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Jun 06, 2019  bridging software to connect non-compatible software (like spreadsheets) to HMRC systems If you use an agent or accountant, talk to them about what software.

  1. UK vendor Sage offers one of the most comprehensive suites of accounting software tools for both desktop and online accounting, enabling users to analyse and manage VAT, invoices, stock, budgets.
  2. Find the best Accounting Software for your business. Compare product reviews and features, and learn from our Finance Software Research. What is Accounting Software? Accounting software automates an organization's financial functions and transactions with modules including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, billing and general ledger.

Accounting Software for Home Finance and Business

Who are we?

Best mac software

Accountz is a UK based software developer totally focused on producing outstanding accounting software to enable our customers to control either their home finances or their business.

We first released the software in 1991 and we are now proud to be used by tens of thousands of business owners and individuals. If you are looking for an accounting solution you will enjoy working with us.

Our software and our philosophy is different to other providers. We believe that our clients should have their data on their machines and should not only be available through an internet connection being held on a server somewhere else in the world. We obviously utilise the internet but it supports our clients, they are not dependent upon it. Our accounting software works with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Our philosophy is to care about our customers and to always be working to help them run their businesses and their finances. Read any reviews about us and you will find that those that have dealt with our team become our advocates.

Online Services

Although we believe in you always having your data available on your computer, with Accountz you are at the forefront of accounting technology. You can access your data from anywhere in the world, use our smartphone app, keep an online backup of your data and secure your data with a password.

You can do all of this and at the same time rest assured your financial data is available to you. Whereas other solutions can be vulnerable to cyber-attack or server failure.

You can be confident that your data is secure. We take advantage of 256 bit SSL encryption and use the best security measures available to keep your data protected.

Our personal accounting software

With Home Accountz, our personal accounting software you will feel in control of your finances. We have developed over many years an astoundingly flexible program. You can simply use the program to keep track of your money and your bank accounts can be consolidated into one place. Graphic design software mac os x el capitan.

If you want to use the real power of the program you can create your own reports which let you delve deep into your personal finances. Epson software is it 32 or 64 bit machine. You can find out exactly what you need to know in order to have enough set aside for a rainy day.

Find out what you have spent, what you have spent it on and use that information to control your spending and create a budget.

Our business accounting software

Our business accounting software is directly aimed at small to medium sized businesses (SME’s). You get an easy to use bookkeeping package which enables you to produce monthly and annual accounts.


The software also provides you with fully editable invoices and purchase orders along with a customer and supplier management system. Showing you who owes you money and any outstanding bills, this is standard in every level of our business range.

Best Accounting Software Uk Mac

The business suite is our most advanced product. This enables you to have detailed management information and can be yours for just £17 a month!

Customer Service

We provide free bookkeeping support for the lifetime of a product! Need some help? We are just an email away.

You can talk directly to our UK based bookkeepers if you take out a telephone support contract. We have several flavours available so take advantage and give us a call! Many of our customers treat us as an active member of their team!

We can remotely access your software and check that your books balance, we can help you get your numbers right for tax returns and help with the complications of the VAT system. We’re always here to help!


We take a pride in a friendly relationship with our customers. Take one of our business subscriptions and we don’t tie you into an extended contract. The same applies to our Home Online Services.

We are a small uk based business ourselves so know what it is like to be faced with daunting contract.

We know you don’t like them and we don’t either.

If you are looking to buy accounting software for Mac, Windows or Linux either for personal finances or Business.. It’s simple please call us on 01354 691650 or e-mail at