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Jan 22, 2020 One of the best slideshow maker software is the easy-to-use ability for previewing photo slideshows before saving, while time and transition effects are also welcome additions. OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 Licensing: Freemium, PRO version $19.95 File Size: 20 MB Our Rating: 10 / 10.

Photos can be viewed as a carrier of sweet memory. Do you want to preserve your memory forever? Share your happiness with others? Or gift your family and friends a wonderful present? Creating photo slideshows would be the best choice. But since the upgrade to Mavericks, many users found that the slideshow software they used before can't work with this new system. So if you want to accomplish the task, you need to find a powerful and professional slideshow software for Mavericks.

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Currently, there are quite a few slideshow software in the markets. So it's hard to make a decision on which software to choose. If you happen to linger on this annoying question, you can relieve now. This article will recommend you 5 best slideshow software for Mac 10.15, giving you much more useful suggestions. Let's have a look at the list below.

Top 5 Mavericks slideshow software review

1Aimersoft DVD Creator for Mac

This Mavericks slideshow software for lets your create slideshow with photos in PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP and JPEG formats. You are able to add texts to make the slideshow more self-expressive, insert transitions to optimize the switches between photos, add personalized music to enhance the overall effect and more. This program also offers you lots of free DVD menu templates to suit every occasion. You are free to choose any template you like and customize the menu as you wish.

This professional slideshow software for mavericks is more amazing than you thought. Besides slideshow, you can also burn DVD from almost all the video formats. The built-in editor enables you to touch up your files like a pro. And it's so easy-to-use that any newbie can well handle the tasks.


This program helps you create multimedia slideshows with photos and videos. If provides users with various-themed slideshow templates, allowing you to make a more customized slideshow. You can also overlay a soundtrack on the slideshow and insert transitions to enhance the overall effect. With it, you can export your creations to iTunes and sync them to Apple products later.

3Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

This program allows users to organize and edit thousands of pictures. The latest version, that is, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 includes a new section to create your own slideshow. You can combine images, videos, and music together to view on almost any computer or device.

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This program is developed by Boinx Software. It lets you create stunning slideshows from your photos and music in just a few mouse clicks. FotoMagico provides users lots of transition effects to choose from. After you have created your slideshows, you can freely shrare your projects with the export presets for iPad, iPhone, web or a DVD.

5PulpMotion Advanced

Developed by Aquafadas, this animated slideshow application helps you make slideshow with the most of your photos and videos. It comes with lots of great themes that incorporate your media into animations. You can even add your favorite song as the background music. After your creation is done, you can share your projects via various channels.

After reading the list, you may have set your mind on which slideshow software to choose. Hope you can gain fun from the process of creating slideshows on Mavericks.

We all love to showcase our beautiful moments to the world in different ways and make it unique. Spending a vacation somewhere in Europe to farewell moments in school. We all have our beautiful moments which has been there with us for a long time and will remain the way it is for the times to come.

We all love to keep our moments organized in a beautiful manner to ensure that there is no such confusion that takes place while we are sorting the photos and taking a peek into them to relive those memories which have shaped our lives.

Now, we can present our moments or rather create a slideshow of all the beautiful moments that has shaped our lives in a rather beautiful way and experience those moments and bring in that nostalgia while you watch the beautifully curated story which tells us a beautiful story of sorts and makes you emotional as you experience those movements in the slideshow.

Digital albums have become the talk of the town now. It is being used on a regular basis to showcase those intricate personal movements in a unique and enticing way that refreshes our senses. Digital albums are not only for personal use, but there are also many companies who are creating digital albums in the professional sphere to be able to provide the clients with a unique and effective approach.

What is a slideshow maker software and is there a need to use them?

In recent times with the proliferation of digital media and the growth in the development of digital technology. Innovations by developers have brought in slideshow software for use which gives the users unlimited customization features while offering the users a simple and clean interface as it goes on towards creating that perfect digital album which would perfectly store those moments in a perfectly unique way that would bring in that nostalgia.

Well, we can easily scroll through our photos to see the moments that we want instead of creating a digital movie which would also require quite a bit of time and effort, which is not possible for many to put in just for the sake of creating a digital movie.

There is a mistake here that I would like to point out, most of the slideshow maker software is free to use and hardly takes any effort to create a digital movie out of your special movements. Over time, it has become really easy to organize these moments while ensuring that the effects that you want to add to it are in place.

Most of the software can be easily used by anyone; even a beginner can create a digital movie or a presentation out of the moments which would be like a showcase of all those beautiful moments. Indeed, it is one of the most beautiful experiences to carve out a digital movie which reminds you of all your past memories which just flew past in a hurry. It allows users to have one of a kind experience and also experience that rush of blood while seeing the digital movie.

It is not only for personal use that digital movies can be used, we have a number of professional software that is available for use and can be used to make professional presentations for the clients and also it allows a number of customizations to be made as there is an element of uniqueness attached to it.

While there are a number of options to choose from to create that perfect digital movie. Now, we would look into some of the best free slideshow makers for Windows and Mac.

First, let us look into the best free slideshow maker that is available to be used for free on various versions of Windows:

1. Wondershare Filmora 9

Filmora9 is one of the most versatile software that is available for free download in the market and comes with an array of professional features to choose from to use and experiment while bringing out the best from your digital movie.

The array of features it has to offer to its users and the simplicity which makes the core of this software, it can be used by professionals as well as beginners. It is one of the best free slideshow makers for Windows 10.

2. DVD Slideshow Builder

Another software is coming from the house of Wondershare. It is a powerful software and is a feature-rich software that comes with a number of options and tons of effects to work and tweak around with while bringing out the perfect output.

It is one of the few software that allows the 3D transition to be added to the slides, which brings in an all-new touch and feel to the software. Though it comes as professional software, is really simple to use and is one of the best free slideshow makers that one would come across.

Best Slideshow Software Mac Os X

3. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is the perfect destination for those who would want to work with multiple pictures at once and those who love a simple interface that can be used by anyone with ease.

It allows you to work with a number of file formats and allows you to arrange your best moments in an efficient and quick manner. It comes with a feature to merge pictures together. The ease with which one can work on this software makes it one of the best free slideshow maker available for the users.

4. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a homegrown software coming from Microsoft. It comes pre-installed on some of the recent Windows devices. It allows you to work with your favorite pictures and also allows the users to work with various effects on the slides of our choice.

The software also allows you to work with videos directly recorded with the webcam. It allows you to work around with the slides and only add the effects to the selected portions of the slide. The software with its stability and sturdiness makes it best free slideshow maker which can be used on Windows.

Best Slideshow Software Mac Os X 10 11

5. Slidely

Slidely is software that perfectly works online and offers the users a curated experience while working with the slides and adding various effects which have been modified to suit the needs of social media and other available networks.

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Slidely is your perfect community based free slideshow maker where you can work around with a member of your community while ensuring that there is a continuity in your slides. It comes with a number of sharing options and allows the users to have an engaging experience.

6. Photosnack

Photosnack is a leading software to work with and have one of a kind experience as you go on creating that perfect digital movie of your choice while ensuring that simplicity remains. Couple with an elegant design, it is your perfect destination to venture out to.

It is completely free software, and you can even work with the software on your mobile phones and come up with some of the most stunning results. The elegant touch and the simplicity that it comes with makes it one of the best free slideshow maker to work with.

Now, we would move our attention as we look towards some of the best free slideshow maker for Mac users:

7. iSkysoft Slideshow Maker

One of the most widely used software on all Mac devices. It gives users the flexibility to work with an array of different effects and also animate only parts of a given slide. It is a detailed software and might actually require a bit of navigation before actually getting a hold of the same.

It is fully compatible with various versions of Mac and also comes with a professional touch added to the same which gives you access to a number of advanced editing features. The array of features it has to offer makes it one of the best free slideshow maker that is available to the users.

8. iSkysoft DVD Creator

Best Slideshow Software Mac Os X Lion

The software is quite easy to work with and allows you a number of features and effects to work with. The simple interface which has a touch of brilliance spread all over it tells us about the professional aspect of the software.

It also has some great options to tweak around with that makes the creating a slideshow professional than ever before. It also comes with advanced sharing options to share it on almost any network. The advanced features it comes with couples with a simple interface makes it one of the best free slideshow maker that can be used.

9. iMovie

The software comes pre-installed on most of the mac systems for use, but can also be downloaded for free to be used on your Mac. It comes with a number of inbuilt themes and tons of customizations to choose from and work with it.

The software though offers some of the largest features to customize and carve out a digital movie which would take you back to those moments. The customization features and a simple interface which allows beginners to work on it make it one of the best free slideshow maker to work with.

10. FotoMagico 5

This software is the perfect solution to almost all problems that a user might come across while making a digital album. It is one of the easiest software to work with and also be able to explore around quite a bit.

It allows you to come up with a high-resolution output and also allows the users to work around with a number of file formats. It also comes with some new and updated features which help the users to enhance the overall output of the same.

11. Muvee Real Express

Muvee is one of the leading platforms that offers you some of the best features that allows you to work around and come up with interesting results with the photos on your device. It has actually made the task of converting your photos into a live slideshow a cakewalk.

The software also comes with a number of slideshow styles which helps to add a new dimension to our slideshow and give a unique touch to the same. With the ease and the array of slide styles it has to offer, it makes its way to be one of the best free slideshow maker.

12. 4K Slideshow maker

The name of the software speaks for the quality standards that it has to offer to the users while ensuring that the software gives you a stable experience and there are no problems that might bug in a while working with the same.

It is convenient and easy to use software and has a number of indigenous features associated with the same. It lets the users work around the software while working with a number of effects to come up with a gorgeous output.

Wrapping it up!!

We all love our beautiful moments, and we love to store them for the years to come in the future. Organizing as a task has been made easier by the technology that can be used for the same purpose.

Digital movies being carved out of our memories has seen a rise in recent times. It used to be a painstaking process before if we were to create a digital movie. Now, with the proliferation of digital technology, creating a digital movie has indeed become a child’s play.

Mac Os X Free Software

There exists a myriad of apps that allow you to create a slideshow out of the beautiful moments for free. Here, we have shortlisted some of the best free slideshow maker that is available to both Windows and Mac users.