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Commander One features

Perfect Finder alternative

Commander One enhances everything that Finder is capable of. You can use it to manage files in two panes simultaneously, set up hotkeys for quick access, or view hidden files. The app also allows you to enable Brief Mode for viewing and managing multiple files at once.

Simultaneously get connected to multiple servers, easily switch between apps and servers, copy between them with drag and drop, compare two text or media files in a blink. All with a proper split screen view of a robust dual pane file manager and file transfer client for macOS. Mar 24, 2020  Dual pane view is a great upgrade comparing to the Finder app on Mac. With one click, you are able to switch between one pane and dual pane view. Dual pane is built for productivity. You can have two folders open in one same window. Moving, copying, comparing, etc. Missing the all-mighty dual-pane file manager on Mac? Well, this is no longer necessary. With Commander One, a superb Finder alternative built for macOS, you’ll be able to toggle across all your files in two panels. Convenient search, file archiver, FTP client, and lots of other goodies. Commander One PRO is a revolutionary file manager for Mac with dual-panel interface. Completely developed in Swift, it provides multiple advanced tools for efficient work with your files, folders, documents, archives, remote servers and computer processes. “This app is everything OS X Finder wants to be” Cultofmac.com.

Jan 30, 2020  Nimble Commander Pro (was Files Pro) is a modern file manager designed specifically for Mac computers. It is built with efficiency in mind, providing blazing performance and immediate user-interface feedback. On other hand, Files exploits the classic dual-pane ideology and traditional hotkeys layout, while maintaining a clean, minimalist UI design.

Search using RegExp

Advanced search for advanced file management: Search by file contents or via Spotlight, use Regular Expressions for extra precision, and track files across archives. You can customize your search settings in Commander One’s search window — all in one place.

Clouds and network servers, connected

Flexibly manage files across cloud accounts and network servers right from the app. Commander One has a built-in FTP client for remote server connections. You can also integrate any number of your favorite cloud accounts into the app — from Dropbox to Google Drive to Amazon S3, and more.

Dual Pane App To View Files On Mac Free

Access content from any device

The app supports iOS, MTP, and Android file transfer, which means you can use it to manage content stored anywhere. Connect any device to Mac — be it an iPad, Android phone, or camera — and Commander One will make it available as a mounted drive.

An all-mighty archiver

Commander One is also a great archiver that can unpack any file — so that you don’t have to switch to third-party tools. It works with ZIP, RAR, TBZTGZ, and 7z. A spoiler: The compression functionality is on its way, enabling you to search across compressed files inside the app.

Have all processes controlled

Keep track of every active process on your Mac via Commander One’s Process Viewer. In one handy pane, you can monitor everything that’s going on on your computer, get detailed information about the processes, and quit any of them in one click.

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Dual Pane App To View Files On Mac Windows 10

Discovered @PDFpen via @Setapp. Worth it just for the stellar OCR job it does on poorly-scanned assigned readings. Now to start playing with all those PDF editing features..