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Dec 04, 2016  Whatever the reason, you can easily record video on Mac using the front facing FaceTime camera and a built-in app. There are a few different ways to accomplish video capture on a Mac, but we’re going to focus on recording video with QuickTime Player and the Mac computers webcam, because the software is bundled on all Macs and virtually every. Mar 27, 2020  How to record YouTube videos on Mac. If you are a Mac user and want to get the YouTube videos recorded on your Mac, you can rely on the QuickTime. You can keep reading to check the detailed steps to record YouTube videos on Mac. Step 1 Open QuickTime on your Mac. Click 'File' 'New Movie Recording' in QuickTime to arise a new recording window.

In recent times, video streaming has become very popular when it comes to consuming media content online. However, it is not all the time that this content is available to download on your local Windows PC or Mac since some of these videos can be taken down without warning. Consequently, there comes the need to grab this content in another method when downloading is no longer a viable option.

In turn, the idea of a screen recorder software proves the best alternative option to exploit. What is the best kitchen design software for mac. Minna mondai app for mac. Actually, the process to record streaming video has never been this easy especially when you consider the boatload of tools in the market that have been crafted to quench this need. The best streaming video recorder program, online or offline, will be able to grab video content from services like YouTube, Netflix, Skype among others in that perfect hassle-free way.

Best Software To Record Videos On Mac Download

Definitely, choosing the best app to record a live stream with is not a walk in the park but the solutions featured here are guaranteed to kick the ball out of the park for you in a very convenient way. With that in mind, we dive right into the world of software to capture streaming video and have some good insight on what each has to offer.

6 Great Free Tools to Capture Live Streaming Video in Windows 10 & Mac – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
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1. TalkHelper Screen Recorder(Recommended)

TalkHelper Screen Recorder is a great streaming video recorder program with comprehensive support for all versions of Windows PC. In a single click, you will be able to achieve HD output quality in MP4 format without the need to tinker with any predefined options.


You get to choose whether to capture streaming video in full screen or alternatively just select a region on the screen where the video is being displayed. On top of recording the audio coming through the system from the video you are watching, you can also include your own narration using the microphone.

For personalization purposes, you can also opt to include the webcam footage as an overlay on the main clip. You will also be opened up to real-time annotations, adding watermarks or logos, highlighting the cursor, pause/resume the recording as you wish and even get to schedule a recording like that of TV in the instance it starts when you are not around. Better yet, this offline program is free to download.

2. Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder

This is the best streaming video recorder program that you can use to record a live stream on YouTube, Blip TV or any other source in an easy and fast way. It boasts of a unique feature whereby, it is able to detect when a video is playing on the screen and starts recording it automatically without your intervention.

You will be able to output the video to popular video formats and even specific hardware like Apple devices, Android devices among others. The output, both audio and video, is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and you can always confirm this via the supported preview option. It is also able to record streaming video in the background even when you have minimized the source.

On top of all this, you are also opened up to some video editing options, in the end, to help enhance the final video even further. Apart from the offline version that you can download, you will be happy to know that the online version of this screen recorder software supports all the available web browsers.

3. FlashBack Express

FlashBack is exclusive to the Windows PC and happens to be the best program to capture streaming video that offers high-end HD capture without any lags whatsoever, efficient video editing capabilities on top of various rich customization options.

As you record a live stream, you can rest assured that there will be no intrusive watermark in the final video and you will love the fact that you are not limited in any way when it comes to the length of time you can record. It does not matter where the video is streaming as it can be captured in either full-screen mode or on a selected portion of the screen.

On top of that, you can also add the webcam footage in real-time if the need arises. Besides capturing the system audio coming from the live video, you also get to add commentary to the clip using a microphone. This screen video recorder will also come in very handy when you need to directly share the stream record easily to a streaming site like YouTube.

4. Camstudio

Camstudio is a great app that will not only record a live stream and save in AVI format but will also go the extra mile to convert the same clips into the SWF file equivalent that are known to be bandwidth friendly.

Even as you record the streaming video you can choose to personalize the resulting video using footage from the webcam by implementing the picture-in-picture mode. You will also love just how crystal clear the resultant videos are and in fact, you may not even tell that they were recorded.


You also get the chance to capture and highlight the cursor path if the need arises during the process to capture streaming video. This screen recorder app will also empower you with the option to annotate the video as you wish like for instance adding text comments to the recording clip. Better yet, you will have no issues when it comes to capturing the system audio for the video and at the same time choose whether to capture the video in fullscreen mode or just as a portion.

5. iSpring Free Cam

As one of the best apps to record streaming video, this free offline program will give you an experience of a kind. You will be open to customizing the capture area be it the full screen or even a specific area in case the streaming video cannot be adjusted to the whole screen.

The recordings you make will be of the highest quality possible and saved in a common WMV format. Besides saving the video files locally, this tool to record streaming video also helps you upload the clips directly to YouTube without leaving the app all in a single click. For convenient navigation, you have several customizable hotkeys at your disposal for you to accomplish tasks faster.

Better yet, this streaming video recorder also happens to carry video editing capabilities under the hood for you to tweak the recorded video before you share. Your videos will be complete as audio from the system or microphone will be captured all on a simple and instinctive user interface.

Video Download Software For Mac

6. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is a top free and online streaming video recorder software for both Windows PC and Mac that delivers a plethora of features compared to the offline counterparts. It will offer a secure way to capture streaming video by preventing unauthorized downloads and also lets you restrict file access by setting passwords.

For the best video quality, you are advised to play the streaming video in full screen although you can also select a specific area to capture in the instance you don’t want content from the whole screen. Besides that, you are also opened up to convenient hotkeys like to start and stop the stream record without having to click buttons or navigate menus.

Besides the video, audio plays an important part in the video and that is why this tool to record a live stream enables you to capture system audio with the option to include voiceovers via the microphone. It is one of the best streaming video recorder software considering that it also offers free cloud storage up to 2GB, real-time upload, and the ultimate video sharing experience.

No matter the platform you are on, Mac or Windows PC, you are spoilt for choice and only the preferences you are looking for will be the dealbreaker in order to settle on one. All these tools have a free version to download offline or access as an online service in order to take care of the core business even before any extra features. Actually, the process to capture streaming video should no longer be tedious nor time-consuming when you are opened up to such great and comprehensive tools. The ball is now in your court.