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Having artistic skills is nothing more than a gift, some are talented and have an art sense right from the beginning and some tends to harness their ability to do art by doing lots of hard work. Either way around they both tend to be an artist. Apart from that, in today’s time, digital art is becoming a thing, since it helps an artist to create a bit more good looking artworks and that too with ease because of the advanced computer drawing software. Well, you don’t have to worry about that, since there are many free drawing software for Mac available.


Although, if you have a Mac, then you might be wondering what you may have to buy such drawing software in order to pursue such talent and hard work digitally. In this article, we will explain some of these free drawing programs available for Macbook, which tend to provide similar features as the ones in Adobe Suite. Whereas, based on the information about the free drawing software available for Macbook one can choose to download the drawing software which suits their needs in the best way possible.

So, Let’s get started.

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  • 1 Top Free Drawing Software for Mac

Top Free Drawing Software for Mac

Drawing software, programs that are capable of taking your drawing skills to the next level and helps you achieve that next level with ease. These programs help users create professional-grade sketches, vectors, and concept art and that too with pretty ease. Although, one still would require artistic skills. Apart from that, these drawing programs also require you to pay a set amount in order to attain its subscription, and mainly it is experienced by Mac users. Adobe Suite is one such software which offers almost every feature but in order to access all those on your Mac, you will be required to pay a particular amount.

Although, listed below are some of the free drawing software which you can download on your Mac. As they can help you save a lot of money which you can later use to buy better drawing equipment like a good drawing tablet. Therefore these free drawings programs are as follows:

Cute Diary App

1. Krita

Kritais a well-known software created by digital artists for digital artists. The developers of this software wanted to share their tools with everyone. It is a perfect practice software and can be used by you, even if you are just beginning your career as a professional digital artist. Apart from that, this particular application website also features free learning resources for you to understand the software a lot better.

The app is a full-fledged package of everything that a digital artist requires. It consists of a highly customizable UI followed by various brush engines and stabilizers, pop-up colour pallets, and advanced resources management, And the thing worth considering is that it is a software which is available on Windows, Mac OS and even on Linux.


Krita is software which strictly designed to meet the needs of a concept as well as comic book artists, rather than illustrators.

2. Inkscape

Well, if you are an artist who generally works on the vector form of the digital art then you should check what Inkscape has to offer. Inkscape is an open-source software which is created to full fill the needs of a vector-based artist, web designers and illustrators. If we compare it to the famous Adobe Illustrator, it can give a tough competition to it based on the price tag the Adobe Illustrator hold for it, and that too, if we look on the plus side, it also offers almost similar UI layout as that of an older iteration of Adobe Illustrator.

Apart from the looks and comparison, the Inkscape offers its users with enough amount of features and tools by using which one can create professional vectors. Other than that, the software also provides its users with the ability to supports multi-line text and a bunch of file formats which one might need based on the project he/she is working on. There is also a colour selector tool at the bottom which is pretty small as well as a handy and useful feature highlight of the application.

3. Autodesk SketchBook

Another, one of the best free drawing app available for Mac is “Autodesk Sketchbook“. As of the name, the company did maintain it since the software by far has been one of the best drawings software available for Mac and that too for quite a long time and it still remains the same. Whereas if talk about it now, the software in the current time is set to be completely free, meaning that you can use the full version of the software without even paying anything for it. Hence, now making it one of the best free drawing software.

Features like minimalistic UI which tends to adjust itself to not interfere while you work to create an artwork making it a pretty easy to create artwork without any disturbance meaning that it dissolves itself in such a way that user won’t have any distraction because of the UI. Whereas if we talk about other features, the software offers almost 140+ brushes, various blending modes, and an unlimited number of layers which you can choose to group as well. As for the addition, the software also supports rulers, perspective strokes as well as predictive strokes.

Therefore the above features explain why the Autodesk Sketchbook is one of the best free drawing software for Mac available in the market.

4. FireAlpaca

Known as one of the lightest free drawing software, FireAlpacais a pretty great free drawing software if you tend to use an older Mac. Although, FireAlpaca is not as great as the other free drawing software but tends to offer enough brushes, colour pallets, layers option and ability to create really cool vector art. Apart from that, it also features a 3D perspective tool which grants you the ability to snap different objects in the grid.

Hence, due to its impressive lightweight, it is a pretty good learning tool for beginner artists who simply can’t afford to buy a pretty High-end Mac system. Since it was designed and created to work seamlessly on older generations of Mac systems.



Keep in mind that the software is capable to run on Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

5. MediBang Paint

Mediabang Paint also one of the best free drawing software for Mac which in general focuses over the creation of manga and comic art. Artists who tend to create artworks for comics and manga have a great time working with this free drawing software. As for the features of this software, it tends to provide the users with various types of tools including over 800 tones/backgrounds, over 50 brushes as well as 20 fonts style, which helps create pretty impressive manga as well as comic artwork.

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Also, because of its ease of use, it is a perfect tool for the artist who is just beginning their career as an artist in manga and comic creation industries and as for a plus moment, the app is completely free, despite you owning a Mac. Apart from that, the software also features a cross-platform integration via the cloud. This particular feature grants you the freedom to start off a work on a Mac and later on lets you pick it up on iPad or iPhone itself. Making it pretty easy for you, if you seem to travel a lot since you won’t have to carry your Mac here and there.

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Although, the UI on the iPhone might seem a bit congested and cluttered it is pretty responsive and simply performs as per the expectations.

Cute Diary App Mac Os Drawings

Final Words

As for the new artist or the old ones who just simply don’t want to invest their money in buying the drawing software rather invest their money to buy a better drawing tab which may help them in creating artworks with ease. The software listed above is some of the best free drawing programs one can download on their Mac systems. They tend to provide users with similar features which Adobe suite has to offer whereas in some cases free programs excel in the feature category as compared to the one present in Adobe suite.

Therefore, based on the knowledge about different free drawing software, a Mac user can simply choose to download the one which suits his/her needs in the best way possible.