Fender Rhodes Software Synthesizer Mac

’70s Analog Synth Lead uses virtual analog oscillators and filters to re-create a classic analog lead sound.

Short Plucky Synth uses the Transform Pad to instantly jump or slowly morph between variations of the original sound.

  • Feb 13, 2011  UVI Electric Piano is a new virtual Fender Rhodes for the Mac, available via the Mac App Store.
  • The synth is easy to tweak, and you have a tremolo + wah wah effect. It’s not really a Rhodes piano emulation, but it’s perfect for deep house chord. Soft clean deep house chord.
  • Mar 8, 2020 - VST Recording with soft samples and MIDI functionality. See more ideas about Moog synthesizer, Recording equipment and Drum machine.

Luscious Arp Layers uses multiple arpeggiators on different virtual analog sources within a single instrument to produce complex musical patterns. Roland bn 20 software mac.

This clip features Brassy Jazz Ensemble, a stack of additive synth brass mixed with sampled analog synth strings.

Multiple arpeggiators drive a variety of sample sounds and synthesis techniques, including virtual analog and additive, via modulation.

The Dark Currents preset shows how complex wobble-bass parts can be created with simple notes and sweeping movements on the Transform Pad.

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Future Wobble Bass combines four additive synth sounds with complex modulations, all easily controlled from the Transform Pad.

Fender Rhodes Software Synthesizer Machine

Jun 25, 2017  The Rhodes sound is the real audio from the piano. The rest of the sounds are instruments and samples included in Live Suite. The wireless Numark Orbit makes a brief appearance for a sick filter sweep. Gear Used: 1971 Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase with MIDI and built-in stereo spring reverb; 2010 Apple Macbook Pro; Ableton Live Suite 9.

Fender Rhodes Synthesizer

Fender Rhodes Software Synthesizer Mac

The Classic preset stacks three virtual analog sources with complex modulations for a modern update on classic ’80s analog synth leads.

A combination of presets showcases a wide range of sounds, including cavernous percussion, morphing sound effects, and a uniquely filtered lead.