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  1. Best Anti Keylogger Software For Mac

If you have reason to suspect that someone has installed a keylogger on your system, erasing it and reinstalling everything from scratch is going to be the only way you can be certain that the keylogger is removed. Any anti-malware software could miss something, regardless of the developer's claims.

Best Anti Keylogger Software For Mac

As to prevention, the best approach is to just make sure that no one has physical access to your computer without your supervision and to keep the system secure from remote access by turning off unneeded services and using strong administrator passwords. Physical access, remote access or trickery are the only ways someone can install a keylogger onto your system.

Oct 01, 2018  A keylogger is a free software that sits silently in the background and watches for the keystrokes that a user types. And it keeps logging those keystrokes in a file. There are some nice keylogger software for Windows that you can use. But in this particular post, I will list some free software that can be used on a MAC PC to log user’s. 'KeyScrambler from QFX Software can protect users from phishing emails and malicious websites that deploy key logging software to mine your personal details.' - BBC News 'KeyScrambler is a powerful tool that can effectively protect even against new keylogging malware.' A detailed comparison table of the best keyloggers for macOS for 2018. Mac OS X keystroke loggers have been compared and reviewed by our team of experts, so now you can easily choose, download or purchase the best OS X monitoring software for employee surveillance, parental control, etc.


Aug 2, 2013 9:26 AM

Every day, there’s a big chance that your safety might be put at risk. Why? Because there are plenty of people out there who are always on the offensive and always looking for a victim, especially in the World Wide Web where hackers and virtual attackers are constantly prowling around its vast space.


However, there’s no need for you to panic. There are ways for you to defend yourself against their attacks. One way is to get an anti-keylogger program or an Anti-Keyboard Logger Software. We’ll talk more about what these software do after the following samples we have below.

Guarded ID

Oxynger KeyShield


Elite Anti Keylogger v3

An anti-keylogger, or anti-keystroke logger, is a kind of software that detects if the computer you’re using has a Keystroke Logger Software installed in it. They also have the capability to disable or delete keyloggers in your system. This type of software have tons of benefits and features that’ll be super helpful to you. Here are some of the features that’ll definitely be for your benefit:

  • Keystroke Encryption
    There’ll be a lot of hackers aiming to gain sensitive information from you by using your keyboard driver. With this software, your keystrokes will be encrypted. This will protect you from keyloggers who exploit the vulnerabilities of your operating system.
  • Protection at Its Maximum
    Whether you’re using a Bluetooth, USB, PS2, or wireless keyboards, this type of software will definitely not discriminate and protect all kinds of keyboards. It is even capable of encrypting all international keyboards as well.
  • Screenshot Prevention
    Some of the malware out there have the ability to take screenshots of your computer screen. If you were looking at valuable data, then it could be captured by attackers. However, this software is also able to stop screen scraping malware from doing its mischievous deeds.
  • No More Clickjacks
    With the use of sophisticated viruses or phony webpages, hackers have the ability to “clickjack.” These will let them freely click and open anything on your computer. With this software’s help, invisible clickjacking attacks will be detected and you’ll be safe from them.
  • 24-7 Monitoring
    Being able to monitor your driver is important when it comes to keeping your computer safe. This software is capable of exposing keyloggers, malicious drivers, etc., and it warns you about it as well. It displays the name of the suspected driver and it’ll let you choose what actions you’d like to take.

KeyScrambler 3.10

Global AntiSpy Solutions Anti-Keylogger

Keylogger Detector for Windows


Little Snitch for Mac

Zemana AntiLogger – Most Popular Software

Those were some of the useful benefits of an anti-keylogger software. They have a bunch of other helpful features for you, so if you’d like to know more about them, just try out some of the sample software here. You can also do further research about them, if you deem it necessary.


Safety and security are two of the most important things you need to keep your mind on when using a computer. Always be mindful of the words you’re typing, the websites you’re visiting, and the people you’re talking to. Equip your computer with powerful defenses, like Antispyware Software, so you wouldn’t be vulnerable to any form of attack.

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