lot more basic than the first to programs that we introduced, Syncios does deserve acknowledgment. The fact that it is simple does not necessarily make it worse than the program above it. It’s just a matter of preference and how the user wants to be able to use their data transfer app. In the end, the important feature here is the fact that it will allow you to transfer, recover, and manage media between your device and your PC.


  • Automatic & Manual Data transfer between device and PC.
  • Data Recovery and Restoration tools.
  • Media transfer tools available for audio, video, contacts, etc.


  • Offers a Limited FREE trial that locks certain tools.
  • Full License costs $29.95 up front.
  • Was created primarily for music transfer, which is why transferring other types of data might not go as smoothly.

4. Tenorshare iCareFone


Price: $39.95 per year (Subscription-based) OR Full-License for $49.95.

iCareFone is similar to Syncios in that it is just the slightest bit more basic than the programs above it. That does not make it worse, but it definitely doesn’t make it better. Especially when you consider the premium price tag attached to it. As of right now, iCareFone is unavailable to beat the others in terms of interfacing and design. However, if it is all you have access to, then the important part is that you will be able to use it for media transfer for most modern devices.


  • Media Transfer compatibility for iOS and PC .
  • Restoration and Recovery tools available in case of data loss.
  • Other Media Transfer tools are available for videos, photos, contacts, etc.


  • iCareFone does offer a FREE trial, but it locks certain features.
  • Subscription-price and full-license is expensive.
  • Its premium price tag does not necessarily match up with its basic design.

5. iSkysoft iTransfer


Price: (Subscription-based) 49.95 per year.

Like dr.fone, iTransfer is completely subscription-based. This is a type of cost that really piles up over time, and that is why it is much lower than the other programs on this list — even though its capabilities are primarily the same. In fact, you shouldn’t see much of a difference between this program and “iMyFone” (which we will introduce later on.) Some might argue that the premium price tag is due to its extra media transfer capabilities (not just for music but also photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc.) However, that is not such a big feat.


  • Wide Variety of Media Transfer tools (for music, photos, videos, contacts, etc.)
  • Automatic transfer of music from iPhone to Computer.
  • Premium toolbox for managing data.

Transfer Ipod Music To Macbook


  • Subscription-based program (yearly payments required).
  • FREE Trial is available but limited.
  • The minimum cost of subscription costs $49.95 per year.

Part 3. Top 5 Music transfer App to Transfer Music from iPhone6/7/8/SE/X/XR/XS/XS Max to Mac

For our next list, we’re going to be introducing you to Mac transfer apps! Just remember, that most of the programs we introduced in the Windows list are available for Mac as well. So, this list might not be entirely accurate when it comes to the best program you can use on a Mac. However, it will still introduce you to 5 completely new transfer apps that you can use in order to transfer music from iPhone to your Mac PC.

1. Senuti


Price: FREE

The first transfer software on this list, surprisingly enough, is free. Don’t celebrate just yet, however. It will work in a pinch, it’s meant to be a program that you use for basic and simple transfers. Still, for a beginner, despite its non-complicated interface, it might be a little difficult to use. It’s a lot older than some of the other programs as well — making it slower and unfortunately not as compatible with certain devices. So. if you use it, make sure to keep those features in mind.


  • 100% FREE music transfer app.
  • Classic Mac OS interfacing.
  • Transfer between an iOS device and Mac PC available.


Free App To Copy Music From Ipod To Mac Pro

  • Limited only to Mac OS Computers.
  • Lacking heavily in premium and advanced features offered by other programs.
  • Is not compatible with certain iOS devices .

2. MOBILedit


Price: FREE

Again, we have yet another FREE program with MOBILedit. It is, similar to Senuti, a bit troublesome in some cases. The fact that it is free earned it a fairly high spot, but because it is open-source, it’s definitely lacking when it comes to certain features that we’ve come to expect with the types of software that we use. The overall takeaway here is that it is there if you need it, but it’s not something we’d recommend for beginners who want to be able to transfer their music quickly and without any unnecessary stress.


  • FREE (no-restriction or trial period) .
  • Media transfer between iOS and Mac PC is available.
  • Built-in automatic media converter.


  • Complex interface that is not suitable for beginners.
  • Lacking in advanced or premium transfer managing tools.
  • Much like most open-source programs, it is known for bugs and periods of uncooperativeness.

3. Xilisoft iPod Rip for Mac


Price: $29.95

For our third program, we have the iPod Rip. Which is priced very similarly to our third pick on the Windows side (Syncios.) The main issue we have with this program is the fact that it is pretty lacking. Not in the most obvious of ways. You should still be able to do what you need to do. However, it doesn’t have complete support when it comes to certain iOS generations (which might prove to be very limiting if you’re using an older model of the iPhone.)


  • Full device storage preview.
  • Two-way transfer capabilities between iOS devices and Mac PC.
  • Available both for Mac & Windows OS.


  • Limited FREE trial available that locks certain premium features.
  • Full program cost is $29.95 for the full license.
  • Certain iPod, iPads, iPhones, etc. are not supported (be careful as you might not be able to use it for your own device).

4. iMyFone TunesMate


Price: (Subscription-based) $39.95 per year OR (Full-License) $49.95

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iMyFone is the program we mentioned earlier when we introduced iCareFone. As we said then, the two programs are honestly very similar. The way they’re built and the pricing for both programs are identical. The only difference lies in the design choice (which is really just a matter of preference at this point.) In the end, much like its twin, it’s not necessarily a bad program. It’s just the fact that you have to consider the cost and whether its basic interface is worth such a premium price.


  • Media Transfer available for iOS devices and Mac PC.
  • Data Management tools provided for adding, removing, exporting, etc. data.
  • Simplest interface created to be highly user-friendly.


  • Offers a Limited FREE trial (locks certain features and tools).
  • Requires either a yearly payment of $39.95 or an up-front one-time payment of $49.95.
  • Lacks certain advanced or premium features offered by other music transfer apps that precede it.

5. iCopyBot


Price: FREE

We have our third FREE program on this list with iCopyBot. This one, unlike the first two, is very basic. It doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to unique interfacing or even advanced features. However, that is fairly expected from an open-source program. It’s not something that we’d recommend for those who want a stress-free experience. Despite the lack of cost, it can be a bit uncooperative at times, with bugs and errors (which, admittedly, is a characteristic of most if not all open-source programs.)


  • FREE open-source program.
  • Manages data transfer between certain iOS devices and Mac PC.
  • A straight forward transfer process.


  • Lacks any premium or advanced media transfer tools.
  • Incompatible with certain iPod, iPad, etc. generations.
  • Much like most open-source programs, it is prone to bugs and lagging — which can greatly disrupt workflow and create unnecessary stress.

Part 3. The Comparison Table Between These 10 Music Transfer Apps, Which one is the Best?

Features iMusic dr.fone Syncios iCareFone iTransfer Senuti MOBIL edit Xillisoft iMyFone iCopyBot
IOS & ANDROID TO ITUNES Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MUSIC TAGS & COVER TOOLS Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes No
TRANSFER PLAYLIST VIA USB Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
BURN MUSIC TO CD Yes Yes No No Yes No No No Yes No

iMusic - Excellent iPod to iTunes Transfer Software to Transfer Music from ipod to iTunes

  • Automatic transfer of iPod music to iTunes library.
  • Record music in original quality and automatically split the ads.
  • Discover and download music from more than 300,000 songs.
  • Transfer music between any two devices directly without iTunes.
  • Fix music library intelligently with correct ID3 tags.

Conclusion: Thus, concludes our quick compilation of the Top 10 Best Music Transfer Apps for transferring music from iPhones to a Mac or Windows PC! As you’ve no doubt learned, there are many available out there. It’s just a matter of finding one that will suit you the most. However, if you want a blanket recommendation (one that will work for people of all types — the inexperienced, experienced, etc.) The program we’d suggest trying out before anything else is the iMusic transfer software. It is, without a doubt, the most helpful program. Especially for transferring music from iPhone to a Mac or Windows PC!