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One of the biggest headaches for many families is coordinating schedules. From soccer practices to ballet recitals to a night without the kids, Family Sharing can also help you make sure everyone's where they need to be, when they need to be there. Once you enable Family Sharing, a shared calendar is automatically created for you. All you have left to do is start using it!

Cozi is the must-have organizer for families. It helps coordinate and communicate everyone’s schedules and activities, track grocery lists, manage to do lists, plan ahead for dinner, and keep the whole family on the same page. Get Cozi - it's free! Learn about everything Cozi has to offer. Set the Default Calendar App First, you can set the default calendar app. You could choose a different calendar app here, but Apple Calendar will be good enough to do just about all you want to do, and it’s hard-baked into OS X. The best option is to make sure that the default calendar app is set to “Calendar.”. FamCal - a shared family calendar app, is designed for family connection. Combine calendars, events, tasks, notes, contacts and birthday reminders in one place so that you can easily keep everyone. Oct 20, 2017  But it seems the calendar cannot be shared, right clicking has the shared part greyed out. The only calendar that it seems can be shared is the main calendar on the acc. I just really want to get the ICS link for the shared family calendar so I can put it in outlook 365 and also add it to the calendar app on my Mac.

How to use Family Sharing with the Calendar app

  1. Launch the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad once you've enabled and set up Family Sharing already.
  2. Create a new event or tap on an existing one that you'd like to appear on the family calendar.
  3. Tap on Calendar.
  4. Choose the calendar labeled Family.
  5. Fill out your event and tap Add on the top right of your screen.

Everyone that's in your Family Sharing group will see anything that is added to the Family calendar via the Calendar app. They'll also receive any notifications linked to events so everyone can stay on top of who needs to be where and when.


Family Calendar App For Mac

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Updated May 2018: Everything's up to date for the latest version of iOS.


Family Calendar App For Mac Computer


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