Celestia 3d Solar System Astronomy Software For Windows And Mac

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Celestia 3d Solar System Astronomy Software For Windows And Mac Download

Celestia 3d solar system astronomy software for windows and mac pro

Celestia 3d Solar System Astronomy Software For Windows And Mac Windows 7

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Celestia 3d Solar System Astronomy Software For Windows And Mac Pro

Gaia Sky is a real-time, 3D, astronomy visualisation software that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. It is developed in the framework of ESA's Gaia mission to chart about 1 billion stars of our Galaxy in the Gaia group of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ZAH, Universität Heidelberg).
- Free and open source - Gaia Sky is open and free, and will stay this way. Contribute to the development and translations.
- From Gaia to the cosmos - Move freely through the cosmos or explore the Solar System in a seamless manner!
- Gaia - Observe Gaia in its orbit and discover its movement in the sky and its attitude.
- Virtual Reality - The whole Universe in VR!
- 6D exploration - Represents star positions but also proper motions and radial velocities, if available.
- Planetary surfaces - Explore surfaces with elevation maps (using tessellation, if available).
- 3D-ready - With 6 stereoscopic modes: Anaglyphic (red-cyan), VR headset, 3DTV (H and V), cross-eye and parallel view.
- 360 mode - With sperhical (equirectangular), cylindrical and Hammer projections.
- Planetarium projection mode - Ready to produce videos for full dome systems.
- Use your data - Bundles Gaia DR2, NBG, SDSS and MWSC. Supports VOTable, FITS, CSV and others (STIL).
- Real-time filters - Filter any dataset by distance, magnitude, galactic, ecliptic, equatorial coordinates, and more.
- SAMP aware - Implements SAMP commands to interoperate with SAMP-ready software such as Topcat and Aladin.
- Navigate the galaxy - Support for controllers and gamepads makes navigating the Galaxy a piece of cake.
- Record and play your camera paths - Ready to record and play camera paths off-the-shelf.
- Scriptable and extensible - Use Python to script and extend the capabilities of the Gaia Sky.
- Internationalised - Translated so far to English, German, Spanish, French, Catalan and Slovenian.