Can I Lock An App On My Mac

Mar 30, 2017  Lock Your Mac With a Keyboard Shortcut. If you don’t want to wait for your Mac to go to sleep, you can quickly lock your Mac with a simple keyboard shortcut. If you’re using a newer Mac where the Power button is a key, just press Control+Shift+Power. If you’re using an older Mac with an optical drive, press Control+Shift+Eject instead. Mar 12, 2020  How to lock apps on Mac Method 1. Lock any app on Mac with AppCrypt. You can easily lock built-in apps and third-party apps on Mac with Cisdem AppCrypt, an easy-to-use powerful Mac app locker and website blocker. Lock any app on your Mac such as.

I have a list of pictures that I do not want to share or allow them to view those pictures. I need to hide in my Mac system. But if I use hide option to lock those photos then anyone who is expert technically will easily locate all files. Therefore, I am looking for an app that locks my photos very securely and safely. If there any tool like please suggest me.

Remo MORE is a wonderful tool that is developed using effective algorithms which provides a complex level password security. This app works on all latest versions of Mac OS X based machines in simple way. You can utilize this app to lock photos and any other files by providing password to enhance security. Photos types such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIF, GIF and many other supported by Remo MORE suit.

Can I Lock An App On My Mac

In addition, Remo MORE app supports multiple platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android. You can lock photos on any devices that are using above-mentioned operating systems. This application is available free of cost and requires 50 MB of space to installed.

After utilizing Remo MORE app to lock photos

  • You can avoid unauthorized users to access your confidential photos
  • You can give your system to others to access it without any tensions
  • You can easily browse photo gallery in your system

Why should I opt this application?

Can i lock an app on my mac computer
  • User friendly: This application comes in very user-friendly graphical interface that makes all users to navigate the application easily and you can successfully lock photos on your Mac system in simple steps.
  • Safe and secure: This application is more reliable and robust application and is completely free from virus and malware functions. Hence, it does locking process very securely and safely and even does not damage your application.
  • Free support: You can avail free technical support for 24*7 hours via email and live chat applications. You can raise any type of queries related to application and can expect replay as soon as possible.

Guidelines to lock photos on Mac system using Remo MORE app

Lg onscreen control software mac download. Opened System Preferences, hit the lock icon and entered my admin password. After mucking around, I only did two things that might have solved it.I quit LG Screen Manager. Then I launched LG Screen Manager.

Step 1: Download and install the Remo MORE app on your Mac system and start it. Choose 'Manage” option form the welcome screen. Next, you have to choose 'File Manager' from the second window as depicted in .

Step 2: In next screen choose “File Protector” option as depicted in .

Can I Lock An App On My Mac Computer

Step 3: Choose “File/Folder Locker” to lock your pictures folder with a password from this screen as depicted in .

Can I Lock An App On My Mac Iphone

Step 4: From this screen choose the destination of the picture folder which you wish to secure with password by utilizing the “Add Folders” option and click on “Lock” option to lock particular folder as depicted in