Best Virtual Machine Software Mac Os

There was a period in your life when you couldn’t even imagine having a different operating system on a single desktop. But, when human meets the technology, he always wants more from it. So it didn’t stop there. Expectations of the different operating system on a single machine were expected from the developers. At some moment in life, it happens when users like you are not satisfied with the single operating system on your machine. Due to today’s needs and development, you want multiple operating systems on your desktop. That is the time when we introduce the role of the virtual machine in the world. Let’s say you have Windows on your desktop but you also want Linux operating system due to increasing needs and work, then you can have both on the same desktop by using the technology of virtual machines. Also, not only that but you can also create combinations of several operating systems including the Chrome OS, Linux, Solaris, etc.

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Well, a virtual machine we can definitely say is a kind of application that enables you to run many operating systems at a single time and on the same physical hardware machine. It runs in a secure and isolated environment. Machines were started to make so compatible that multiple operating systems could be installed on a single machine in a very easy and simple way. In simple terms, you can run multiple operating systems simultaneously without creating any kind of problem. For example, you can run Apple’s latest operating system and Windows together using a virtual machine. And if you think virtual machine concept is limited to the desktop, then you are definitely wrong. Virtuality concept is now there on your smartphone devices as well.

The good news is that it’s open source and totally free, while the other VMware Fusion and Parallels (Virtual machine software) both requires that you purchase an annual license (which is yearly)to get future updates which pack more stability and improvements which sounds great but isn’t cheap on paper.

In simple terms, your system’s memory is being divided into different segments having huge advantages. You can have in respect of isolating experimental code. It actually creates a lot different in our lives, and that is a very simple way. Abstraction of things is also very easy. Dvd ripping software reviews.

Need and importance?

When you are actually running two operating systems at the same time, that means it is the need of the time. According to the world of technology which is increasing at such a fast pace, there is more to virtualization. Paralleling you would be able to handle many things at a single point of time. Like the Apple Mail and Safari, this is the best example. In the corporate world, the virtual machine plays such an important role.

Best Virtual Machine Software for Windows

1. VirtualBox

We can definitely say that VirtualBox is one of the best virtual machine software. The best of this is that it is free virtual machine software. It contains brimming and some terrific features which we can’t even imagine. It is a very powerful virtual machine software. It has more than just switching capabilities within the host desktop. Also, it is available on all the major platforms. This software also offers 3D virtualization. Not only this but also multiple screen resolutions and good hardware support. It features plain-text XML files for easy navigation. It is designed to aid users with sharing folders and drives among the guests and the host operating system. This software is worth trying for the Windows users.

2. Microsoft Hyper-V

This is again the free virtual machine software. It actually comes as a part of the Windows 10 Pro and the Windows server. And also, there is no additional cost to the Windows user. It has some very basic features and novice users can easily use it and don’t require professionals and experts. It creates a virtual server environment for beginners. Guest operating system actually supports Windows Server, Windows XP, Linux, etc. There is no virtual GPU support for the Linux specially and it is not even great.

3. VMware Workstation

For the VMware Workstation software is specifically used for the Windows operating system. It also permits the advanced level of 3D solutions and eliminating image and video degradation. It is a software with a robust set of functions. It actually covers a wide range of virtualization need. We can consider this in the list of best virtual machine software. It allows open standards for the virtual machine and the ability to create and run the virtual machine from competing vendors within that same product. It has some great and advanced features which make it even more interesting to use. It is totally free for personal use. And again the best part that it supports GPU virtualization. For more advanced features you need to pay at times to access them. VMware Workstation is a very mature product and delivers very good kind of sophisticated implementations. Paid is basically for the business use.

4. Windows Virtual PC

This software is listed under the category of freeware software. It is a free virtual machine kind of software which actually a very lightweight software application and doesn’t harm your desktop in any way possible. It actually gives an original Windows experience and runs very fast. This virtual PC for Windows is available for 32-bit Windows 7 and 64-bit Windows 7 desktops. But this can only un 32-bit Windows guest operating system.

5. VMware Player

Like Windows Virtual PC, VMware Player can also be counted under the category of freeware software for the virtual machine. Basically, for the personal use this is a freeware and will definitely allow you to mount and run the virtual machines directly from your Windows desktop is the very easy and simple way. Although, from an ISO it cannot create new virtual machines. Still, above all this, it is a powerful kind of a virtual machine software. Above all this, there is a greater version of VMware Player called as VMware Player Plus version which requires a purchasing of the license.

Best Virtual Machine Software for Mac

6. Parallels Desktop 14

Parallels Desktop 14 is listed under the category of best virtual machine. It can be definitely said that it is one of the best software for Mac users in terms of a virtual machine. It is actually unparalleled. This updated software sets fit for the recent version of Mac operating system. It allows emulating Windows 10, 8, 7, XP as a kind of the guest operating system. Multiple applications from the different operating systems can run simultaneously without creating any problem. This software has some very simple and basic functions and features. Also, specific features for the novice uses are provided and making it easier to use. It also supports advanced 3D graphics and the retina displays. It also provides tools for moving the files and folders in between the operating systems. It allows accessing the cloud storage easily. It provides quick access and full performance. It is very powerful as well.

7. Boot Camp

The most important note to be understood is that Boot Camp itself is not a virtual machine itself and hence requires some other software to do the application of that of a virtual machine. So it requires Parallels 14 to complete the task of that of a virtual machine. Also, you need to restart your desktop whenever you change or switch the operating system. You will need to boot the Windows directly when changing the operating system. This virtual machine software allows you to set up a partition on your hard drive so that you can easily install the Windows operating system of your kind of choice. The hard disk space actually splits to half and you will not be able to run the best out of the Mac operating system. This can be considered a disadvantage. Windows via Boot Camp actually leads you to the best experience than the normal other virtual machine software.

8. VMware Fusion

This VMware Fusion virtual machine software is basically for those who are wanting to run a restricted kind of virtual machine. It is created using the Pro or also called as Fusion Pro. VMware Fusion is designed for the Mac operating system. It is a free trial and then you have to pay for purchasing it permanently. But the basic version is free. Purchasing can be done for the Fusion Pro, required for the business purpose or want to access the advanced features. It works almost the same as the VMware Workstation for the Windows. It also contains some specific functionality of Mac. It also has a mode called as Unity Mode, which actually helps in hiding the Windows desktop interface in such an easy manner. It is compatible with Mac operating system with version 10.9 and above.

9. Wine 2.0

This kind of virtual machine software allows running Windows app without the Windows operating system itself. It translates the programming routines called as APIs into the Windows apps. So there is direct talk to the Mac operating system. Also, you don’t require extra memory to run Windows. It can provide more than just playing the role of a virtual machine. It can help in games and graphics apps as well. This virtual machine software for Mac can be used by the professionals and the experts and not by the novice users. It is a bit of a challenge to run this software. For the experts, this is one of the best virtual machine software. It is considered as an open-source program. And you can download it for free. It doesn’t require even the copy of Windows as well and can run without it and doesn’t create any problem as well.

10. Veertu

This virtual machine software, called as Vertu is free virtual software. It being free for Mac operating system enables you to run Windows and Linux operating systems on your Mac operating system. This actually helps you to design, create and manage the Windows virtual machines on your Mac desktop in very easy and sufficient way. It can be said as a virtualization solution. It delivers to the users, may it be professionals for the novice users a responsive experience. It is not so hard to deal with. It has a framework which takes care of the resource optimization.


At the end of the conclusion, we will definitely wrap by saying download them by clicking on the links provided and also they are worth trying. Not only that but you should be aware of the recent technologies of the world and should know how to use the memory in the most efficient way possible.

So what are you waiting for? Go and download it now and take the full experience of the virtual machine.

If you want to run Windows on your Mac there are two ways to do it. One is to partition your main drive using the built-in Bootcamp Assistant and then install Windows on the partition that doesn’t house macOS. You can then boot into whichever operating system you choose.

While that method means running Windows natively and so is optimal in terms of performance, it means you have to reboot every time you want to move between operating systems and you can’t, for example, copy and paste between macOS and Windows. If you want to run Windows and macOS side by side, you’ll need to create a Windows virtual machine for Mac.

What is a virtual machine?

Best Virtual Machine Software Mac Os Compatibility Chart


A virtual machine (VM) is a computer that’s created in software and looks and feels just like a real PC. But it runs inside a Mac application. The whole virtual machine, with the operating system and all its applications, is stored inside one big file on your Mac. That means you can have multiple virtual machines on the same Mac. Once you launch it and ‘boot’ the virtual PC, Windows VM on Mac behaves like any other Windows machine, except that it’s running inside a window on your Mac.

If you have two screens connected to your Mac, you can have macOS on one and Windows on the other. Or you can use Mission Control to swipe between them. A virtual machine can share accessories like printers and external storage with your Mac, and you can copy and paste between the two operating systems. You can even set up the virtual machine to use Mac keyboard shortcuts instead of their Windows equivalents.

Can I run a virtual machine on my Mac?

As long as your Mac has an Intel processor (and it will have unless it’s more than 12 years old), in theory it can run a virtual machine. However, running a virtual machine alongside macOS needs lots of memory (at least 8GB in total, and more if you want to run more than one virtual machine) and at least two processor cores. You’ll also need at least 16-20GB of hard drive space, and that’s before you start installing applications and saving files. Most modern Macs should run any of the virtual machine applications described here without a problem.

The other thing you’ll need is a copy of Windows. Virtual machine applications don’t come with Windows installers, so you’ll need to supply your own, along with a licence key.

Best virtual machine software for Mac

There are three contenders here: Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, and VirtualBox. We’ll discuss Virtual Box in the next section.

Parallels Desktop 13

The latest version of Parallels Desktop has support for features in the latest Macs, like the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. It also allows you to make the Windows desktop ‘invisible’ when you’re running apps, so it looks like you’re just running Windows apps in macOS. Or, if you prefer, you can shrink Windows desktop down to a thumbnail preview, so it doesn’t get in the way but you can keep an eye on what it’s doing.

Of course, virtual machines aren’t just about running Windows on your Mac. Parallels Desktop allows you to install Linux, or a different version of macOS, say a beta of the next version if you don’t want to install it on your Mac. If you’ve previously installed Windows on a Boot Camp partition, you can use that partition as a virtual machine, allowing you to boot into it from within Parallels without re-booting your Mac.

Touch Bar support includes functions in Microsoft Office apps, as well as Windows Task Bar.

Best Virtual Machine Software Mac Os Catalina

When it comes to performance, Parallels Desktop is about as good as it gets for virtual machines. That means you can run most applications just fine, but demanding 3D graphics-intensive games, and other apps that place lots of demands on the CPU and GPU are still a bit of a struggle. If you want to run those in Windows, you’re still better off using Boot Camp.

VMWare Fusion

The other main contender when it comes to running a virtual machine on your Mac is VMWare Fusion. It comes in two versions, Fusion 10, which costs about the same as Parallels Desktop, and Fusion 10 Pro, which is more expensive but adds feature aimed at enterprise customers, such as support for managing virtual servers.

In terms of features, there’s little to choose between Parallels Desktop and Fusion. Like its rival, Fusion allows you to choose between running Windows inside a window on your Mac (or full-screen if you prefer) and in what it calls Unity mode, where the operating system disappears and Windows apps look like they’re running natively on the Mac. That means you can run Windows and Mac apps alongside each other and switch between them seamlessly. You can also copy and paste between Mac and Windows, share peripherals, and map Mac keyboard shortcuts in Windows.

Support for OpenGL and DX10, as well as Apple’s Metal technology means that playing resource-hungry games is theoretically possible. But, as with Parallels, performance in the latest games lags behind Boot Camp and may prove frustrating.

The latest version of Fusion adds support for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.

Choosing between Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion may be as much a matter of a preference for one or the other’s user interface. They have very similar features, and cost almost the same. Fortunately, both offer free trials — Parallels for 14 days and Fusion for 30 days — so you can download each one and try them out before making a decision on which to buy.

Running Mac Os In A Virtual Machine

Best free virtual machine software for Mac

If you want to run a virtual machine on your Mac but can’t stretch to the $70 for Parallels or Fusion, there is a third option — VirtualBox. Owned by Oracle and made available as open-source software for personal or educational use, VirtualBox won’t cost you a penny if you fall into either of those two categories.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that VirtualBox, because it’s open source and free lacks all of the polish of Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion. While it does the basics competently, it’s much less user friendly and much less easy to use than the other two. And while there is help available online from other users, there’s no official support if you run into problems. And remember, while VirtualBox itself is free, you’ll still need to supply your own copy of Windows. Alternatively, you could use VirtualBox to run Linux on your Mac, instead of Windows.

Alternatives to a virtual machine

As we mentioned earlier, the alternative to running a virtual machine on your Mac is to partition your main drive using the built-in Boot Camp Assistant (it’s in the Utilities folder). You can then install Windows or Linux, or another version on macOS, on the other partition.

Boot Camp Assistant is very easy to use and once you’ve set it up, booting into, say, Windows, is just like using it natively on a PC. That means, of course, that you won’t be able to copy and paste between Mac and Windows, and you won’t be able to use external storage that’s formatted in APFS or Mac OS Extended, but Windows will run faster than it does on a virtual machine.

If you plan to use Boot Camp Assistant to partition your main drive, remember to back it up first. Partitioning a drive is not quite major surgery, but it definitely carries the risk of losing data.

Free Virtual Machine Software Mac

How to make space for a virtual machine on your Mac

Depending on how many applications you plan to install on your virtual machine and what you plan to use it for, you may need tens of gigabytes of free space on your Mac. If space is tight, don’t worry, there’s plenty you can do to make room. As a first step, we recommend installing CleanMyMac X. It scans your Mac and looks for files that can be safely deleted. These include “junk” system files like cache files and other temporary files that are still hanging around, as well as language support files, and data in Photos and iTunes you may not need. Once it’s scanned your Mac and found all those files, you can delete them all with a click, or review the results of the scan and decide for yourself what you want to trash.

CleanMyMac can also uninstall files completely, getting rid of all the files that are left if you just drag and app to the Trash, and highlight large and old files that you haven’t opened for a while. Best of all, you can download it free here and give it a try. You’ll be surprised about how much space you can free up.

Best Mac Os Virtual Machines

Virtual machines are the most convenient way of running a second operating system on your Mac. The ones we have highlighted here are the best VMs for Mac, so download one and give it a go.