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OS X Mavericks boasts a much improved built-in dictation tool. But how improved is it, really? David Sparks pits it against the established Mac transcription champ, Dragon Dictate.

In this modern world, Science has blessed us with many modern facilities and has lesser practical work needs to be done nowadays.

The facility is replacing the hard work and the young generation wants to get their work done with ease.

In such an ongoing environment, the future of dictation apps seems to be very bright.

Dictation apps let you get your typing work done by just commanding with your voice.

Well, who is this world loves to type? I hope you also don’t like it. This is where dictation apps work for you.

Here I am up with the best dictation apps for iPhone.

1iTalk Recorder

This app provides you the best sound quality and comes with a simple user interface.

You can use this to record any message and can hear that recording anytime you want. You can even sync your recording with the iTunes.


In case of having too many recordings, the voice search feature makes it easy for you to search the required recording with ease.

Is another cross-platform client. Ftp and sftp client software for mac free.

2Pocket Dictate

Just press the Play button and you are ready to record your message.

Recorded any message with some error in it? Simply overwrite the previous one, in the manner of a single click.

It saves your recording in ‘.wav’ format, so you can immediately send it to your friends or to whomever you want.


Vlingo is another cool dictation app and comes with the option of integrating it with your social networking profiles.

You can simply record your message and then can link it with your Facebook, Twitter account with ease.

This app also notifies you about your friend’s reaction to your recorded message and lets you to reply them by just speaking.

4Dragon Dictation Apps

This one is a versatile iPhone dictation app with the features of recording your message, integrating it with your social networking profiles, emailing with voice command and text to speech service.

5iRecorder Pro

This app lets you record your messages and sync them with iTunes, Cloud storage, and your social profiles as well. This easy share feature makes it one of the best dictation apps for iPhone.

6QuickVoice2Text Email

Don’t want to type the Emails? Well, if Yes is your answer, then this app is for you.

It lets you write the email by speaking to your iPhone. After writing the email, you can send it immediately, within the app itself.


This works amazingly in case you are chatting with a person from a foreign country.

Just speak the message you want and iTranslate will convert it to your desired language.

iTranslate provides supports for many foreign languages. So chatting with a foreigner, is no longer a problem when you use this app.

Best Free Dictation Software

Typing your message, email, or chatting while driving is quite dangerous to your life and to other’s life too. is the app that comes with a solution for it. This app works with emails, messages, and chat logs as well.

If you want to read any mail, then this app will convert that mail into a speech with perfect sound quality.

Not only reading the incoming messages, chat logs, but you can also type new ones by just speaking to your voice Dictation Apps.

9Voice dictation

With Voice Dictation for Pages, you can convert your voice into simple messages, emails, and chat replies by using the Voice Dictation app.

Just speak whatever you want and get your words typed in no time.


Free Dictation Software For Mac

10Voice Answer

Confuse with any question in your mind and want to get its answer? Then Voice Answer can help you with this.

Voice Dictation Software For Mac

You can use it to get the answers to all your questions by just speaking them out.

Best Dictation Software For Mac

Recently Voice Answer introduced a stunning 3D robot with whom you can chat, ask detailed questions, and who can guide and help you.

Best Dictation Software For Mac 2019

Give these dictation apps a try on your iPhone, right away, and get rid of the worst work of typing and let your voice do all work for you.

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